@Hadithoftheday Madina.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ passed away at the age of 63 in the house/room of Aisha R.A in Madina.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ passed away in 11 AH (11th year of Migration to madinah)
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ passed away a few months after returning from the Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajj)
@Hadithoftheday The Prophet ﷺ was 63 and had fallen ill. Whenever he went to a house of one his wives, he would ask, where am I going tomorrow, hoping for it to be Aisha R.A's house. One night, when it was Maymoona’s R.A turn, he asked to speak to all the wives at once.
@Hadithoftheday When they gathered, he said, “Do you all give me permission to stay at Aisha’s R.A house? I am ill and cannot move around from house to house.” They all said yes.

As the Prophet ﷺ got their consent, he tried to get up to walk to Aisha’s R.A house but he was too ill.
@Hadithoftheday So Ali R.A and Fadl ibn Abbas R.A each took a shoulder and carried him to Aisha’s R.A house. Aisha (RA) relates that he was sweating profusely and saying, “There is none worthy of worship but Allah. Verily, death has pains.”
@Hadithoftheday During his final moments, Aisha’s R.A brother Abdur Rahman had come in holding a siwak (Miswak). The Prophet ﷺ couldn’t speak but looked longingly at it and Aisha R.A understood that he wanted to brush his teeth to meet his Lord with a clean mouth.
@Hadithoftheday She took the siwak from her brother and gave it to the Prophet ﷺ . However, he was too weak and the siwak was too rough for his mouth. So Aisha R.A took the siwak and chewed on it and softened it in her mouth and she brushed his teeth for him.
@Hadithoftheday Aisha R.A said, "My saliva was mixed with his saliva at the end of his life & it was Allah’s blessing on me that the last thing that went into his mouth was my saliva”
She used to say: One of Allah's bounties upon me is that the Prophet ﷺ died in my house, while I am still alive
@Hadithoftheday Aisha R.A said, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ died between my chest and neck while he was leaning against me. Allah has mixed his saliva with mine at his death.
@Hadithoftheday Anas R.A said: “I have never witnessed a more awful or darker day than that one on which the Messenger of Allah ﷺ died on.”
@Hadithoftheday In spite of the strain of suffering from pain before passing away, the Prophet ﷺ used to lead all the prayers till that --- four days before he died.
In the evening he grew so sick that he could not overcome the strain of disease or go out to enter the Mosque.
@Hadithoftheday Therefore he ﷺ sent to Abu Bakr R.A to lead the prayer himself. Abu Bakr then led the prayer during those days .

They were seventeen prayers in the lifetime of Muhammad ﷺ
@Hadithoftheday After death of Prophet ﷺ, The great
loss news was soon known by everybody in Madinah. Dark grief spread on all areas and horizons of Madinah..
When Prophet Muhammad ﷺ passed away, some companions could not reconcile with the fact that he was no more.
@Hadithoftheday Senior companions like Umar R.A were ready to kill anyone who would state this fact. At the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 's demise, Abu Bakr R.A saw the reaction of companions, he said the following to counsel them to overcome the emotional turmoil:
@Hadithoftheday Abu Bakr R.A said,

“For those of you who worshipped Muhammad, know that he was a man and he is dead and for those of you who worshipped God (Allah) know that he is alive and eternal. "
@Hadithoftheday Abu Bakr reminded them of message in Quran:

Muhammad is only a messenger. Messengers have passed away before him. If he should die, or be killed, will you turn back on your heels? Those who turn on their heels do not harm the Lord in the least. God will reward the grateful.
@Hadithoftheday Ibn ‘Abbas R.A said: "By Allâh, it sounded as if people had never heard such a Qur’ânic verse till Abu Bakr R.A recited it as a reminder. So people started reciting it till there was no man who did not recite it."
@Hadithoftheday After Abu Bakr R.A's words, Umar R.A said: "By Allah, as soon as I heard Abu Bakr R.A say it, I fell down to the ground. I felt as if my legs had been unable to carry me so I collapsed when
I heard him say it. Only then did I realize that Muhammad ﷺ had really died.
@Hadithoftheday Lessons on death of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ :
1. Importance of Siwak (miswak) as Prophet ﷺ wanted to brush his teeth to meet his Lord with a clean mouth.
2. Every soul shall taste death, no matter who ever the personality !

• • •

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22 Sep
@Hadithoftheday Aam-al-fīl or Year of elephant..
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born in the year of the elephant (Aam-al-feel)
This year was named after the event whereby Allah protected the Kabaah from an invading Abyssinian army. This incident is related in the Chapter of the Elephant (Quran: 105)
@Hadithoftheday Before Islam (in the year in which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born), the Ka’bah was subjected to an attack by the Ethiopian Abrahah, who had built al-Qulays, a church to which he wanted the Arabs to make their pilgrimage. +
@Hadithoftheday At that time, Abraha, the Governer of Yemen, had invaded Makkah intending to demolish the Ka'bah in order to attract the Arab Pilgrims to the mock Ka'bah (al-Qulays) he had set up in Yemen. Abraha arrived in Makkah, together with his troops, on elephants.
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@Hadithoftheday Gospel (Injeel).
Allah says in Qur'an:

"And We gave him (Isa A.S) the Gospel, in which was guidance and light and confirming that which preceded it of the Torah as guidance and instruction for the righteous."
(Qur'an. Al-Maaida 5: Verse 46)
@Hadithoftheday Allah mentions "Injeel" in another verse of Qur'an:
Allah says,
Then We sent following their footsteps Our messengers and followed [them] with Jesus, the son of Mary, and gave him the Gospel - Qur'an ( 57:27)
@Hadithoftheday Allah sent down the Gospel to Isaa ibn Maryam A.S, but some distortions were introduced into it with the passage of time.
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20 Sep
Last Adhaan of Bilal R.A:
After the death of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , Bilal R.A's melodious, welcoming, awe-inspiring voice did not call the Adhaan anymore, because whenever he uttered Adhaan, memories would stir him.
Whenever he uttered , "'I bear witness that Muhammad ﷺ is the Messenger of Allah"' in his Adhaan, memories would stir him, and his voice would vanish under his sadness while the tears cried out the words.
Last Adhaan of Bilal R.A was during the days Umar ibn Al Khattab R.A, when he visited Syria.
The Muslims entreated him to persuade Bilal R.A to call one Adhaan for them. Umar R.A called Bilal when it was time for Prayer & pleaded with him to make the Adhaan.
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20 Sep
@Hadithoftheday Lut A.S.
Prophet Lut A.S was the nephew of the Prophet Ibrahim A.S. The story of his people and the punishment they were afflicted with was a shocking incident in the life of Ibrahim A.S. Lut A.S, left "Ur" with Ibrahim A.S and settled in Palestine.
@Hadithoftheday Lut’s A.S story is inextricably interwoven with Ibrahim’s A.S.
Angels came to Ibraheem A.S's house as visitors to give Ibrahim A.S and Sarah A.S Glad tidings of son who was to be born to them, once the matter had been addressed, angels returned to the subject of Lut’s A.S people.
@Hadithoftheday Ibrahim AS felt mistrust when he saw that his visitors did not touch the food he had set before them and his saying to them openly, Indeed, we are fearful of you.” (Qur’an 15:52)
Then they reassured him, saying, “Fear not. We have been sent to the people of Lut.” (Qur’an 11:70).
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19 Sep
A thread on Generosity of Sayyidna Uthman R.A:

1. After the migration of Muslims to Madinah, A Jewish trader had taken advantage of the need for the city dwellers' survival when he sold water (a precious commodity indeed) at a very high price.
Uthman R.A took the initiative to relieve them of such high expenses. He offered to buy the well at Rawmah from the Jew but was only allowed to purchase half of it.
Uthman R.A then told the Muslims to purchase enough water for two days each time it was his turn to sell water, thereby avoiding purchase of water on the second day when it was the Jew's turn to use the well.
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19 Sep
@Hadithoftheday Dawood A.S.
Allah says in Qur'an:

So they defeated them by permission of Allah, and Dawood killed Jalut, and Allah gave him the kingship and prophethood and taught him from that which He willed. (Al Qur’an 2:251)
@Hadithoftheday When The Israelites and Jaloot went to war with each other. Prophet Dawood A.S was very young at the time and not well known.

His father had sent him with the troops not to fight but to come back and tell his father how everyone was doing.
@Hadithoftheday When he saw that Jaloot was very brave and courageous and the Israelites were very fearful of him and not willing to fight him, Prophet Dawood A.S decided to step into the fighting and counter jaloot.
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