1) It should not be surprising to you that @ICEgov detainees have poor healthcare and that detainees are saying they were forced to get hysterectomies. Remember when @DHSOIG found rotten food, moldy and unsanitary bathrooms and eating facilities? oig.dhs.gov/sites/default/…
2) Remember when they pepper sprayed migrants because they had the nerve to ask for soap and masks when COVID19 broke out? kqed.org/news/11812701/…
3) Or how @ICEgov deports those who file sexual assault allegations? google.com/amp/s/www.prop…
4) Or how the cleaning solutions given to clean their cells cause bloody noses, burning eyes and bloody coughs? laist.com/2020/05/22/adv…
5) Frankly, the fact that the response is always to do another investigation that leads to no changes and no one ever being held to account is just another human rights violation. At what point do we stop this and shut it down? When is it enough?

• • •

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20 Sep
1) Just returned from a visit to the new Chicano Park mural in San Diego. It is dedicated to Anastacio Hernandez-Rojas who was beaten to death by Border Patrol agents in 2010. His story is told here: observatoriocolef.org/noticias/the-k…
2) No agent so much as got a day off because @USBPChief had his agents obstruct justice and destroy evidence. Here is video of the assault:
3) If you would like to donate to the mural, please do so here: alliancesd.org/fundraiser_ana…
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18 Sep
1) Forced sterilization is not the only criminal acts being committed against women in @ICEgov and @CBP custody. “A Guatemalan asylum seeker who was forced to give birth at a border patrol station in her pants while leaning against a garbage can...”
2) “She was sent to a hospital only after giving birth, and was returned to the border patrol station with her newborn two days later.”
3) “A pregnant Honduran asylum seeker and her two daughters, who were expelled to Mexico while the woman was having contractions and asking for medical attention.”
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12 Sep
🧵1) Been having a hard time this week. At first I thought it was from digging back into a horribly violent death case, advising the counsel. Then I thought it was my PTSD/depression. Maybe it was the smoke in our skies right now. The covid isolation. Then I realized it was
2) 9/11 today. I’m bad with dates. Really bad. But not with 9/11. This year, while I still thought of all those who died, I couldn’t help wondering if 9/11 had never happened, would we be imm this moment. If it had never happened would we have built this giant DHS? The one with
3) little oversight and even less accountability? Would we have allowed CBP and Border Patrol to double its size even though illegal crossings had dropped to their lowest numbers since the 70’s? Would we have torn children from their parents because they requested asylum?
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7 Sep
🧵1) I want to talk to you about speaking the truth. In the past, I did not speak the truth of what I experienced and what I knew about the Border Patrol, CBP & ICE. I didn’t think anyone would believe me, didn’t understand the systemic nature of their abuse and crimes,
2) thought that by calling attention to it, it would bring more people to their racist, authoritarian ideals. But what I have learned since being an agent is that you must stand firm against these people. Racists, authoritarians are all bullies, and they only understand
3) when you let them know you are not afraid of them. One thing I know for a fact as a former agent, as someone who lived with these people, they count on you being too civil, being too afraid of seeming like an alarmist, of not wanting to call attention to their propaganda.
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22 Aug
1) CW: #BorderPatrolRapeCulture In the Border Patrol academy, female trainees warn new female trainees about the robust rape culture. They told us to never drink from a cup that’s been out of our sight. Although I was not drugged or drunk, I was still raped by a classmate, told
2) my only option was to file an Equal Employment Opportunity case and have my training out on hold. Some women become victim to the Game of Smiles, a forced oral sex assault committed on female agents: google.com/amp/s/www.news…
3) Another example but with only one assaulted: themonitor.com/2020/04/08/mca…
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6 Aug
Here’s an example of why taking DHS at their word is problematic for reporters like @JuliaEAinsley. In the beating of Anastacio Hernandez-Rojas by @USBPChief and @CBP, @USBPChief claimed that Hernandez assaulted agents. What they declined to tell reporters was that he was 1)
2) handcuffed behind his back, on the ground in the fetal position. The agent who claimed Hernandez jumped through the air and kicked him in the head, back and shoulder did not have a mark on him. The FBI refused to file the charges that @USBPChief demanded. It was a lie.
3) Reporters just reported what the feds said without calling it into question. Words like “feds allege” or “claim” are rarely used when cops are doing the accusing. So the story goes out as Hernandez attacked agents for weeks. Then when the video comes out proving they lied,
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