Thread: with schools reopening, "safety measures" are putting your kids at risk.

This began with our school system in a small WV county sending paperwork home regarding parental consent for use of a new app called "CloseGap". Here's the first video...…
2 - This app uses all of the best of intentions about forming "strong relationships between students and faculty" but also talks about "donors" reaching out to underprivileged kids and giving them "gifts" and students would be expected to write "personalized" thank you notes
3 - If that doesn't get your attention, remember, this sounds an awful lot like the system of "outreach" used by Jerry Sandusky to get close to at risk youth, and we all know what happened after that. This leaves the door wide open to similar sick people to infiltrate schools.
4 - When confronted, the local principal gave horribly lame excuses and talk of good intentions but showed a terrible lack of knowledge about the app he was pushing onto his own students. here is the second video explaining...…
5 - The privacy policy of this company was found to be severely lacking, and we soon learned that the school had fed ALL of the kid's info into the system BEFORE any consent forms had been sent out or returned. So no matter what our kids had been compromised.
6 - So even if we were to convince the school system to discontinue use of the app, that would mean that CloseGap would no longer be bound by the privacy policy and in my mind, unless proven otherwise would likely sell that data for profit.
7 - I sent word to the WV Board of Education requesting comment, and have as of now received zero response. Over the next few days we learned that this was just the beginning.
8 - Next, we got word that the schools were implementing a system for parents picking their kids up from school on days when they were actually attending in person. They asked parents to print out a QR code that was embedded with their child's info, and stick it on their car.
9 - When questioned, the school board admitted that they had not given any thought to the fact that anyone could walk up and photograph and copy the code, and/or scan it and steal the child's info or use a copy to impersonate the parent and take the child out of school.
10 - The school system also admitted they had no way to lock these codes from being accessed by only parents or administrators. It's just wide open to fraud, all in the name of contactless covid hysteria.
11 - That brings us to today's video, which I am still unpacking all of the implications therein. This deals with the supposed "security" system embedded in the devices sent home with the students, from a company called "Lightspeed Systems"
12 - In a nutshell, it says your device is not only tracking your child's schoolwork, but every single keystroke, and every bit of data captured through audio and video on the device. and will use AI to scan it all and will report any "problematic" activity to administrators.
13 - of course they use the example of if a child searches "how to kill yourself" or something similar, but also says once triggered, will report ALL activity 10 minutes prior to the "trigger" which means 24/7/365 data collection. Orwell would be horrified.
14. So, say your child is across the room playing Xbox, and is spouting off vulgar but ultimately benign banter at the video game. The AI doesn't account for context, and your child is reported without ever knowing. Who else will the school report data to? CPS?
15 - My fear is that the school system is tied in with every other government entity, who would conceivably be given access to ALL of this data, even without "triggers" being activated. If this is happening in small town WV, it's happening everywhere. BEWARE.
16 - When we KNOW teachers are calling police because they saw and airsoft gun in a child's room, and the school SUSPENDED the child, I have every right to question the motives of these school administrators.
17- Here's the video detailing Lightspeed Systems…

Addendum 1 - Just received a pic of the notice about putting the EXTREMELY VULNERABLE QR CODES on vehicles

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