I am so sick of Facebook. A post literally just got fact checked saying the wildfires haven’t been started by people, which is objectively FALSE.

What an absolute joke.
The site that fact checked it is a climate change website. Pages are getting shut down left and right because @Facebook has no clue what they’re doing and they’re constantly try to please progressives who get on their case.
I mean, are you really going to tell me this isn’t a biased source? climatefeedback.org/claimreview/we…
To be clear I’ve had this problem dozens of times with FB. Their fact checks are a total joke and when you confront their representatives on it, they deflect all responsibility and say these are “independent fact checkers” that they have no say over. Pages get banned for this.
To people defending this because “it wasn’t arson and Facebook is right.”

Nothing in the Facebook post that was fact checked claimed it was arson. Just that fires weren’t simply started by climate change — people were to blame.

• • •

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19 Sep
Just dug up this clip of Obama in 2016:

"When there is a vacancy on the SCOTUS, the President is to nominate someone, the Senate is to consider that nomination... There's no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off-years. That's not in the Constitution text."
Obama on the 2016 empty SCOTUS seat:

"Let the American people watch him. Let him answer questions in front of the voters — Republican, Democrat, and independent — and then call a vote."
Obama in 2016:

"The Constitution says that I nominate candidates for SCOTUS when there's a vacancy... [The Senate's] job is to give this person a hearing, to show the courtesy of meeting with them. They are then free to vote whatever their conscience dictates."
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17 Sep
If I hear Trump make one more broad statement like “Joe Biden will destroy your 2nd Amendment” without getting into the insane details of what he will do, I’m going to lose it. The campaign’s messaging isn’t effective for gun owners and doesn’t reflect how dangerous Biden is.
The man literally has Beto “hell yes” O’Rourke as his gun control czar, which will go down in history as a moment when gun owners were most angry and fought back and it’s never even mentioned. Gun owners are a HUGE portion of the vote, especially now.
We’re seeing an extremely strong case for the 2A and self-defense during this pandemic and all these riots and record gun sales across the country. Why isn’t pro-gun messaging a bigger focus?
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16 Sep
You know, I'm really sick of the CDC getting literally everything wrong and misinforming the public on how to protect each other.

Don't wear masks, then wear masks, now masks are more effective than a vaccine.

Redfield should resign.
Everyone in the media is jumping to Redfield's side because it's a dunk on Trump, but Redfield literally said his mask would protect HIM from COVID-19 more than a vaccine. Masks don't do that. They protect other people. Why aren't reporters talking about that?
All of this is just pissing me off because it enables conspiracy theories about the disease and no one knows what to believe anymore. My best mentor died to COVID-19 and I don't want anyone to have an unclear view of how to be safe if they're in a high risk category.
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14 Sep
Again, Trump generally says the left will destroy the Second Amendment, but doesn't go into any details in his event right now. We've heard this a million times but Biden ACTUALLY will do it. I wish Trump would actually talk about his gun control plan.
I don't think just saying Democrats will destroy our Second Amendment is enough anymore. It's repetitive and bland. Talk about his plan to tax $200 on every magazine you CURRENTLY OWN with over 10 rounds. Talk about how he wants to ban "assault weapons."
Everyone just hears constantly that Democrats "are coming for our Second Amendment," but how many of you actually know what that means? Have you heard any conservative leaders talk about what his actual plan is?
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11 Sep
I was 6 yrs old on September 11, 2001. I grew up 30 minutes outside of NYC in North Jersey.

My earliest memory is rushing home from school after the first tower was hit. I will never forget watching the TV that morning and seeing people jumping out of the towers to their death.
I remember my mom left the room at the time but I was glued to the TV when the tower collapsed. She came back to the room screaming when she heard what happened.
Dozens of people from my town were killed that day. I was young and didn’t fully understand everything that happened, but it’s the only thing I remember during that period of my childhood and it still made a huge impact on my life.
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9 Sep
The Second Amendment should be a bigger focus for the Trump campaign and I it’s been a missed opportunity thus far.

Biden’s gun control plan is actually insane and people would LOSE IT if they found out the details.
Biden wants to require a $200 tax stamp on every EXISTING and NEW magazine over 10 rounds that you own as well as on every “assault weapon.” That would cost me over $10,000 on magazines alone that I already own.

How much would it cost you?
Sorry but Trump just saying “Joe Biden will destroy your Second Amendment” at every rally doesn’t cut it. Inform everyone what he actually wants to do because it will get Americans fired up. I can’t remember the last time I saw people as angry as the “hell yes” Beto moment.
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