Irascible, brilliant, challenging, uncompromising,culturally astute,humorous, purposeful, superior intellect, unorthodox sweetness, mentor, griot, an American poet, music, & cultural critic; syndicated columnist, novelist, and biographer, and beloved friend Stanley Crouch is dead
As a young man new to New York, he was a cultural pied piper who challenged my commitment to my art, my understanding of the legacy of the Black experience handed to me for stewardship, and the obligation I had to defining my unique path & contribution to civilization
He was a mythical guru that shepherded me from jazz club to club of NY taking care of a poor student with drink, education in the music, & uplifting my spirit.“What are you working on, Motherfucker?” was his clarion call to step up to an intellectual altar with a point of view
He was a raconteur of the highest order. Obnoxious, cantankerous, and rude with some regularity, but with an intellect that impressed and charmed him back in your good grace. He was loving kind, loyal and devoted in his way.
And what a wordsmith... these posts are my feeble attempt to honor that. He had a way with his writing that was completely authentic to his personality & spirit. For those of you who never met him, read him and you will. He’s Mouse to Easy Rawlins, Monk if he could write. Beloved

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28 Jun
I discovered most of my family and friends haven’t been tested for Covid 19. I get tested weekly. @nolaready Here in NOLA the testing is available daily. People don’t understand that is our most powerful weapon to stop this. Mass testing. It stops the virus & opens up society
Wearing mask, adhering to social distancing, mass testing, and contact tracing not only stops the spread but allows for the society and businesses to open up more. The ignorance of opening up without the protocols that protect us is suicidal. The common good has to take precedent
The capacity of 25% has allowed me to see my city as I rarely get to: canoeing on Bayou St. John, an okra lunch at Sassafras, the quietness of a mostly empty church early on Sunday morning, a solo tour of the 1850 House, the quiet of the old cypress swamp in the Lower 9th Ward
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7 Jun
How can anyone watch “The Wire” and the dysfunction of the police & the war on drugs and say that we were depicted as heroic. We demonstrated moral ambiguities and the pathology that leads to the abuses. Maybe you were reacting to how good people can be corrupted to do bad things
If The Wire did anything right, it depicted the humanity of the Black lives so easily profiled by police and the destruction of them by the so-called war on drugs;a deliberate policy of mass incarceration to sustain a wealth disparity in America that thrives keeping an underclass
The Wire, if anything, was the canary-in-the-mine that forecasts the institutional moral morass of politics and policing that lead us to the protests of today. “The bigger the lie, the more they believe” was a line of mine that is so salient and profound in today’s climate.
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3 Jun
To @DrewBrees :My 95yr old father fought in WWII at Saipan risking his life for the United States of America, a country that had little respect for himWhen he returned to New Orleans he was denied his right to vote, his right to live where he wanted & most of his civil rights...
My father risked his life for the US Constitution that was written without even considering him a human being, until many Americans lost their lives to change it. To protect the 1st Amendment right to protest. Even then my father returned to New Orleans greeted by segregation...
My father, who fought for your freedom @DrewBrees had to navigate racial violence in New Orleans as civil rights protesters were beaten by many who stand for our flag as they sat at the Woolworth lunch counter.... blocks from the Superdome....
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21 Apr
If you never understood the prophetic power of art, and it’s role in society, take the time to binge THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, a 6 part visual novel that ignited a moment of catharsis in me that I won’t soon forget..
THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA reminded us of the fragility of democracy in our Republic and the end of our institutions may not come with a bang but inconspicuous, insidious, poisonous creep.
What thoughts are to the individual,Art is to the society as a whole,the place where we reflect on our values & act on them.THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA is that timeless piece of art that reminds us of our humanity&values. Questioning if we’ll act on them or ignore the call to action
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15 Apr
If I were President:
• Truly enact Defense Production Act and mandate 30 companies to manufacture Testing Products 24/7. 30 companies manufacture PPE. 30 manufacturing ventilators. Workforce hiring from the ranks of the unemployed.
• All excess goes to National stockpile
If I were President:
•Mass testing to identify clusters of infection, heightening spefic quarantine and contact tracing
• Those testing negative- given identification that allows for access to limited events: sports concerts museum with limitations to still practice distancing
If I were President:
•Prepare the country for the New Normal that will last until treatment & vaccine are developed in Spring of 2021.• I would prepare the country for a more viral existence until then.•I would marshall the tech companies to improve the internet infrastructure
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14 Apr
Another death tonight of a childhood friend. This pandemic is very personal. I have never experienced this much death in just a few days. The pandemic continues with thousands of deaths a day and the media coverage seems to be in denial: the quirky inconveniences of quarantine?
We have become desensitized to the death. The focus is on any sliver of positive data in an attempt to distract from the reality that this is an ongoing crisis with no treatment or vaccine. The health disparity of the poor, the warehousing of the elderly barely discussed in media
Our response is woeful incompetent as we all realize that there is no %100 federal marshaling of its resources to fight. Round the clock production of tests & PPE for the healthcare workers. We allow behavior a doctor would have been fired for a month ago. 23,000 dead in 4 weeks.
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