Really, Ben? TIME published this written by Rod Rosenstein. Remember this? 👇🏼 So was Rosenstein wrong when he wrote this re: Barr? I mean, he is the guy who appointed a Special Counsel. You can’t claim Rod’s politically biased, right?…
I remember when they politicized Barr’s releasing of the summaries in Mueller’s team’s report, but did it end up making any difference in the end? Had he waited and released in full vs summaries earlier, did it ever change the overall content?
They continue to make Barr out to be the bad guy, the political guy, when Tillis in his nomination speech described Barr as having “put the rule of law ahead of partisan politics and he has earned a tremendous amount of respect from both sides of the aisle.”
Everyone paying attention in this corner of twitter noted a dramatic change when they began portraying him as political shortly after he’d stated investigation would happen re: origins of Russiagate.

Which has now evolved into “Phonegate.” 🥴
There are too many unanswered questions, holes in Mueller’s Report, involvement from Ukraine, that the American public deserves the truth. I’m not even concerned with arrests, though accountability would be nice. We’d just appreciate more than ever, the actual truth.
Printed in black and white.
Reported by the media. ALL media.
With the impeachment involving Ukraine failing and then the pandemic from China beginning, plus @peterschweizer documented ties of Biden-China, and now people like @laralogan @jsolomonReports @TuckerCarlson @seamusbruner linking current events to prior Color Revolutions like Ukr.
What are we supposed to be thinking??

I am hoping Barr is setting all politics aside, has worked with others including Durham to seek out the truth, and that we’re actually going to be told it for once.

People like @brhodes 👆🏼seem to not want the truth to be told, and he
and many others will do everything they can to make Barr look like he’s meeting the needs of a political dictator. But if the truth will make the parties look bad who have smeared Trump for yrs as beholden to Putin, what do you expect them to say before it hits? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #DefendBarr

• • •

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20 Sep
Over a year ago, Felix replied thanking me. It still bothers me to this day.

Hear me out.
The media throughout end of 2016, all of 2017, all of 2018, and a portion of 2019 called this guy everything from a Russian mafia boss, to a margarita glass-wielding gangster; it was a lot.

To be honest, I was prepared to hate the guy.
Then in March 2018, it came out he reportedly obtained bin Laden’s satellite number(s).

Literally only my childlike curiosity led me down rabbit hole after endless rabbit hole trying to figure this guy out. I was pretty confused.
Read 18 tweets
29 Aug
My heart is so heavy tonight. I’m hating watching this country I love so deeply beginning to rip itself apart because of the media. Though I’m a pretty open book person once you get to know me - on here you feel more anonymous. It’s a blessing and a curse.
In real life, takes a lot to know me. I try to mostly stick to research here but have done a lot to try and prove I’m a real wife, mom, not a Russian bot or everything else I’ve been called. I’ve even personally and stupidly doxxed myself a couple times to prove a point.
But I tend to not get too personal. I’m just really upset. I know so many on here are, but I’m not sure how much is real and how much is media hype. While media drowns us in death and sorrow (social media also playing a part) this country has more love, joy, happiness everyday
Read 9 tweets
6 Aug
I’m sure most remember but Cohen stated in his transcript the coffee-cookies mtg w/Artemenko-Sater — Artemenko stated he had info on USAID being stolen. Sater’s MO to turn people into assets. Was Artemenko ever asset for USG by sometime 2016 to early 2017, when mtg occurred?
Cohen transcript:…
Sater transcript first two screen shots:…
Sater transcript continued:

(he’s not even asked a question about USAID and his testimony came weeks after Cohen’s) 🤨🤔🧐

Why not? 👀

Read 16 tweets
12 Jun
I've been buried in 302s and transcripts lately. I wanted to take a quick minute to send a reminder of a couple interesting facts I've been reminded of which I'd either never pieced together, or pieced together and then forgot.

Let's outline these as weird items #1 and #2.
Weird Item #1: It was not a big deal apparently when @carterwpage worked on the McCain presidential campaign in 2008. More interestingly, though, is this is not a clear fact. On Wikipedia's page for McCain's 2008 presidential campaign advisors, Page isn't noted among them.
Mueller Records Pt 7 [pg 136]…
Why was one guy noted in a media article as being so startled when Page's name was announced as being part of the Trump campaign, he almost dropped his coffee? But in 2008 this wasn't noteworthy or even documented?
Read 13 tweets
6 Jun
Ahem -
This is your reminder:
3/8/19 - Sater testimony rescheduled to 3/27
3/22/19 - Mueller Report released
3/25/19 - BTA Bank filed lawsuit accusing Felix Sater (ALMOST THREE YEARS AFTER THE FACT) accusing Sater of preparing to launder money using Trump Tower Moscow
The BTA Bank lawsuit continues to this day.

This is also your reminder the law firm who brought this lawsuit against Felix Sater was BOIES SCHILLER.……
Boies Schiller being the law firm Hunter Biden was a counsel for in regards to work for Burisma.
By April 2019, Biden left Burisma. And it was prior to this point, the Dems had rescheduled Sater's much anticipated PUBLIC testimony (and then again).…
Read 16 tweets
23 May
- thread -

I don’t see nearly enough people talking about this. Sater stated under oath he visited the WH in the previous administration. The Obama administration. 👀
I wanted to quickly walk thru this. I think it’s important to call out.
Those who are convinced Sater’s a bad guy are going to jump on this at some point and look at it through a different lens and that’s fine. But hear me out. What does this mean for the Russian collusion narrative of 3+ years?
Could just anyone visit the WH? The Sater narrative has been filled with all kinds of allegations, even tying him to Mogilevich or Mogilevich network. He’s a Russian spy. Yada, yada. Yet he was seemingly invited to Obama WH sometime btwn 2009-2016.
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