>>>2015 Air Force BMT

My entire flight was marched over to the newer barracks buildings for a training session along with some other male flights. We were marching into one of the larger meeting rooms for a briefing on SAPR and other sexual assault "training" (1)
So we're forced to sit through hours of videos which had a very anti male approach to them. I pick up on this, but choose to say nothing, want to keep my head down and not draw attention to myself, but I begin to notice how the other men were taking all of this (2)
what is sexual assault? You kiss a female airmen and she had drank some alcohol, yep that's assault. So an airmen asks "what if both parties drank alcohol?", the instructor answered "who ever gets to the SAPR/SARC office first is the one who was assaulted". (3)
Naturally, all the male airmen are scared shitless by this. The full weight of the law is against them and WILL fuck them over in a heart beat. The military wishes to control you through fear, they will use any dirty trick to fuck your life over. (4)
The military isn't your friend, it forced me to go through a Stalin like show trial only to then go "oh you're innocent" after humiliating me in front of my entire flight. They don't care about you, your race, or anything else about you other than making themselves look good (5)
Moral of the story? The only person you can depend on to defend you is yourself, and your significant other. If you get in hot water, make sure you have a way to gtfo of that hot water. Don't put yourself in a compromising position. (6)
Last, you shouldn't blame women for this. The military doesn't care about them either and is simply trying to use them to gain more points with the j00s. If your a white man or woman, don't join the military.

Story over.

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19 Sep
A paper I wrote on the Fall of Rome

The Roman Empire emerged after a period of instability in the Roman Republic that ultimately culminated in Julius Caesar and then the rise of Augustus Caesar.
After the Julio-Claudians, the Flavians, and the final “Good Emperor” Marcus Aurelius, his son Commodus took power and proved to be a very ineffective and weak man whose assassination lead to the founding of the Severin rulers1.
With the Severins taking power, the military became more and more influential meant more and more seeking power for themselves causing there to be 27 emperors in the span of 50 years.
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8 Sep
Gun and Boot Dialectics

I have a blog post on this (…)
But I'll give a "quick" run down on the ideas that I'm presenting here.

How do you want to control a population? Do you want to use the Boot of society? Or the gun of the State?
The boot: this is using societal controls to steer a population to a desired ideological end point. It's building a hegemony around all of the cultural institutions and pushing your position at all times. The left is very good at this (2)
The gun: it's the state. It's overt power, which is both bad and good. Good, cause it's effective. Bad cause it gives people a rallying point to fight against. The Gun should be used last, it should not be a 1st resort. and I'll explain why (3)
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7 Sep
We cannot save the volk if we are attacking half of it. White women should be protect, cherished, and loved for the beauty that they have. Too many racially aware men have attacked them, and while yes some have fallen, we cannot blame all white women, such a thing is folly (1)
We must love our volk, and never blame each other for the onset of the kali yuga. Both men and women have slacked in their duties to the volk, and we must not allow ourselves to be divided and conquered by the eternal jooden who fills our minds with poison. (2)
We must embrace each other, embrace our volk, embrace the flame of tradition. We can, and we shall, overcome the hardships of the kali yuga, but we can only do so togther. What would Sparta be without the spartan women? What about Scythia without the Scythian women? (3)
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6 Sep
"smuggly chuckles" "wHaT iS wHiTe??"

I hate this talking point. I've had long car rides alone where I will be fuming in rage over hearing this come up on a podcast. so what is white? Whoever is genetically European (Caucasoid), no if ands or buts about it. this means (1)
that all slavs, meds, and balkins are white. Nordists are wrong in the idea that only peoples of germanic descent are "True Europeans". The argument that certain groups of Europeans "aren't white" because of whatever, is a disingenuous and anti-white argument the is (2)
being used by subversives to divide and conquer the beautiful peoples of Europe. If Europe is to survive then it must unite together and form a European Imperium that safe guards of all ethnic Europeans. Anyone saying that "[insert x here] isn't white" is a moron. (END)
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6 Sep
why horse shoe theory is wrong: communism isn't inherently totalitarian, in fact anarcho-communists are the correct form of communism. So why does communism become totalitarian? Because it's ideas are against reality, and can never manifest themselves, (1)
because of this, the communist will reach for totalitarianism to FORCE his ideas into reality. Totalitarian Socialism is communism failing to manifest its philosophy due to being antithetical to life/reality. Totalitarianism isn't bad, it's another tool, but the foundation of (2)
communism is never going to work period. Horse theory misses this point, and paints all forms of totalitarianism as one and the same. It's a fundamental lack of knowledge and understanding of philosophy on the part of the HS theorist to conflate NatSoc with Communsim (3)
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6 Sep
On communism (in general)

Agreements: Yes the international forces of capitalism has destroyed the traditional forms of economic development. It killed the guide system, and has pushed industrialization while destroying the pure agrarian natural lifestyle. Capitalism has (1)
enslaved the world in to a system of debt and international finance. This system has killed our culture in an attempt to sell it to the most amount of customers, ie it's been watered down. You can't sell a religion, so that has been killed off as well within the modern world (2)
Capitalism has pushed all forms of control onto the volk, mainly drugs and other forms of pleasure to numb you to the pain that is a capitalist system. We are ruled by an elite that doesn't care about our volk, and who will sell us out to the j00s for whatever price (3)
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