Re: Michael Caputo, this entire episode may seem bizarre to normal people. And indeed he may have simply succumbed to the stressors of his job.

But there’s another, much darker possible explanation for what we’re seeing here… (1/x)
… Mr. Caputo describes himself as being “under siege” says “they’ll have to kill him.”

Caputo worked w/ @OliverLNorth during the #Reagan admin, & later worked in #Russia & #Ukraine, inc. for #Manafort on stuff for #OlegDeripaska — an exceptionally sensitive subject for… (2/x)
… some Democrats, it‘d seem, as then #JonathanWiner might be scrutinized, & that might reveal other things, etc.

This would place Caputo clearly in the crosshairs of various counterintelligence authorities. Certainly the #FBI —both @FBI HQ NSB/CD & @FBIWFO NS/CI — might… (3/x)
… have some interest in Caputo, but I think they’re for the most part too busy doing the important work of catching #China’s spies to haunt poor Caputo. But if not then, then whom?

Before we answer that, it’s important to note that there are broadly two approaches to… (4/x)
… counterintelligence. One is the by-the-book type that relies lawfully predicated (hopefully) surveillance and, supposing there’s human interaction, friendly rapport-building to elicit information of value. (This is generally the effective type.)

The other type is dark… (5/x)
… and officially not used. This type is called “coercive counterintelligence” & involves a range of methods which (maybe?) might be a bit familiar to @GenFlynn, @CarterWPage, @GeorgePapa19, @WalidPhares, et al.

Made famous in a Cold War program called KUBARK, coercive… (6/x)
… CI presumed the target may have resistance to traditional methods of eliciting information. With KUBARK, it was assumed warm-and-fuzzy traditional interrogations wouldn’t work in catching hardened Soviet spies, and so “Moscow Rules” (essentially, no rules)… (7/x)
… would apply.

This didn’t sit well w/ the public & officially the #CIA abandoned KUBARK interrogations. Some, however, might draw a line from KUBARK’s coercive counterintelligence techniques to later “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” used in the War on Terror.

These… (8/x)
… interrogation techniques, however, form only a fraction of wider “coercive counterintelligence” techniques.

Today, those include hacking, blackmail, extortion, sextortion, stalking, cyberstalking, doxxing, communicating threats to do bodily harm, identity hijacking… (9/x)
… and even generally just screwing with people (deleting or editing documents, surreptitious entry to move the target’s belongings, canceling their credit cards, subscribing them to unwanted magazines, newsletters, or spam, etc.).

Because many of these things are… (10/x)
… quite *clearly* illegal, they’re often not employed by the #FBI (who‘d need to seek OIA Waivers from @TheJusticeDept — a hassle). No, this dark work would most likely fall to #CIA’s Counterintelligence Mission Center, to military counterintelligence, or even to Allies… (11/x)
… Now, this is not to say with certitude that this is what’s happened to Michael Caputo.

Maybe he’s lost it. But what I see w/ him isn’t a man who is mentally unwell; I see a normal guy, who isn’t a genius, scared & struggling to understand the shadows surrounding him… (12/x)
… Very few are prepared or equipped to *recognize* — let alone combat — illegal coercive CI. It’s like hunting the midnight hunter.

And most think such things could never happen to them… but they got a #FISA w/in “three hops” to wiretap the President, so think again.

• • •

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