We're all preppers now. Whether we want to be or not. It's hard to think about, but we're just in the opening credits to the apocalypse movie. This is the calm before the storm. This is your moment to get ready. We can get through this. A thread.
Remember: most people survive the collapse of their way of life, most of the time. The end of the world isn't always, or even usually, the uh... end of the world.
Prepping is community-focused or it's nonsensical. Talking to your neighbor is more important than building a bunker. Buying two good-enough of whatever you need and giving one to a friend is a better use of your money than buying the really nice thing that costs 2x as much.
Prepping is about getting yourself and others ready so that in times of crisis, you're able to have a grounded position with which to help others (and in turn to help them get grounded so they can help you and others in return.)
Prepping can be done at nearly any income level. It's not about the fanciest stuff. It's not even, really, about "stuff," at the end of it. Though sometimes it's also about stuff.
Think about what crises you're worried about (natural disaster, pandemic, and fascist takeover seem to be on a lot of people's minds for some reason). Think about what you might need ahead of time, or for the next time. Think about what you wish you'd had.
Build "resilient communities." Make plans not just with your friends, but with your actual neighbors if you can. "If the power goes out, who has a generator?" on one end of the scale.
On the other end of the scale, "If the food network breaks down, who can operate that train to bring grain out to the coasts so it doesn't rot in the silo?"
What do you need in the short term? This isn't so You Alone Can Survive In the Woods With a Hatchet Eating Squirrels You Hit With The Aforementioned Hatchet. This is about making sure you can weather small scale interruptions and stay grounded.
Everything you get you should practice with as much as you can, but sometimes that amount is "basically not at all" and that's okay. If you carry a gunshot wound kit (called an IFAK) and you get shot, that gear is for the person treating you.
If you've got 2 bic lighters on you at all times like I do (it's a good idea!) maybe you don't have time to learn firebuilding, which would be ideal, but instead you have them on you so another person can start a fire to keep you warm.
When covid first hit, I had some N95s (in case of earthquake i guess) I was able to get to first responders and to my mother, who caretakes an elderly family member. That was when it really sunk in that prepping is about having your own shit down so you can help others.
Whenever possible, buy the stuff BEFORE the specific crisis. Like, I should own an air purifier and some filters for DIY air purification, but I don't, and I'm not going to buy them now because the limited supply needs to go to the west coast. When shit calms down, I'll get some.
I'll be posting threads with specifics over time, and I share more information on my podcast Live Like the World is Dying. I'm not an expert, very few people really are and most who claim to be are lying. I'm just a girl trying to survive the end of the world like the rest of us.

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13 Aug
i was so into the guillotine because i thought we were all on the same page that the guillotine is obviously fucked up and the wrong way to solve social problems, as evidenced by, you know, the history of the guillotine

narrator voice: we were not all on the same page
like i love the guillotine as a symbol because it's a symbol of revolutionary violence that carries within it the necessary critique of revolutionary violence that we need to be VERY aware of whenever we talk about revolution.

"after the revolution" no one is against the fucking wall because the idea of putting people up against the wall and shooting them is part of what we're having a revolution against.
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7 Aug
I'm watching people in portland struggle to get gas masks in any kind of hurry. anywhere you are, might want to get one now as revolt and repression continue to spread. A brief thread about what i've learned through research.
you need to protect both your eyes and your lungs. You can do this with either a full-face respirator (a "gas mask") or a half-mask respirator paired with goggles. Full-face gas masks usually either come in military styles (usually using a standard 40mm NATO thread) or civilian.
If you've got the money for it, get a new, ballistic-rated military style gas mask. The MIRA CM-6M ($220) or CM-7M ($240) are highly recommended by folks I know. These cover all your bases. You still need a filter. Expired-but-unopened SHOULD work for tear gas and pepperspray.
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11 Jul
its not that USians are inherently dumber than the rest of the world its that the fucking federal government didnt cancel rent and pay people to stay home. that we are being offered up as sacrifice on the altar of capitalism is the problem.
its that we have a deeply influential system of right wing propaganda that encourages people to ignore the virus. i’m all for personal responsibility but we need to blame the top, not the bottom, of this social problem.
think of it like a fantasy movie, where yes you gotta protect yourself from the minions to be sure but the goal is to destroy the head vampire or whatever is causing the curse.
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29 Jun
if you are marginalized by this society or care about people who are, and are in a place with your mental health where you can do so, buy a gun and train with it.

i don’t say this lightly. i have wildly mixed feelings about firearms. a thread.
firearms are a tool that have far fewer pratical applications than their proponents (of all politics) tend to believe.

firearms complicate interpersonal relations and make power over each other far too easy to take. firearms will never bring us to a just and free world.
but we can’t build a just and free world if we are dead.

these people want us dead.

learning to defend yourself and your community is worth doing, and semiautomatic weapons like the pistols and rifles available to US civilians are effective tools for that.
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10 Jun
science fiction recommendations of stories that describe societies without police, a thread (open to recommendations!). Largely these are anarchist societies because anarchism is my personal focus and it's an ideology that has long focused on antipolice and antiprison work.
but it needs to be said that indigenous practices from around the world have a lot more to teach us about society without police or prisons (science fiction author @WalidahImarisha for example gets at this in her nonfiction book Angels with Dirty Faces) than any fiction does
To start, of course: The Dispossessed, by Ursula k le Guin is a novel that explores an anarchist society and the tensions within it about social control and pressure.
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29 May
[1] a friend of mine is on their way to their first militant street demonstration and here's what i told them. (long thread)

before you go, talk with your friends about what youre comfortable with. its okay if that changes in the streets
[2] it's okay to decide to stick through tougher shit, it's also okay to run, so long as you're not abandoning people who are relying on you). you and the people you’re with should consciously be an affinity group.
[3] if you are the sort who feels most comfortable rolling solo, more power to you, but that is harder and more complicated both in terms of staying safe and of being useful.
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