DECLAS is happening NOW, you're just not seeing it.

Remember, we are watching a movie! Don't forget that.

I think some people expect all this is the build up, but then one day the President is going to walk up to the podium and read 1-99 DECLAS'd docs (or some...
2/ ...other symbolic obvious reveal.)

No, no, no...the things that we have been seeing lately were once CLASSIFIED.

They were solved. Figured out. Determined by the White Hats some time ago.

However, now they are revealing them to us through a number of means...
3/ ...the riots, Antifa, BLM, DEW, subpoenas for the three letter people, the Obama videos, the Maxwell files, Flynn, Assange, Israel Peace, Covid and masks and HCQ, etc.

This has all been won already by Trump, Q, and the WH.

We are watching the drama unfold in a strategic...
4/...way so we don't go crazy (Not us red-pilled ones. Those others are who are more stuck in their cognitive dissonance).

So, think back to everything you now NOW that's been DECLAS'd in some way over the last month (8.19 Start of Show)?

Others have HEARD, but they don't...
5/...yet accept the Truth. Yet, slowly, one by one. DECLAS by DECLAS, they wake up. They begin to see.

Slowly, strategically, CAREfully, respectfully...

Our Military, Trump, Q and the Almighty God have been leading us to wake up!

6/...Remember, we are watching a movie.

How does Trump do a Peace Deal and get Stephanapolis'd on the same day?

It's planned.

They're breaking our cognitive dissonance.

People can't hold the idea that Trump signed a peace deal, Trump got disrespected on ABC, and #PedoTrump...
7/...all happened within hours of each other.

Likewise, they can't hold the idea that Covid cases are dropping, yet restrictions are rising.

That Climate Change caused fires or arsonists.

The cops are good or cops are bad.

That criminals are good or bad.

That our Freedom...
8/ worship, to gather, to own a business, to speak our minds, to move about has been taken from us, or it has been for our safety.

Lord, it is happening right now. Q is happening right now. People are waking up.

There will not be ONE DAY. It will be life by a thousand cuts
9/...your mother. Your brother. Your sister. Your son.

Your neighbor. Your butcher. Your doctor. Your lover.

One by one by one.

They will wake up.

They will wake up.

We must wake up.

And wake up the next and the next and the next.

Nothing can stop what's coming...
...Nothing can stop us, Patriots!

We are what's coming! We are the thing that can't be stopped.

Our Great Awakening cannot be stopped!!!

For once we are AWAKE, there is no turning back.

Once saved, always saved.

Praise the Lord! Nothing can stop what's coming.

Our freedom..
Our lives! Our awakened Republic and an awakened world!

Project Blue Beam may happen, but it will be part of DECLAS!!!

They're going to show us next week how idiotic of a plan the DS was planning for us...perhaps? @VincentCrypt46 ?

We are watching the MOVIE. The Patriots...
...versus the Deep State!

Holy shit!

I just figured something else out.

Cam Newton and the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers ("Renegades?") are going to go 0-16 to show us how PATRIOTS win and RENEGADES lose...@JuliansRum
That could be part of the sports DECLASS.

KANYE is DECLASSING RIGHT NOW. He's showing us what is being declass'd in the movie industry.


We are watching A SHOW!!! (@starlola2 and @gracechizzzy )...
I'm telling you, this is going to be awesome!!!!

Watch everything!!! Cuties is DECLAS of Netlix and CP. NBA/NFL is DECLAS of BLM and Illumaniti, @kanyewest is DECLAS of music industry, Trump/Fauci are DECLAS of Covid/HCQ, Biden is DECLAS of Ukraine/China/racism in D party...
...Kamala is DECLAS of the plan, Obama is DECLAS of treason, Durham is DECLASS of Treason, Assange is DECLASS of Crimes against humanity, Flynn is declass of crimes, treason, etc; Maxwell is declass of Crimes, the MSM is declass of the MSM, and on and on and on...

This... not a DUMP on a DAY. This is life by a thousand drops.

WATCH everything, Anons.

It's time to START WATCHING everything like it's a movie being played out for our AWAKENING!!!

It's happening!!!

@X22Report Please check out this thread, buddy! Love your pod!!!
@martingeddes I respect you, sir. Would love to know your thoughts.

• • •

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More from @ExpectingRain_

17 Sep
I'm telling you...
"Make no mistake, they will not concede on Election Night.
Make no mistake, they will contest this legally in battleground states.
Make no mistake, they will project doubt in the election results...

2...Make no mistake, they will organize massive riots and attempt Anarchy-99 design
Playbook known." Q

These things WILL happen, but they will be SO COMICAL by the end of the movie, we will be laughing at them!!!

Everyone will be so awake, it will be laughable!!!

3/...GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD (#2) will be suspense, angry, dramatic, loving, joyful, terrorizing, painful, and COMEDIC!!!

Think of all the DECLAS that happens and how quickly Biden looks evil and comical and silly to EVERYONE!!!

And the MSM, the DEMS, Sports, Hwood...
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17 Sep
GUYS, we need to START watching EVERYTHING (YouTube, Social Media reveal, Netflix, NBA/NFL, Media, Dems, DEW, Peace Deals (these were won years ago, watch how the whole world signs the "peace deal" but CHYNA!), Cuties, Assange, Maxwell, Durham, Flynn.

Everything u watch, DECLAS!
@TrumperWavin This is why I have a strong feeling that JFK Jr. @doqholliday is alive, because it will be a part of a GRAND DECLASS!

Remember, the "big accounts" don't think about is how all of this Classified stuff was known behind the scenes by the Illuminati...

So, a good...
...couple hundred (or fewer) powerful people around the world would've known the Truth (or most of it, some of it).

One of those truths could be JFK Jr's "faked death."

Remember, the propaganda is for US, not them.

They speak in symbols. We're illiterate to them.

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11 Sep
Today's onslaught of Q posts got me thinking about another way Q could know that "Future Proves Past," helping propel that movie theme.

If 44 was spying on Trump...wouldn't Trump and Q team be able to "spy" back over the last 3.5 years?
Then, the WH would know the DS's plan well ahead of time and could predict it.

The DS knows this, so they have to try and try and try. That's why they keep pushing things out until the polls show otherwise.

It's a charade. "Defund the Police..." was pushed out...
...and it's clearly being flipped back.

It's clear that the DS is still trying to play out some of their games (how much the WHs have under control is still uncertain).

But, I do feel they (Q, Trump, Barr, Durham...) are continue to collect evidence...
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7 Sep
Truth in Comedy. I have somewhat of a professional background in acting, writing, and comedy. I have been a professional actor for the last 14 years, and I live in SoCal. You would not know me if you saw me...I'm not famous, by any means. Yet, I have worked in acting, writing..
...and comedy as a professional. I share this not to brag, but to share with you my background.

As I've been sitting here watching #CobraKaiOnNetflix tonight, I am realizing a staggering point we have reached in comedy, and how this plot point plays an interesting part... 2/
...3/ overall in the "movie" that we are watching.

From my comedy and writing training, I learned that you always "punch up" in comedy. That's funny.

For example, a billionaire on Wall Street making fun of a poor person with cancer would not be funny.

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31 Aug
I'm sad tonight, sitting here knowing life is never going to be the same.

Can't we all see it? Whether you think Qanon is the weirdest conspiracy ever, or are an ardent Q follower; we have to agree that our world is a mess right now.

It can never be the same after this. Can it?
I feel there will be GREAT NEWS beyond the horizon; yet, I fear and worry for the time between now and then. For some the jubilation and relief will come earlier; while, we look back in pained empathy at our brothers and sisters who still suffer.
I just wanted comfort tonight. A Sunday night before the work week.

In the past, I would watch a ballgame, go to a movie, or do some Netflix to wind down before the week.

I can't bring myself to watch sports anymore.
I can't stomach turning on a Hollywood movie.
I can't...
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29 Aug
Trump, Taxes, and the Military Industrial Complex...

It dawned on me tonight, that maybe Trump's taxes are going to play an important role in this story, and not the way that many might expect.

Trump was known to have vast financial swings up and down in the 80s and 90s...
2/...he hasn't released his taxes either. Most people, even Trump supporters, probably assume it's because there is something bad in there that Trump doesn't want known.

What if that's not the case?

What if Trump never paid taxes in his life? Not to try to "cheat" the govt...
3/...but because he knew where those taxes were going, how they were illegally collected, and how many of the dots connected?

For decades, the US Military Industrial Complex (as Eisenhower warned) has dominated the yearly US budgets...
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