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The time for “alien invasion” jokes is at an end. It looks like these crazy bastards are actually gonna do this and we may wanna pay attention/be vigilant.

“Disney is a distraction”

“Sky is falling week”

DOD admits DEW’s exist. ImageImage
(2) This VK post from 2/27, combined with drop 4720, and his current banner are curious. All show 10:10. VK changed his banner mere hours before this drop, BTW ..

Also - 2/27/2020 10:29am = 111111111. ImageImageImageImage
(3) More “1010 coincidences” here. Space Force founded Dec 20 (20=1010).

This model set is kind inconsequential, but I found the 1010/UFO association to be a little nod from The Universe.

4730 also creates a 77 (7x2).

And look at drop 1010 👀👀👀 ImageImageImageImage
(4) The Original Space Command was founded in 1977. Which is the same exact year Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was released.

Oddly enough, and kinda under the radar; Disney now owns the rights to the Alien franchise;

bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3551687/… ImageImage
(5) Now, think of this; How fast was POTUS to get Space Force up and running?? How often have we been launching up new rockets by way of Space-X? (X=10, of course).

Those aint satellites ... Dragon, you say? Illumination, you say?? As in, something like - Dark To Light?? Image
(6) How about 5:5? What if 5:5 is literally this simple (Occam’s Razor here); Space (5 letters) Force (5 letters). 5:5.


Ever heard of the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter? It happened in 19*55* (1010), and it happened in CALIFORNIA!; en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly–Hop…
(7) For those unaware; Chicken Little is about an alien invasion. It was released Nov 4 2005. Or, 11.4.

“After ruining his reputation with the town, a courageous chicken must come to the rescue of his fellow citizens when aliens start an invasion.” ImageImage
(8) 11.4. What is interesting here is 11.4 is mentioned in drop 34, or 7, which ties right into all these other 7’s. And again, Chicken Little was released 11-4-05. *11.4* and another 7. ImageImageImageImage
(9). So we have DEW’s acknowledged.

UFO’s being acknowledged.

The Disney post containing Chicken Little.

Chicken Little released 11.4.

Chicken Little is about an Alien Invasion.

The 10:10 comms and syncs.

The rush to get Space Force up and running.
(10) “Bigger than you can imagine”. Image
(11) “Fireworks”. (1072 is another 10, btw). Image
(12) Drop 443.

Why is space so critical to *NATIONAL* Security??

ITS SIMPLE!! Because [they] intend to use space to complete [their] insurrection against America!!!

Do you see what I am laying out here??? Image
(13) Folks, we DO have more than we know....

Lockdowns are in effect to keep us home because [they] could spring this anytime now.

Space Force was instituted quickly for a very serious reason.

Disclosing DEW’s was part of the show.

•You have more than you know
•Nothing can stop whats coming
•Enjoy the show
•Bigger than you can imagine

Bloody hell. Im certain we will see arrests, but all of that is a show and a smokescreen.
(15) Space Force build up, Trump referencing a “brilliant flash of light” when CoVid began ..

All the fires = smoke, and haze. (Basically a bigass movie screen).

I dont say this to fear monger, but I really think [theyre] gonna do it. I think @VincentCrypt46 nailed it here .. Image
(16) IMO - These sick bastards are gonna pull the trigger on a fake alien invasion, and the clues have been right there the entire time.

Stock up. Stay frosty and attach your armor.

Understand - the Cabal being destroyed has been in place for thousands of years.
(17) [Their] darkness and systemic oppression of Light and truth is nearing its end and [they] will do ANYTHING to keep the power. Up to, and including a fake alien invasion.

Remember - “watch CA” has also been said, and I believe CA is Ground Zero for this “invasion”...
(18) .. ya know, Hollywood and all.

But see, POTUS always knows. ALWAYS. And this is where Space Force comes in. I7 said at some point the narrative will flip, and POTUS will have overwhelming support.

How will that happen? Arrests? Justice? Probably not ...
(19) But Id say Space Force utterly dick kicking an alien invasion and saving America/The World would accomplish JUST THAT.

And in quick order, no less.

There. Is. No. Way. That. Could. Be. Spun.
(20) Dont underestimate what a cornered opponent will do. And just remember, God wins, and we WILL be protected in the case that this goes down.

Recite this once a day, take my word on that. Love and Light, Patriots. 🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸 Image
**Addendum**; Re: Tweet #4 - I confused myself there. I meant to say the correlation between Space Force and CEOT3K is that Space Force has 77 ships/vessels. The year that movie was released. Sorry about that guys, I also forgot the include the “fireworks” drop. So here ya go. Image

• • •

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(3) I guess one of the more obvious connections (aside from Barr), is that both men were entertainers. Reagan being an actor, and Trump of course with his larger than life personality and various reality TV Shows.

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