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If you learn one thing from me. I want you to learn that you're an infinite being. This isn't your first or even your 100th life.

You create your experience based on what you know is true. Your reality has intentionally been retarded from you because there's entities
that feed from the negative energy we produce when we're experiencing any type of fear.

You are special. Together we're phenomenal. You know deep deep down that there's more to your existence. You know deep down inside that try as you might to pretend everything is ok, that
It isn't.

Almost everyone knows there's something wrong with their spiritual life. If you're saying "not me", chances are you're lying to yourself.

We've all gotta stop lying to ourselves. We all do it. We all have to stop.

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted everything
to be fair. I thought that the heroes were always supposed to win. Being heroic isn't easy. Doing the right thing in a world that's conditioned you not to is brave.

Standing up and saying enough is enough when nobody else will, is already becoming a criminal act.
The controllers of this world are doing everything they can to maintain their control and strengthen their stranglehold on humanity.

Your reality really is more fantastical than you could possibly fathom. The faster people come to accept that everything they've been taught is a
lie, and that there's advanced technologies intentionally being hidden from us we can start to put the pieces together ourselves.

So if you thought that I was posting crazy shit before, hold my fucking beer.

If Extraterrestrials exist (they do).
If Adrenochrome is the most
valuable drug on the planet (It is).

If we know for a fact that synthetic Adrenochrome is not as good as organic (we do.)

Then wouldn't it stand to reason that there's a galactic Adrenochrome trade?

We're an off planet delicacy.

I told you Adrenochrome is a helluva drug.

• • •

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28 Aug
Ok. Let's see if I can piss some more people off.

Kaepernick and all of these Athletes have every right to kneel during the National Anthem.

It really is their First Amendment Right, and if you want to torch the American Flag as some sort of protest that's your right too.
But let's be clear about what it is you're doing.

They claim they're doing it to get people's attention. They claim there's social justice and equality concerns, and these need immediate attention and this is the only way.

These Mother Fuckers Here.
These professional athletes don't give a fuck about the causes they claim to be bringing attention to.

You know how I know? Because if they really cared. If they really fucking cared they would be willing to sacrifice their lives for it. To die for it.

Just like the men and
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26 Aug
Well fuck all of your childhoods off then for all I care.

This will be my thread dedicated to the evil and vile fuck Steven Spielberg.

NAMBLA: North American Man Boy Love Association

AMBLIN Entertainment (started by and part owned by Spielberg himself):.........

This man. Much like Fuck-o Tom Hanks is a goddamn monster.

Brace yourselves. Because major UGH.
AMBLIN is the name of a short movie Spielberg did before he ever became big.

The main character Amblin himself is a bi-sexual Male. You wouldn't know it though by watching it, unless you understood things about the Male homosexual community at that time. It was all in code.
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26 Aug
Ok. You guys asked for it. I'm not going to include any of the things that we know about already. Like the porno pic in "The Rescuers", the Dildo on "The Little Mermaid" movie poster or even SEX being spelled out on screen in "The Lion King".
I'm going to be adding here all day.
So let's start with Snow White shall we?

For starters her Step Mother was a Satanist who wanted to remain youthful and beautiful.

So she needed a child sacrifice and had to eat her heart.

The 7 dwarfs were obviously Illuminati members given all the Owls inside their home.
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