I feel like I have an..odd opinion on Catra's redemption arc?
Let me try to explain this as best as I can.
Do I love Catra? Yes.
Did I think she was a redeemable character? Yes.
Do I think her redemption arc was good? Nah.
Essentially because I don't think her arc is over.
When the show ends, I think that is the FIRST part of Catra's redemption arc. She's acknowledged her mistakes, done a good thing, as is on the right path. Also, she is fixing her relationship with Adora. Cool!
But there is still soooo much more that needs to be addressed.
There's still Salineas, healing between her and Adora, there's Angella, Lonnie, Kyle, Rogelio, etc.
Like how convenient is it that Scorpia and Mermista, two people that have been most hurt by Catra's actions, are taken out of the story before she joins the alliance?
Not a single mention of Angella, despite Glimmer and Catra spending 3 episodes alone together? I think these decisions were done to make Catra's arc more digestible, but because it's so obvious that the show doesn't want to address it, these gaps feel jarring and like a cop-out.
I think for me one of the most uncomfortable aspects is her losing her hair. I understand how a hair cut can be transformative but in the case of Catra, who's intended to be a woc, her losing her hair...without consent...in a Christian-coded ritual, is VERY unsettling.
There's this lack of agency in what should be a defining moment for this character. We don't even get to see Catra react to losing her hair, something we know is special to her as in Season 4, she makes it HER OWN DECISION to cut off her tufts from feeling violated by SW.
Another issue I've had the more I re-watch that season is that other characters are "punished" more for their crimes and held more accountable then Catra, despite being less of a "villain", the biggest example of this being Entrapta.
Entrapta, someone hurt by Catra AND the Princesses, has to spend the ENTIRE season proving herself to the princesses in order to be welcomed back into the group and considered their friend. Also, her arc infamously starts with ableism and straight-up assault by the "good guys"
Unlike Catra, who joins the team without much resistance, Entrapta isn't trusted or allowed to explain herself, instead attacked personally and accused of things she didn't do(destroying Salineas which is false because she was abandoned on BI as a result of Catra's mistakes)
Essentially, Entrapta is "punished" and held more accountable for working with the Horde (which started because Catra made her think the princesses abandoned her) then Catra was RUNNING the Horde. And I'm sorry but that's a problem. That's a bad writing decision.
I think what most people have issue with Catra's arc is that lack of accountability, us not being able to really Catra confront the people she's hurt (Scorpia, Mermista) and the mistakes she made, while other characters (Glimmer, Entrapta) are forced to do that.
This is basically why I don't call Catra's redemption arc good, cause it's not an arc. It's not over. It's really just the beginning. If the show is saying at the end that Catra has been redeemed and her story is done, then sorry that wasn't a good arc.
However, the show saying Catra's at the start of a redemption journey and will continue to better herself, right her wrongs, and do better not only for Adora but for herself and others, THAT, I think, is a stronger message and stronger storyline.
Yall better not let this flop😭, I know TOH is having a stream but I worked really hard on this 🥺
If you liked this thread please RT, I really want to have conversations on this topic because I feel people are being too lenient but also to harsh on Catra and I think discussions are good

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