There's a new group called "Not Him, Us" that seeks to convince disaffected Bernie supporters to vote for Biden. Their manifesto warns of Trump instituting "full-blown fascism" (?) in a second term and ends with an obligatory invocation of the 1930s. Really embarrassing stuff
Same was prophesied in 2016. GOP controlled the House, Senate, and arguably the Supreme Court for the first two years of Trump's term -- and yet evidently failed to institute "full-blown fascism." Instead they focused on repealing Obamacare and cutting corporate taxes. Curious
If you want to put forward a reasonable argument in favor of voting for Biden, go right ahead. But some of these activist-brains can speak only in the tenor of hair-on-fire Third Reich play-acting. It's so tedious
By the way, why doesn't @NotHimUS list the names of the people behind the group? Just "a small crew of folks"? Weird

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10 Sep
Declare yourself "anti-fascist" and suddenly all things become justifiable, because the greater evil is always "fascism." The Trump era has been a goldmine for self-aggrandizing narcissists who use this binary as an excuse to rationalize insane behavior…
Maybe someday those who promote the "fascist" vs. "anti-fascist" analytical framework will realize that they were a godsend to Joe Biden. Because there's One Weird Thing that Biden and "antifa" #actually have in common. But you have to read the column to find out what it is
"Godsend" in the sense that "antifa" helped create the political conditions that allowed Biden to prevail in the primaries. There is a reason why Biden emphasized the Charlottesville episode so heavily. Just like "antifa" did. Worked out perfectly for Biden
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4 Sep
Jeffrey Goldberg wrote in The Atlantic on July 2016: “The Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, has chosen this week to unmask himself as a de facto agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Goldberg is perhaps the LEAST reliable narrator in all of US journalism
That declaration from Goldberg is under-recognized as a catalyzing event for the wider Russiagate melodrama, which from that point on consumed elite media and Dems, after they’d been given license by the all-important, Smart, and Serious Atlantic
Josh Marshall’s infamous (and error-riddled) blog post from July 23, 2016, which drew on the themes set forth by Goldberg, was cited by FBI officials Strzok and Page in their infamous texts. “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation was formally launched on July 31
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2 Sep
Column from me on why everybody is wrong about the political impact of riots:…
Having gone around the country for two months to riot-stricken areas, not a single person proactively mentioned to me that they were suddenly now inclined to vote for Trump
And don't bother replying, "Hey! I live in or near a riot-stricken area and I'm now suddenly inclined to vote for Trump." You are the epitome of self-selection bias, given that you are going out of your way to reply to political tweets
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29 Aug
NPR doesn't have to interview me. They have plenty of reporters they could've sent to conduct simple interviews with people whose lives were upended by riots. But they are too wedded to a particular narrative and terrified of internal staff revolts

The hyper-privileged anarchist pro-looting author clearly did zero journalism in relation to the recent riots that she's now commenting on. Her ideological mission is to foment insurrection -- and bizarrely, milquetoast libs like NPR are all in favor it

I wonder what percentage of the NPR editorial staff is even aware that half of this happened:

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28 Aug
With the conventions over, here's what seems to be the Dems' argument against Trump: Democracy is on the verge of collapse and everyone needs to be a lot more conscious of racial identity. Maybe they'll still win. But it's kind of tedious and dumb argument…
Maybe the constant five-alarm-fire catastrophizing about Trump will ultimately be electorally effective. But it's also done long-term mental damage to the country and obscured the actual flaws in Trump's governance. Oh well!
Here's your occasional reminder that you can help fund this independent writing/reporting/ranting/video-making/etc. if you find it at all valuable. This summer has already been very successful in this regard, so thanks to all who have contributed

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19 Aug
My @WSJ column on the irony of "top cop" Kamala making common cause with insurrectionary anarchist protesters whose signature chant is "All Cops Are Bastards"…
All politicians are opportunistic and malleable to some degree but Kamala really takes it to a creepy new level
This part of her speech was particularly creepy, as are most pandemic-related political metaphors:

"This virus has no eyes, and yet it knows exactly how we see each other, and how we treat each other. And let’s be clear, there is no vaccine for racism. We’ve gotta do the work."
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