9/16/2020 Notes from the war
I'm on the phone with a woman who tells me she was hassled on the train on the way to work.
She goes to work early, and because of Covid there is nobody on the train. Also because of Covid they have let the prisoners out of prison. This means the prisoners are on the train...alone with her.
It's her and a couple of other people and of course the machine says to wear your mask for safety.

A scary, loud, possibly high individual starts asking her for money.
"BITCH! Give me some money."

"HO! Give me some money."

Back and forth
"I had my mace in one hand," she said.

"I was texting the police with the other."

"Luckily he got off the train."
But her sister wasn't so lucky.
"You remember that woman who got stabbed," she said to me.

"Yes, the homeless guy did it."

"That's right. By Logan Circle."
Well her sister was on the bus, a couple of weeks ago, and another individual, ranting and raving on the bus, asking for a cigarette, "he just started whaling on her."

The guy was so high that the mace didn't work.

Put her in the hospital.
All the while, people were taking video.

Not helping.
So you have a situation where -- in the name of "helping" -- the state has released dangerous offenders who are attacking women on public transportation.

And elsewhere.
She came back from the grocery store to find another lunatic on the street, looking right at her.

The groceries were in the car, and she didn't know what to do, because he was jumping this way and that.

Should she go in, should she go out, should she leave?
It all happened very fast. "I was terrified," she said.

But then "he went off and started chasing some jogger."

These are the stories they *aren't* telling you on the news.
The insurgency in this country is happening, it is not something made up in your head.

Every single day that you can't live life normally, you're feeling it.
The ordinary person wants nothing to do with the problem. But they get sucked into it nevertheless.

The FBI says no it's not antifa arson.
So you are forced to choose between what you can plainly see is reality, and what the combined weight of every social institution -- including social media -- is pressuring you to think.

It's a war.
Bot Sentinel (botsentinel.com) tells you about every account, whether it's fine or "questionable," "disruptive," "problematic."

How's that for freedom of expression?

Do they go after conservative accounts?

They say no!
The problem is that the combined weight of all these "checkers" and "authorities" works against the individual. Your behavior is scanned, essentially, for conformity to the herd.
When you don't conform to the herd -- when you ask too many questions, or say too many "strange things" -- you become a problem.
When you become a problem, then the system starts to exclude you. People are told "don't follow that account," or "exercise caution."

What you say is discredited.

At the extreme, you can lose not only your digital identity, but also your bank account, your job, & more.
Your mind internalizes the censor and so in true Orwellian style, you tell yourself that you aren't thinking the thoughts that are in your brain.

This is a survival mechanism.

Thinking can get you in trouble.
"The media is complicit.
'Fact checkers'created to reinforce the same narrative [propaganda]they themselves created.
Social media censor-terminate-silence anti-narrative accounts.
System of control.
Mission:keep the public controlled and in the dark
Information warfare.
Remember that woman I told you about, the one I met, the one who looked at me and said "Covid is a scam?"

The one who said she would call me, because she couldn't discuss her true thoughts in public?

Not a peep.
What do you think it does to me that Facebook took me offline for simply sharing a news story image about candidate Biden that showed him being repulsive?

I do not feel safe there.
The funny thing is, I remember right after the election in 2016, there was a small creative festival nearby, with a number of artists showing anti-Trump literature.

"We don't feel safe with him!" they cried.

"He's a monster!"
But it is precisely these artists, these absolutely useless idiots, who have bought the sedition story hook - line - sinker.

They are bowing down to the tyrants!
The amount of denial still going on in the Jewish community is absolutely mind-boggling.

How is it possible that 600 Jewish organizations signed an ad to support the vile terrorist organization BLM?

You don't hear them praising President Trump at all.

I have to say to myself, they have collectively lost their minds.

The enemy has got to be jumping up and down with joy.
Tonight I saw a few minutes of @POTUS press conference where he talked about election security.

It was patently obvious that we have a problem with fraud, but of course the enemy wants to have the fraud.
I saw that Harris Faulkner told Newt Gingrich not to mention George Soros' name. "We don't need to have that conversation here."


Jared Kushner was on Hannity talking about the Presidency generally. He said - for the first time someone is talking common sense, acting rational, going outside the box to solve problems - although I didn't like the lip gloss, he spoke very well.

Nobody will credit him.
Biden was shown talking nonsense on the screen. We couldn't believe our eyes. It's almost like they're doing this on purpose - telling the American people that this is a candidate when they know that he is not.
The insurgents' strategy, in my opinion, is backfiring. They have managed to turn an untold number of people against them. That means they can't really gauge what is going on with the polls.
I have no doubt that they will try to claim victory even when Biden loses. But people have had enough and now the dam is breaking -- like when Jim Cramer called Pelosi "Crazy Nancy."
They made up this term "the Resistance," even when there was no real war to speak of. But now, the people are pissed off.

Our willingness to be polite is wearing very thin.
I can't say I know what the future holds. If I had to guess, people have a hunkered-down mentality. They're preparing their homes and families in case there is social unrest.
I don't think we should yield an inch of ground to the insurgents.

I think we should continue to confront their endless lies.
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