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17 Sep, 14 tweets, 3 min read
I have been MIA on Twitter (& publishing), in large part b/c I am a single mom who is trying to both work and homeschool 3 kids, one w/ autism.

Our local district is offering online-only ed at least through Oct & that doesn't work for our fam. So I'm figuring it out..

...We are fortunate. We have a safe home, ample food, reliable transportation, and supportive friends...and we are still struggling.

All 4 of my girls (one is in college) are stressed, anxious, moody, & tearful. They want to know when this will end & I can't tell them..

It's difficult to combat the message that they'll kill someone if they get too close & that their mere presence in public threatens ppl.

Things they've looked forward to for so long: friends, sports, parties, proms, graduation have evaporated & been replaced by a life...

...where the only morally acceptable activity is 'not infecting other people'.

My HS student (15) has lost almost all of her friends. And not due to distancing, but because we live in a well-off island inside a socioeconomically stressed area & her friends...

...were already impacted by their varying degrees of impoverishment.

Now they are home all day unsupervised and while their parents work whatever jobs they can find, they attend "class" with their cameras off, getting high & self-medicating.

Of course, they do...

...These kids were doing okay last year. Now I'd be surprised if half of them don't drop out. They're just trying to cope.

My college kid took a leave of absence this fall.
Not b/c she was scared of Covid, but b/c of the restrictions imposed in the name of "safety"...

She was scared of losing her 75K/yr scholarship if she accidentally hugged a friend in public.

She wasn't okay being subjected to invasive mandatory testing and arbitrary rules and quarantine when she wasn't sick. She didn't want to live in a pseudo-community...

...which treated its members like vectors, not people, and told them it was their moral obligation to narc on their friends.

And it was the right choice. Going away to college isn't about being locked in a dorm room alone, eating alone, and doing homework online alone...

It's about being independent for the first time, making mistakes, building relationships, & learning to navigate the world.

None of that is happening.

My autistic daughter (12) is missing crucial, in-person experiences that are the only reason she's so functional...

She is missing her therapies. She is missing the aides who redirected her & kept her on task. She is missing her social skills group. And she has regressed.

As for my little one (10), she's just lost and lonely and confused...

It feels like her spirit dims a little every day. There are no sports or social programs available that don't require distancing and masks.

And I am just ONE mom--with pretty decent circumstances--doing the best I can & it's not enough. I am struggling, too.

So my point is this:

Shut downs have consequences & the ones carrying the lion's share of the burden are the ones least equipped to do so.

And we're being told that it's an immoral position to push back against unnecessary restrictions...

...and play along with calling them "safe"--as if COVID is the only threat to everyone's life or well-being. As if sacrificing the development, education, and well being of a generation is a justifiable cost.

I refuse. None of this is "safe" or warranted.

People--most importantly, children--are suffering harm and I think pushing back IS the moral position.


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8 Sep
I was initially so struck by this gross error that I failed to address the rest of the article, which has even more misrepresentations, uses biased verbiage, and is lacking in context. Here's are my criticisms of the rest of the article:

1. Dismisses Dr. Atlas’s MD & public health expertise based on political affiliation
2. Characterizes a study analyzing France’s COVID cases up through May & the Diamond Princess cruise ship as “the most sophisticated estimates” of IFR & favors them over current CDC data
3. Biased, emotional language e.g. "virus-laden gobs of spit”, "lifelong illness", "wreaking havoc"
4. Cites a study finding 3/6 asymptomatic patients (out of 215 participants), ages 56-61, w/ lung findings w/i 12 days of testing +, as evidence of "long-term" abnormalities
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7 Sep
This is what passes for journalism these days and it took two seconds to identify this glaring misinformation:

The @TheAtlantic posts this story and the media and the “experts” (and the masses) run with it to justify keeping faces masked and schools closed...(1/4)
Right off the bat, in the second paragraph, they make this curious claim which goes against what anyone who has been breaking down the data knows to be true...(2/4)
So I popped the link they cite for the figure.

This is what the article they cite actually says:

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4 Sep
“Bracing for grim” is all many people have been able to do for 6 months (& counting) as they live the devastation of these mitigation measures, including:

* hunger
* non-Covid disease progression
* suicide
* poverty
* domestic violence
* child abuse...

(stay with me here..1/7)
* civil unrest
* lost livelihoods
* unemployment
* deaths of despair
* interrupted childhood development
* evications/loss of shelter
* debt accrual
* economic instability
* loss of trust in gov’t/public health
* social isolation
* shuttered businesses

* people forced to die alone
* people unable to be w/ loved ones as they died
* no funerals
* supply chain disruptions/impaired access to staples/medications
* deterioration of mental health
* unmanageable anxiety
* somatic manifestations of stress
* delayed healthcare

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1 Sep
This is important. Linked is an academic critique of the COVID public health response:



1. Back in March, both the WHO & the NEJM misreported the flu IFR as the CFR, overestimating COVID mortality to Congress and public health officials (X/1)
2. Fear-based public health campaigns cause harmful and the debilitating psychological effects on the population last long after the "threat" is gone...(x/2)
3. Reliance on PCR tests was a flawed choice and COVID mortality data is not reliable and likely overestimated. (X/3).
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18 Aug
This study by Franklin Templeton found what many of us who have been digging already knew: the majority of people grossly overestimate their risk from Covid...(1/4)

franklintempletonnordic.com/investor/artic… ImageImageImage
As FT points out, It’s headlines like these that scare people. They aren’t accurate and they are designed to generate clicks and persuade, but rarely inform.

And they are paralyzing otherwise intelligent and rational people, with fear. (2/4) ImageImageImageImage
Overreaching mitigation measures—closing schools, lockdowns, mandated masks & biz restrictions—have a cost.

And that cost isn’t remotely justified by the “safety” we are purchasing.

In fact, the world is a more dangerous, unstable place when we craft panic-driven policy...(3/4)
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3 Aug
Stay with me for a second, especially if you like data and you like kids.

My data friend @Hold2LLC generated this chart estimating how many cases we would've found had we done massive testing (1M/day) starting March 4th...(1/5)
This isn't even many infections actually existed...that was likely even more. This is how many cases we would've "found" based on testing volume and percent positivity.

The orange are cases we did detect and blue are how many we would have found had we been looking...(2/5)
Keep that in mind and consider that most schools were open a solid 2-3 weeks past what we now see as the peak of infections.

Even further, per this retrospective estimate (and others like it), COVID arrived in the US months before we detected it...(3/5)
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