I’m an Independent. I’m also pro-life. But what does that mean to someone who has thoroughly considered the issue? Let’s talk deeply about this; it’s not a knee-jerk thing. 1/
1. Pro-life to me isn’t pro-birth. It exists from conception to death. This is the first and foremost tenet. Life matters at any stage. This doesn’t cease to be an issue after birth. As a society, we need to ensure any child is fed, clothed, housed, educated. 2/
If I maintains this stance I literally cannot abdicate responsibility after birth, because the responsibility does not change. There is no less need to ensure that life continues in a quality manner. This requires having proper social services. To not do so is unconscionable. 3/
Further, while I myself am Christian, I have no right to dictate that abstinence is the only option. The state is not Christian, nor should it be. Nor can I/should I force others to adopt my views. So what does this mean? 4/
This means I believe in birth control. For men and women. Starting at the age of high school sex ed in our public schools. Available with health insurance and the universal health care I hope we’ll have some day. 5/
This also means I believe that this is every bit a man’s responsibility, not just a woman’s. I don’t care if a condom doesn’t feel good to you dudebros; tough rocks, suck it up. Because you’re equally responsible for child support and parenting and everything pregnancy brings. 6/
This also means sex ed needs to teach some additional important things.
-Men, sex is a mutual decision. Pressuring your partner is wrong. Manipulating a situation or a partner is wrong. And take precautions and responsibility. You’re part of this. 7/
-For school-age women, we need to teach positivity and self-esteem to start. You don’t need a boyfriend to be special; you just are. Dating someone is your choice either way, as is where you want a relationship to be at any stage. You define that, and no-one else. 8/
You have every right to say no to anything your date or boyfriend or fiancé or spouse proposes. You are an equal part of a relationship. If you realize you aren’t, ask yourself if you should be in that relationship. 9/
You have a right to expect responsibility and respect from your partner. Birth control is not solely your responsibility, it’s everyone’s. Don’t let him make that “something you should do”.
Using two forms together just decreases the chance of pregnancy. 10/
We need further to teach all of our high school age young adults a “life skills” class. One that teaches budgeting, expenses -and what it’s like to be a teen or early twenties couple with a child, and what that really takes. 11/
We need more aggressive programs to go after those who skip on child support. These need to be linked through all the states, so that skipping a state doesn’t mean an escape. 12/
We need to not have a stigma that treats a pregnant young woman shamefully , that backs her into a corner. Instead, we need aid, options for health care, job training, child care -and the option for adoption. 13/
We need to enforce young men’s responsibility during this time too. No free pass, but also similar job training, and placement so that child support aid can happen. 14/
I know some would see my words as pie-in-the-sky and idealistic. We can’t do it if we don’t start. We need these things as surely as we need welfare for unemployed and the homeless that helps us all help ourselves and each other. Yes, things are broken. Fixing is needed. 15/
I’m also not saying abortion should be banned. Ectopic pregnancies, other health and life risks to a mother, necessitate it to save lives safely. More risks than I can codify. 16/
I believe in the end though, that it’s an admirable goal to make abortion safe, legal when needed, but rare by starting from the bottom up. I respect that some people who follow me will disagree. I’m not here to be hateful or antagonistic if you do; that’s your choice. 17/
I hope that if we disagree, we can without rancor or hate; that if we discuss, we can peacefully. Because I think we grow that way, and I think that’s good for all. 18/e

• • •

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