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17 Sep, 19 tweets, 5 min read
A quick thread on the PS5 showcase + Strategy:

- Overall a strong showing that focused on blockbuster IP playable on PS5.

- Key exclusive content from first party and select partners.

- Competitive pricing options and global roll out in November.

PlayStation have tailored their PS5 showcases around first year games for the most part since June.

All the major new games showcased, including God of War Ragnarok (PS5 Exclusive), Final Fantasy XVI (PS5 Console Exclusive) and Hogwarts Legends (Multiplat) are 2021 titles.
The emphasis, as noted in the first tweet, is very much on these blockbuster IP releasing soon and PlayStation 5 being the best place to play.

In addition to exclusive games, Sony continues to invest in exclusive content for third party games. E..g. COD Beta / GTA Online free.
The selection of Sony published Day 1 games is fairly compelling.

Was a bit odd that none of these were confirmed as launch titles until afterwards in a blog post. Not to mention that only two of them were actually showcased at all.

Could have communicated it better imo. Image
The pricing aspect is something to note here. Sony is bumping next gen game prices fairly significantly here, with the aim to:

- Introduce baseline pricing for next gen
- Pitch PS5 titles as premium games
- Increase with inflation

Will get some pushback, but become normalised
At the end of the day, Sony's key differentiator here is exclusive content.

The PS5 is the center of the PlayStation ecosystem, with exclusive games, content and bonuses.

For Xbox, Game Pass is becoming the entry point to its ecosystem, with multiple devices to choose from.
A $$$ console will always be a tough sell, which is why Sony's strategy expanded beyond just appealing to current PS4 owners.

In the June conference, Sony showcased back compat with PS4 and service games transitioning over.

Essentially keeping your library / trophies / friends.
Today, Sony expanded on that strategy to appeal to new users. Pitching its PS+ Collection as a way for new PS5 users to have a day 1 games library.

It's not Game Pass, but it's a good competing offer from Sony in a world where digital ecosystems matter

One point of contention today was the announcement of cross gen games such as Sackboy and Horizon

The reason for this is because Sony has 110m PS4 users, nearly half of which have a PS+ sub

Not all of them will upgrade in year 1. Many waited for $299 on PS4 and will wait here
Moving on to pricing:

The disc based console price matches the Series X

The digital console, which is the same spec, comes in $100 cheaper than the X and $100 more than the S

Overall it's very competitive as the digital ver. will be compared to the X

I did a thread here on why the PS5 digital edition is priced the way it is, why that benefits Sony, and why ultimately some buyers will see it as the best option as they are already all digital.

Xbox does have a few tricks up its sleeve:

- All Access provides a smoother entry into next gen, with the cost spread over 24m

- Game Pass provides more value out of the gate than PS+ or PS Now, and is on multiple devices

- Series S offers a low cost entry point to next gen
Sony is looking to counter this by:

- Pricing the Digital Edition $100 lower than the Series X

- Exclusive content + increased value with PS+ Collection + expand PS Now to other devices.

- Pitching PS5 as its premium console, with low cost PS4 still an option w/ new games.
Ultimately I expect Sony to win out in the console space. It has a more compelling day one offering and greater brand / IP recognition around the world

In the medium term, PS5 should outsell the Xbox Series X | S by a notable margin. Although I expect Xbox to do better than 2013
The long term is where it gets interesting. Especially as Microsoft continues to increase the value of Game Pass and make the service more accessible / frictionless.

Microsoft might not win the console war, but it could win the ecosystem war. See more:

I expect PS5 to see strong demand this holiday, hence its staggered global launch through November. Production and logistics could certainly be an issue this holiday / 2021.

I do expect the console to sell faster than the PS4, but how much faster will be determined by supply.
We have an internal forecast for next gen which I might be able to share in the future, either as a free download or part of our paid reports.

Right now we expect an installed base of over 8 million next gen consoles by the end of calendar 2020.
Here is my previous thread on Sony's June PS5 showcase for anyone interested.

* Issuing a correction to the second tweet in the thread.

I said that FFXVI was a 2021 game, but looks like they just said more information in 2021. Apologies for the mistake.

Point still stands that most of what Sony has shown is planned for release in year 1.

• • •

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11 Sep
Apple clarifies that it will allow cloud game services on iOS if each game is individually approved by Apple

Apple still takes a 30% cut on subscriptions via iOS. But subscribing via PC/Console will allow you to access the iOS app too.

The huge caveat here is that Apple requires each game to have an individual listing and can be purchased or downloaded separately from the subscription service. This could also be a demo version of the game.

One step forward, two steps back imo.
So yes, this is somewhat good news for xCloud, Stadia and other cloud gaming services.

But it's also going to be complicated to implement and may not be something that a cloud game service provider wants to offer in the first place.

Will be interesting to see responses.
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5 Sep
Tencent and Tim Hortons will create esports themed coffee shops, including esports themed beverages, food and in store activities

- Tim Hortons opened its first coffee shop in China last year. Plan to open 1,500

- Tencent invested an undisclosed amount in the company this May
- The traditional Internet Cafe business model needs innovation and offline mobile gaming / esports cafe's is one avenue being explored.

- Customised spaces:

Fast Wi-fi, Gaming chairs, fast charging ports etc...

Traditional food and drink experience

In store events
- Coffee shops can become the third place for gamers and esports fans in the offline world.

- Backing from Tencent will allow for a broad range of content / initiatives in store.

- Drive customer loyalty through experience
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28 Aug
Chinese games company iDreamsky is creating new offline entertainment / gaming experiences with investment partners including Tencent, Sony & JD

Best described as the next generation of Internet Cafes, these retail stores offer compelling entertainment experiences

Quick thread
iDreamsky is working with its investors to design a new innovative offline interactive entertainment service model that grows the value of entertainment and games IP.

The store aims to offer content across TV, Movies, Games & esports paired with e-commerce and catering.
The store offers both private and large scale spaces to experience various content.

For example you have the ability to watch on demand movie content in private rooms, or arrange a traditional theatre experience for 20+ people. Includes movies not out on VOD yet. Also KTV rooms
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22 Aug
The studio behind Black Myth: Wu Kong did an interview with Chinese media recently. You can watch it below (In Mandarin).

I will include some of the answers + other info from different interviews / posts in a thread below.

1. This game was known internally as Project S. If you followed any of the team on art station or other sites you could see they had been posting art and other teasers from the game for months, but this is when they have finally been able to show off the game in full to the world
2. The studio released this trailer to show the world what they had worked on, recruit new staff who have passion to work on the project, and to network better in the games industry.

3. They remain committed to creating a single player Action Adventure RPG with AAA standards.
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20 Aug
Going to do a quick thread on this game and the studio behind it. For those interested and for those writing about it.

- The developer is Game Science Studio which was founded in June 2014 by ex Tencent Games staff.

Here is their site- gamesci.com.cn
Prior to the studio founding, some of the staff worked at Tencent's Quantum studio on a game called 'Asura'.

This was essentially a Journey to the West themed MMORPG for PC that aimed to become a hit for the company.

Ultimately it ended up underperforming.
Some devs that worked on Asura left Tencent to form Game Science Studio in June 2014. The studio currently has locations in Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

They first worked on a F2P mobile RPG / Card game called 100 Heroes that was published by NetEase in 2015.
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12 Aug
If you've followed me for a bit then you know I've talked about how Game Pass will become the main entry point into the Xbox ecosystem via any device in the future.

But I want to step back a bit and do a quick thread on Xbox's next gen consoles.


While the above is very much true and Game Pass is the future of Xbox, it's worth bearing in mind that their console business is still very important and will continue to be during next gen.

Xbox wants to grow beyond console, but it needs to maintain console too.
Xbox One has 50m+ installed base but Xbox Live has nearly 100m MAU. A good chunk of that is PC and Mobile and that number will continue to grow as Game Pass & xCloud become more accessible and offer more value

But right now, the majority of subs (XBLG and GP) are on console
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