This is illegal and anti-American in the truest sense.
To all who care about local representation & governance: Cop work is intensely local. Law enforcement can be federal but it’s not cop work. Unless you respond to your neighbors’ 911 calls, you’re not a cop. You might be a law enforcement officer but not a cop. It’s not an insult
Local cops and local prosecutors and local judges and courts and defense attorneys are flawed and imperfect but they aren’t charging people with sedition because politicians in DC believe in a monarch-styled Unitarian view of the federal government. I’m a doofus but not an idiot.
There is not injustice because there is unrest. There is unrest because there is injustice. Yes a small percentage of protesters are rioters & criminals. But it is deliberate injustice to equate the former with the later. I don’t support violence & crime. But I do support justice
When you see officials using the terms ‘outside agitators’ and ‘terrorists’ you can be sure they’re projecting. I’ve seen terrorists. Actually sat down with some scary ones. Even then the rhetoric & policies were inflated. Now, they’re just insane. We need to stop this now.

• • •

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29 Sep
So this is amazing. I’ve been consistent about calling my neighbors en route to 911 calls. Have always felt it was an obvious zero-cost way to achieve two badly needed outcomes: it provided the responding officers with accurate timely information about dramatic sounding calls...
Think of Tamir Rice not being killed with a BB gun by responding police because they had actually spoken to the complainant/caller. Think of countless times where we can avoid tragedy or just misunderstanding. It seems so obvious. So I called every number every time...
And calling also did something else we need more of. It created a connection, however superficial or temporary, between me the cop and my neighbors. I got to step out of the car & say this truth: I’m officer skinner & we just spoke.’ There are no little connections. It all counts
Read 7 tweets
25 Sep
Great moment at work today. Got to clear a neighbor of any suspicion in what looked to be a slam dunk warrant & arrest. I went and talked to her. Literally said this: I’m here looking into such & such, & the video evidence tells this story...but there are 2 sides to every story..
So I need to hear your side so we can figure this out.’ We examined the footage together & she explained it in the only way that was gonna clear it up without drama/arrest etc. And I told her ‘this is why I’m talking to you like this, low key and simply seeking the truth.’
It took a few minutes for her to calm down cuz she was freaking at first, understandably. I assured her on camera that she was not a suspect and there wasn’t anything hanging over her. And my colleague & I talked afterwards about the massive responsibility we cops have to go slow
Read 7 tweets
25 Sep
So a small part of my job is handling the first appearances (reading of the charges and deciding on initial bond) for felony arrest made by myself plus all the patrol officers in my precinct. Maybe 60 officers. So I go to court a lot...
I have to read up on the case, review body-worn camera, and then present that info in short clear testimony for the judge, prosecutor, and public defender or private attorney. It’s fun trying to present information on cases as succinctly as I can. I like seeing what happens...
And I like being transparent about cases. About solid cases and not-so solid cases. The facts are the facts. And glaring deficiencies are valuable cuz I go back and tell colleagues ‘hey, this and this is weak. Be sure to cover this.’ I try to go to court every day to learn...
Read 4 tweets
24 Sep
Home. And there is anarchy in our jurisdiction! Look at this violence! Agitator Orangeys, probably funded by Soros or some MeanCat cabal, are overwhelming SweetDog. All these pics are from the last hour or so, according to Theresa, the biggest Orangey-Fa supporter. LAW AND ORDER
Also, look how amazingly lovely SweetDog is with the evil Lady Orangey, who, don’t forget, is evil.
Meanwhile, MeanCat sharpens his claws on his metal chair. This ends poorly for mankind.
Read 4 tweets
24 Sep
Over the last 49+ years I’ve a few material possessions I deeply cherish. Letter from my grandmother when I graduated coast guard bootcamp at the the top & made her proud, and this knife. This knife is special. My dad’s friend made it for me when I was ten...
The handle is deer antler that he and my dad had hunted nearby. The blade he had made from a piece of steel. With hammered copper handle tip. And a wooden case covered in deer leather. And he made it left handed for me. It’s the most perfect piece of craftsmanship I’ll know.
And he, Bobby Weiland, and my dad made it for me for my 10th birthday in Bobby’s work shed on 42nd Street not even five blocks from where we live now. My dad thought Bobby was Jeremiah Johnson cuz he was a real woodsman. He was right. And I have the knife he made me.
Read 4 tweets
20 Sep
Giggling about my one Elvis lil bit raunchy memory brought up another musical memory. I think it was around 1984 or 85 and a local radio station did a Beatles A thru Z weekend. Played every single song...
So I stay up & tape as many songs as I could. Cassette tapes. Birthday gift for my dad. Best gift ever, right? Except when I give him the stack of tapes he says ‘thanks but curious why did you think I liked the Beatles so much’ & I realized I had never heard him play them....
And that memory brings up easily my most painful memory as a doofus teenager. A friend on this site will immediately know what I’m talking about. I was 14 I think. Worked as a busboy at a local seafood place called Palmer’s. The hostess, Sharon May, was 16 & lived down the street
Read 12 tweets

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