The answer at the end of this thread:

First up: what happened to the native American population post 1492?

A lot of em died.

Remember Squanto from your school history about the Pilgrims and plymouth rock?

Ever wonder how a native Patuxet indian know English in the first place? Remember Pilgrims screwed up and landed far more North than they intended. So Europeans didn't frequent current day Massachusetts.
Squanto as a boy was captured by an English slaver. He was then sold in Spain to monks who wanted to give him an education. Eventually he got to England and finally back to his boyhood home.

He was a tragic figure unfortunately.
Upon his arrival to his home village after years of being away trying to get back home he discovers that his entire village was dead from disease.

He was the last of his kind. He returned to a village that was a tomb.
The fact that his tragedy hasn't been made a movie is shameful.

A large portion of Native Americans died inadvertently after coming in contact with Europeans.

Despite many claims white men didn't conquer the Indian they more or less moved in like a hermit crab.
Why did they die? Because they never were able to develop the antibodies necessary to fight off many old world diseases.

They were immune naive.
Ok fast forward a few centuries to the last year.

Coronavirus spread everywhere in the world. Global pandemic etc.

2020 has been a shit show because of it.

China, BDA has told us, accidently released the virus to their local population.
Instead of doing the right thing, they let loose this man made virus all over the globe.

You can thank the CCPs policy of never wanting to lose face in front of the world for the fact that you need a mask to buy groceries.
China's reported numbers are ridiculously low in my book and there's been some evidence that millions may have died.

Which for CCP history is just another day for godless communists.

However they did impose draconian lockdowns to prevent the spread in their own country.
A friend of mine who maintains contacts with people in China said he knew a guy in Beijing and that Corona wasn't a big deal where he was at.

Beijing is far and away from Wuhan the source of corona. Reason being is the CCP just shut off Wuhan and the surrounding areas.
It's a totalitarian country and for them it's easy to do.

Now we have also been told that the Three Gorges Dam is going to fall by BDA. And the evidence points to that eventuality.

Question is what happens after the dam falls?
A whole lot of areas downstream get flooded of course. Leaving behind lots of homeless displaced people. Probably millions of them.

Wuhan is downstream and would get flooded out as well.
Thing is people in Wuhan by now have developed a herd immunity. Corona cases are low there because the virus has already burned through the population.

There's enough people with built up immunity that Corona can't spread easily.
Now what happens if the dam goes, and the CCP lose grips on the population? What happens to places like Beijing?

Remember they are like the native American and Wuhan refugees will be like the Europeans.
Answer is utter chaos.

Virus spreads fast and without proper containment will quickly overwhelm local medical care.
The irony is their brutal methods to contain corona in house means they will get it all at once, while experiencing the biggest man made disaster in recorded history.

• • •

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30 Aug
In statistics, sometimes it's easier/less work to prove a negative.

Prometheans have been operating in all of recorded human history. With one goal in mind: total enslavement of humanity.
Thing is violent currupt criminal organizations tend to fall apart quickly. The main leader dies and the power struggle that ensues usually damages the organization so much it disintegrates or it gets taken over by an outside faction.
Thing is the Prometheans have been focused on one goal for so very long that it lead to me they have leadership that is not human. Humans don't live tens of thousands of years.
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22 Aug
Ok class, short quick and easy class for today.

Lifeline by Robert Heinlein.

This was actually Bob's first published short story ever and it's set in his Future History series.
It's about a man named Pinero who invents a machine that can tell the exact moment a person will die.

The book is your usual Heinlein fare of capable man taking on the system that is going to be rocked by a new invention.
It is however the way that Heinlein describes the way that a person's life that reminded me of how BDA explained how time and life are intertwined.
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22 Aug
Ok once again class is in session.

Today's topic is going to be a BDA related one. Specifically "Lost Legacy" by Robert Heinlein. I know it's been a bit of a broken record of mine, for those of you following, but this story has a very pertinent theme, plot, and lesson.
TLDR: 2 men and a woman discover how to learn Psi powers when they realize it's a latent talent all men have. They come into contact with a hidden group of adepts at mount Shasta and learn about ancient times of prehistory Mu and Atlantis.
Their efforts to teach others this talent is resisted by an evil cabal or deep state that is slowly trying to take over the USA. The cabal in this case can use Psi powers as well and control major institutions and political persons.
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21 Aug
He speaks again. Give me a minute for a breakdown...
Anon concerned about how messed up China is looking at right meow.
BDA responds...
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10 Aug
Ok once again class is in session.

Today's topic is going to be a BDA related one. Specifically "Elsewhere" by Robert A. Heinlein.

In a nutshell a professor teaches his students how to time travel and go to alternate universes. So slightly related to our Merc with a Magnum.😬
First a little background:

Published in September 1941. Heinlein was in this period writing a lot of fantasy along with hard science based sci-fi. 

The novella itself is not particularly one of Heinleins best. But it gives us some insight.
The protagonist Prof Frost discovered time travel by accident. He originally was in a timeline that found him in prison as a result of not going to college and getting into trouble.

Because of his incarceration his mind slipped and he found himself in his younger self's body.
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2 Aug
Todays BDA posts had me thinking about history and the great man theory of history.

Namely the theory posits that every so often there is a great man whose life, abilities, strengths, and will forever alter the world that they are in.
There life makes ripples in time that are felt to this very day.

In contrast there is the social trends view. That the events of history were just a result of outside forces. Eg a lack of resources caused XYZ empire to organize itself, first for self protection then to conquest
I've always held that history was a sort of balance of the two. For every Julius Ceasar, there was a Hannibal. Both men who were great in their time and day but through luck or lack thereof history has one with an empire the other eventual defeat.
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