The Mueller investigation was a sham. Rosenstien kept Mueller from performing a full investigation. The fix was in in the beginning. I am going to thread here trumps connection to Putin and Russia starting in 1987. 36 years so this is going to be an epic thread. Image
Roger Stone, up-and-coming Washington lobbyist, is working at Manafort, Stone and Kelly, a high profile lobbying firm.
January 1987

Trump is invited to Russia after being seated next to Ambassador Yuri Dubinin at a social event. Dubinin was part of group of Russian officials meeting American business leaders. This group included future UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin.
A few months later Trump and Ivana were flown to Russia by the Soviet agency for international tourism, Intourist. He talks of building a hotel next to the Kremlin.
Trump visits Moscow and Leningrad, his first trip to what was then the USSR, to explore expanding his hotel empire to those cities. Donald Trump meets with then-U.S.S.R. communist government officials in Moscow to discuss a joint partnership deal to build a hotel in the city.
This was Trump before the bankruptcies of the early 90s wiped him out—at the time he was a flashy, successful real estate developer who had just come off an under-budget renovation of Central Park’s Wollman Rink,
arguably his most successful project in New York. Putting buildings in Russia would have been a relatively logical move.
Trump advocates allying with Russia to team up against friendly countries like France to halt nuclear proliferation. (This is the same year President Reagan says his famous Cold War line at the foot of the Berlin Wall, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”)
Sep 1987

Trump pays $94K for anti-NATO full page newspaper ads in several major American newspapers.
Inevitably, a photo of President Ronald Reagan touring Red Square with former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1988 has resurfaced, showing Reagan greeting a Russian kid and with someone looking a lot like Vlad himself standing nearby.
Reagan White House photographer Pete Souza, who took the photo, recalled in a 2012 interview on NPR that “there were these differrent groups of quote- unquote tourists” in Red Square who kept asking Reagan about “human rights in the United States.”
Souza said he asked a Secret Service agent how “how these tourists in the Soviet Union are asking these pointed questions.” The agent answered: ” Oh, these are all KGB families.” Souza said he was told the “tourist” with the camera was Putin, ”
and it certainly does look like him.”
Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev comes to New York, and eager to get himself involved in a major news story, Trump circulates a rumor that Gorbachev is going to visit Trump Tower.
That doesn’t happen. Instead, a Gorbachev impostor showed up and shook hands with Trump. Though the mogul later said he knew it wasn’t the real Gorbachev, a TV producer who helped out with the gag said he was fooled.
The “Real” Donald Trump – A Fascinating Interview From 1990 – At age forty-three, Donald Trump’s ‘Playboy’ interview presaged what would be one of the most important elections since the end of the Cold War.
Here are a few prescient quotes that give some insight into his mindset about power and governance :
What were your other impressions of the Soviet Union? “I was very unimpressed. Their system is a disaster. What you will see there soon is a revolution;
The signs are all there with the demonstrations and picketing. Russia is out of control and the leadership knows it. That’s my problem with Gorbachev. Not a firm enough hand.“
You mean firm hand as in China? “When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength.
Our country is right now perceived as weak… as being spit on by the rest of the world—”
Why is Gorbachev not firm enough? “I predict he will be overthrown, because he has shown extraordinary weakness.
Suddenly, for the first time ever, there are coal-miner strikes and brush fires everywhere—which will all ultimately lead to a violent revolution.
Yet Gorbachev is getting credit for being a wonderful leader and we should continue giving him credit, because he’s destroying the Soviet Union. But his giving an inch is going to end up costing him and all his friends what they most cherish—their jobs.”
Donald Trump has employed a known Asian organized crime figure at his Taj Mahal casino for five years and is defending him against attempts to yank his license, law enforcement officials say.
The New Jersey Casino Control Commission begins three days of hearings in Atlantic City today on the background and character of Danny Leung, a former Taj vice president who still runs junkets for the casino.
Trump, recovered from his bout of embarrassing failure in the casino business, visits Moscow again in hopes of working with a tobacco company to build a hotel or a condominium project.
This never happens. Trump unsuccessfully applies for trademarks in Russia.
Trump seeks to erect a huge statue within viewing distance of the Statue of Liberty; it would have stood forty-five-feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.
The gift would be from Russia by an artist Trump assured everyone was “major and legit” and would literally overshadow Lady Liberty,with an enormous likeness of Christopher Columbus with “$40 million worth of bronze in it” in the Hudson River. This never happens.
Rex Tillerson meets Vladimir Putin for the first time as Exxon makes a deal with Russian state-owned oil giant Rosneft.
On the Howard Stern Show, a gossip columnist banters with Trump about Russian prostitutes.
January 28, 2001 Mark Burnett of “The Apprentice” notoriety is in talks with Putin. Burnett has been negotiating with Russian officials for months over “Destination Mir,” but recent reports on how the space station is about to fall out of the sky
May 22, 2001

Rex Tillerson listed as the director of an offshore company, ExxonMobil Neftegas.
Trump starts doing business with the Felix Sater/The Bayrock Group. The Bayrock group is based in Trump Tower. Bayrock is founded by Tevfik Arif
He is first introduced to Tevfik Arif and felon Felix Sater by a leasing agent for Trump Tower.
The Bayrock Group arranged for the Trump Organization to become involved in the Camelback, Ocean Club and Merrimac developments and to have these developments marketed under the Trump brand.
Trump began a series of Bayrock deals that culminate in the Trump Soho. The Trump Soho deal eventually becomes embroiled in a RICO lawsuit.
2003-2006 Donald Trump Jr. travels extensively to Russia.
13 Feb Donald Trump Jr writes to Russian-born property developer Felix Satter. Satter, originally named Sater, is listed as Managing Director of company Bayrock Group LLC, headquartered in Trump Tower.
13 Feb Donald Trump Jr writes to Russian-born property developer Felix Satter. Satter, originally named Sater, is listed as Managing Director of company Bayrock Group LLC, headquartered in Trump Tower.
The letter states that Trump will partner with Sater/Satter on a proposed Trump hotel tower in Fort Lauderdale.
Trump partners with Bayrock Group to again attempt to build a hotel in Moscow.
This never happens. Trump’s image of ostentatious, almost retro, luxury appealed to Russians who probably both liked that aesthetic and saw a chance to invest in American real estate.
Aug 30, 2005

Trump bids for Denver’s Union Station with the Bayrock Group.
July, 2006

Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club, is understood to have taken a large stake in Rosneft, the Russian oil giant, which floated in Moscow and London last week.
The high-profile billionaire is thought to have bought around $300m of shares in Rosneft, although full trading does not begin until this week and final stock allocations have not yet been revealed.
The news comes as Rosneft’s $10.4bn IPO faces an 11th-hour legal challenge due to be heard in the High Court in London tomorrow.
Abramovich joins the likes of BP and Malaysia’s Petronas among Rosneft’s bigger shareholders. A $300m investment would give him around 3 per cent of all shares now on the market, although his share of Rosneft’s total equity would be much smaller.
Trump visits Russia again.
Trump and the Bayrock group actively bid for projects.
Trump hosts Tamir Sapir’s wedding at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

May 16, 2007

Russia is accused of launching a cyberattack on Estonia.
September 2007 Trump opens Trump SoHo, a new building in Manhattan that he developed with Bayrock and another company.
The idea is that buyers will live in condo units for part of the year (because of residential zoning restrictions) and rent them as hotel rooms the rest of the time.
One of the Bayrock partners is a Russian immigrant with ties to organized crime who was also an FBI informant; the project has investments from various entities with ties to the former Soviet Union. Trump is photographed w/ Felix Sater at a Trump SoHo launch party.
Sater changes the spelling of his name to Satter. Years later the Bayrock group is accused of being a front for an international money laundering scheme.
Oct. 15, 2007
Trump tells Larry King on CNN that Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing: “a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period.”
This is the first on-the-record praise of Putin from Trump, though it’s less political than it is one branding expert recognizing another. “Look at Putin — what he’s doing with Russia —
I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done — whether you like him or don’t like him — he’s doing a great job.”
Lawsuits claim the Bayrock group is supported by Russian criminal interests.
During this period the Bayrock group financed the Trump Soho and many projects around the world.
June 1, 2008

Trump and Kushner attend the bris of son of Rotem Rosen (lieutenant of Putin pal Lev Leviev) investor in Trump SoHo
July 2008
Trump sold a mansion to a Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev for 95M – a profit of roughly 50M.
This was a curious transaction in that the house was listed as unlivable and many say Dmitry Rybolovlev never set foot in the house.
September 2008
Donald Trump Jr. said: ““Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”… we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”
Note this is not direct investment from Russia, but rather financing that originates in Russia or from Russian people.
My assumption is that Bayrock became one of Trump’s top financiers after his credit with traditional US banks dried up
The Russians of Little Moscow help Trump stay afloat after the 2008 housing collapse.
Unrelated to Russia, but interesting. Trump tries to woo Muammar al-Qaddafi as an investor.
April 1, 2009

Richard Burt and five other Global Zero and American and Russian leaders: scrapping nuclear arms is now realpolitikThe Times
October 24, 2009
Mogilevich’s alleged brutality, financial savvy and international influence have earned him a slot on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, though he has lived and operated from Moscow, Russia, for years. Watch CNN report on Mogilevich
Nov. 17, 2009

Sergei Magnitsky had been arrested and detained in Moscow for nearly a year after exposing Russian government corruption.
The same man who uncovered the massive fraud at 20 Pine St. in Manhattan’s Financial District, died mysteriously in a Russian jail. He was beaten to death.
Sept 2010

Bayrock founder Tevfik Arif was Turkey on suspicion of running prostitute ring on $60m luxury yacht. After the arrests, Turkey deported nine Russian and Ukrainian women, including two under the legal age of consent.
A reporter who looked at investigative materials claims the Arif’s organization provided escort services with girls as young as 13. The prostitution charges were later dropped and the records were changed to record that the women were above the age of 18.
October 2010

Assange told a major Moscow newspaper that “The Kremlin had better brace itself for a coming wave of WikiLeaks disclosures about Russia”.[246][247]Assange later clarified: “we have material on many businesses and governments, including in Russia.
It’s not right to say there’s going to be a particular focus on Russia”.[Forbes]
Trump and his partners in Trump SoHo are sued by buyers who claim that Trump wildly exaggerated how many units had been sold, making the project seem more successful than it was.
(They would be refunded most of their money and the building is now a regular Trump-branded hotel.)
Also that year a former Bayrock employee sues the company (a suit Trump wasn’t involved in), claiming that there was all sorts of shady business going on,
including unexplained payments from Kazakhstan and Russia. Trump would later say that he barely knew the Eastern Europeans he partnered with, though one of them—the one with mob ties—worked for Trump as an adviser and dealmaker even after the SoHo mess.
In Time to Get Tough, Trump says that he “respects Putin and Russians” and blames Barack Obama for being soft on them.
June 10, 2011

Richard Burt discusses growing tensions inside NATO PBS
Aug 30, 2011

Rex Tillerson negotiates a multi-billion-dollar deal between ExxonMobil and the Rosneft, the Russian state-owned oil company.
Jan 2012

Bayrock announces units in the Trump Soho will be auctioned amid rumors of financial distress.
March 3, 2012,

In the Northern District of California and elsewhere, the defendant, NIKULIN knowingly caused the transmission of a program, information, code, and command,
and, as a result of such conduct, intentionally caused damage without authorization to a protected computer; that is, NIKULIN knowingly transmitted a program, information, code, and command to a computer belonging to Linkedln employee N.B.
and thereby caused damage without authorization
Apr 2012

Julian Assange begins broadcasting on Russia Today (RT), the state-run broadcasting network.
June, 2012 through May 2013

Nikulin was using login credentials of Formsrping employee “J.S.” in San Francisco, CA to breach the company’s database of user credentials.
LinkedIn employee “N.B.” in Mountain View, CA had their credentials similarly compromised by NIKULIN earlier,
in March 2012. Breaches occurred between May 14, 2012 and July 25, 2012
3 Co-conspirators are listed but not named.
July 2012

Flynn is named director of the Defense Intelligence Agency as a three-star general.
Paul Manafort, who had aided Ukraine’s pro-Putin president Viktor Yanukovych’s return to power, arranges for the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice to retain the US law firm Skadden Arps. Yanukovych faces international criticism for prosecuting Yulia Tymoshenko —
his leading political rival — after defeating her in the 2010 election. The United States views the treatment of Tyomoshenko as a major hurdle to normalizing relations with Ukraine.
Sept 8, 2012
Donald Trump brags about an after-party that was held when he brought the Miss Universe contest to Moscow, saying: “The Russian market is attracted to me. Almost all of the oligarchs were in the room.”
Aras Agalarov, a Russian oligarch, talks to Trump and gets him to bring the Miss Universe pageant, which he’s owned since 1996, to one of Agalarov’s venues in Moscow.
Trump brushes off criticisms about Russia’s recently passed landmark anti-gay law, and reportedly talks about building properties in Moscow, though no deal ever gets made.
Trump does tweet about wanting to be friends with Putin and appears in a music video with Agalarov’s son, a wannabe pop star.
Feb 2013
The Russian government seizes key buildings in Crimea.
This was part of a political crisis that several months earlier and would continue through 2014 when Russian troops entered Ukraine.
March 19, 2013
Paul Manafort meets with a senior member of a lobbying firm and a member of Congress who serves on a subcommittee that has Ukraine within its purview. The unnamed congressman is probably Rep.
April 16, 2013

Federal agents burst into an apartment at Trump Tower as part of a larger raid that rounded up 29 suspected members of two global gambling rings with operations allegedly overseen by a supposed Russian mob boss named Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov.
Later in Nov, Tokhtakhounov attends the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and is photographed w/ Trump.
The FBI raids were part of money laundering investigation run by Russian organized crime:Helly Nahmad, an art dealer who lives in Trump Tower was also arrested.
A letter between the FSB in Cuba and SENAIN in Quito held in a file marked ‘Assange’ in London, dated 4th April 2013, the day before Snowden sent his only email on legalities, April 5th 2013.
Jun 1, 2013

Michael T. Flynn gives an address to the Main Intelligence Agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (the GRU).
He later hosts GRU officers at the American embassy.
June 18, 2013

Trump tweeted: “Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow — if so, will he become my new best friend?”
While at the pageant, Trump said, “I have plans for the establishment of business in Russia. Now, I am in talks with several Russian companies to establish this skyscraper.
Jun 21, 2013

Rex Tillerson is awarded the Russian Order of Friendship by Vladimir Putin. Tillerson’s Russia ties are deep.
July 2013
The Trump Toronto opens with funding from Russian partners in the midst lawsuits from 38 investors.
Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist Steve Bannon said in July 2013 that Sen. Joseph McCarthy was right in his 1950s campaign claiming widespread Communist infiltration into the United States government. .
Bannon made his comments in July 2013 while interviewing conservative pundit Diane West about her book “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.”
“Today in modern pop culture, you know they call Ted Cruz the Joe McCarthy —
if you want to think of who devils are it’s Ronald Reagan and those who name-names at the House Un-American Activities, the Hollywood Ten are heroes right?” Bannon said. “Alger Hiss is a hero, right? Richard Nixon’s a villain? Joe McCarthy is a villain.
Your book makes very plain that these guys were right. The place was infested with either traitors that were on the direct payroll of Soviet military intelligence or fellow-travelers who were kind of compliant in helping these guys get along.
I mean, there’s absolutely no question of it. How has pop culture so changed it that white is black and black is white?”
Sept 11, 2013

Putin trashes the idea of American Exceptionalism in a NYTimes oped.
Trump calls the letter a masterpiece for Russia. He praises the letter again on CNBC.
Sept 13, 2013

Just days after billionaire Mayor Bloomberg said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get all the Russian billionaires to move here?” the feds announced they are seeking to seize four luxury downtown condos and two pricey commercial spaces
bought by Russian companies allegedly with illicit cash. “A Russian criminal enterprise sought to launder some of its billions in ill-gotten rubles through the purchase of pricey Manhattan real estate,” Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara said in a blistering statement Tuesday.
The man who uncovered the massive fraud, Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer hired by a suspicious investor, died mysteriously in a Russian jail in 2009
October 2013
Trump tells Larry King that Putin is “outsmarting” the US. It’s worth noting that Trump isn’t the only right-winger praising the Russian leader.
October 17, 2013

On The Late Show, David Letterman asked Trump, “Have you had any dealings with the Russians?” Trump answered, “Well I’ve done a lot of business with the Russians…”
Letterman continued, “Vladmir Putin, have you ever met the guy?” Trump said, “He’s a tough guy. I met him once.”
November 2013
Trump: “I do have a relationship [with Putin] and I can tell you that he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today [at the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow]… I do have a relationship with him…
He’s done a very brilliant job in terms of what he represents and who he’s represented.”
Nov. 9, 2013

Trump tells Tass news service that he plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and was in negotiations with billionaire Aras Agarlov’s Crocus Group.
During his Moscow visit, Trump also meets with Herman Gref, CEO of state-controlled Sberbank PJSC, Russia’s biggest bank, which is under US sanctions. Sberbank and Crocus sponsor the beauty contest.
Nov. 11, 2013

Trump tweeted: “TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next.”
Nov 12, 2013

Trump tells Real Estate Weekly that the pageant was a good networking opportunity.“The Russian market is attracted to me. I have a great relationship with many Russians, and almost all of the oligarchs were in the room.”
December 2013
Richard Burt and Lee Feinstein assess the impact of a Ukraine-Russia agreementThe National Interest
February 5, 2014

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Ivanka was in Russia w/wife of Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club,-he invested $300M in Rosneft 2006
In February 2014, popular uprisings lead the Ukraine Parliament to oust President Viktor Yanukovych from office for gross human rights violations and dereliction of duty. With the help ofVladimir Putin’s security forces, Yanukovych flees the country.
March 2014
The Obama administration imposes sanctions on Russia for it’s annexation of Crimea and entry into Ukraine. Russia responds to the sanctions.
March 5, 2014

On Monday, as Russian gunships menaced the Ukrainian fleet in the Black Sea, Manafort’s former business partner Roger Stone sent out an email to a small group of friends asking wryly: “Where is Paul Manafort?”
A multiple-choice list of options followed, including:
“Was seen chauffeuring Yanukovych around Moscow,” and
“Was seen loading gold bullion on an Army Transport plane from a remote airstrip outside Kiev and taking off seconds before a mob arrived at the site.”
Mar. 6, 2014

Trump said: “You know, I was in Moscow a couple of months ago. I own the Miss Universe Pageant and they treated me so great. Putin even sent me a present, a beautiful present.”
On the same day, President Obama signed an executive order imposing sanctions on Russia for its unlawful annexation of Crimea.
April 2014
The Obama White House moves to fire Flynn over his brusque management style.
Apr 19, 2014
ExxonMobil says it will partner with Rosneft when sanctions are lifted.

May 2014
Trump told a National Press Club luncheon that he “spoke, indirectly and directly, with President Putin, who could not have been nicer”.
A year earlier, he told MSNBC: “I do have a relationship and I can tell you that he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today.”

Summer 2014
Wilbur Ross partners with Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian billionaire oligarch and Putin friend in a takeover of the Bank of Cyprus.
July 30, 2014
Paul Manafort meets voluntarily with Justice Department prosecutors and FBI agents to discuss his political consulting activities involving Ukraine. He also discusses with them his banking activity in Cyprus.
According to Manafort, the prosecutors say they are assisting the Ukrainian government in locating stolen assets.
February 2015
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) today imposed a $10 million civil money penalty against Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort (Trump Taj Mahal), for willful and repeated violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).
In addition to the civil money penalty, the casino is required to conduct periodic external audits to examine its anti-money laundering (AML) BSA compliance program and provide those audit reports to FinCEN and the casino’s Board of Directors.
Trump Taj Mahal, a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, admitted to several willful BSA violations, including violations of AML program requirements, reporting obligations, and recordkeeping requirements.
Trump Taj Mahal has a long history of prior, repeated BSA violations cited by examiners dating back to 2003. Additionally, in 1998, FinCEN assessed a $477,700 civil money penalty against Trump Taj Mahal for currency transaction reporting violations.
Feb 13, 2015

Fitch Downgrades Russian Alfa Bank, Lowers Sberbank’s and GPB’s VRs. The downgrade of Alfa’s ratings reflects the weakening of the Russian operating environment,
and Fitch’s view that it is appropriate to maintain a one-notch differential between the ratings of the bank and the Russian sovereign.
The Negative Outlook reflects Fitch’s view that economic recession (Fitch expects GDP to contract by 4% in 2015), higher funding costs, rouble devaluation, rising inflation and a potential increase in loan impairment are likely to put pressure on Alfa’s credit profile in 2015.
March-May 2015
The Russians launch a major spearfishing campaign. 1000’s of targets.

June 16, 2015

Trump announces that he is running for president.
July 2015
Hackers breach the DNC and stay in the network for at least 11 months.
July 18, 2015

Richard Burt calls for a plan to preserve Ukraine’s financial futureThe Washington Times
July 22, 2015
Emin Agalarov’s publicist, Rob Goldstone, sends a message to Trump’s long-time personal executive assistant, Rhona Graff, inviting Trump to attend Aras Agalarov’s 60th birthday party in Moscow.
Aug. 21, 2015

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) makes an unexpected appearance at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Mobile, Ala. While he doesn’t endorse Trump, he dons a “Make America Great Again” cap to loud applause. Sessions is one of the first elected officials to tacitly embrace
Trump’s upstart candidacy.
September 2015
The FBI informs the Democratic National Committee that a Russian-linked cyber-spy group had likely compromised its computer network.
Ukrainian steel magnate Victor Pinchuk’s foundation becomes the single largest outside donor to Donald Trump’s private charity in 2015.
Sept. 29, 2015
Trump told Bill O’Reilly: “I will tell you in terms of leadership he is getting an ‘A,’ and our president is not doing so well.
October 2015
A GRU-associated hacking group targets the Clinton campaign.
Nov. 6, 2015

The former Russian press minister and founder of the English-language television network Russia Today (RT) Mikhail Lesin’s November 2015 death in a Washington, DC, hotel of a heart attack was deemed mysterious.
Based on video and other evidence and interviews with witnesses, officials said Lesin entered his room at the Doyle Dupont Circle Hotel on the morning of Nov. 4, 2015, after a dayslong drinking binge and was injured while alone in his room. His body was found the next day.
Russian news media, citing relatives, initially reported that Lesin had a heart attack
Blunt force injuries to his head and body were released as the cause of death in March, but authorities didn’t say how he got the injuries. It was later deemed ‘an accident.’
Nov. 10, 2015

Trump said: “I got to know [Putin] very well because we were both on 60 Minutes. We were stablemates, and we did very well that night.” Trump would later explain that he never met Putin…
December 2015
Vladimir Putin compliments “talented” Trump and says he is “absolutely the leader in the presidential race.”
Trump responds, “It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond.”
When pressed about Putin’s abysmal human rights record and killing of journalists, he replies:”I think our country does plenty of killing also.”
This sort of thing happens several times during the Republican primary, with Trump being given opportunities to strongly denounce Putin and refusing to take them, instead insisting he’d rather get along with Russia.
Fake news ‘troll farms’ begin ‘shitposting’ in support of Trump.

British spies see information from Democratic party emails circulating within Russia and warn their US counterparts. The hacking scandal starts to unwind.
Dec. 10, 2015

Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who would become Trump’s national security adviser, sat at Putin’s table for the 10th anniversary gala of Russia’s state-owned television propaganda network, RT. Flynn had made a paid appearance on the network.
Sheriff David Clarke is there too. Meeting with Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, while Michael Flynn dined with Putin.
Dec 12, 2015

NRA Reps Met With US Sanctioned Dmitry Rogozin in Moscow – deputy to Putin, and head of Russia’s defense industry
Rogozin tweet
Dec 17, 2015

Putin begins praising Trump in public.
Dec 18, 2015

Trump claims that there’s no proof Putin had journalists killed.
Dec 25, 2015

Vlad Kolesnikov, a young Russian who committed suicide after being persecuted for his support of Ukraine.
As Kirillova writes, he may have died by his own hand, but it would be wrong to call him anything but “a victim of Putin’s Russia.”
December 27, 2015
Aleksandr Shushukin, the deputy commander of Russia’s air strike forces who took part in the seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea, was pronounced dead, “from a heart attack.”
Dec 31, 2015

Russia’s national security plan defines NATO as a threat
January 2016
Trump video about veterans actually shows Russian veterans.
January 3, 2016.

Igor Sergun, head of the GRU, died of a coronary. He lead the Crimean Anschluss and also in June 2013 organized the visit of now ex-US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to Moscow.
February 14, 2016

Nikita Kamayev, former director of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency connected with the athletic doping scandal, unexpectedly died, again reportedly of a heart attack.
His death took place less than two weeks after the death of Vyacheslav Sinev, another former head of the same organization
Feb. 17, 2016

As questions about Russia swirled around Trump, he changed his story: “I have no relationship with [Putin], other than he called me a genius.”
February 26, 2016

Flynn tweets that fear of Muslims is “rational.”
Feb. 28, 2016
Sessions formally endorses Trump and becomes one of his campaign’s key surrogates.
Feb. 29, 2016
With the help of Trump’s long-time confidante Thomas (Tom) J. Barrack, Paul Manafort submits a five-page (single-spaced) proposal to Trump.
In it, he outlines his qualifications for helping Trump secure enough convention delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination.
March 2016
Trump says that a man named Carter Page is one of his foreign policy advisors.
Julia Ioffe later reports in Politico that though Page is supposed to be an expert on Russia, few prominent people have any idea who he is—
Andrii V. Artemenko, the renegade Ukrainian MP who pitched Cohen (and, he hoped, Mike Flynn and Donald Trump) on his ‘peace plan’ for Russia and Ukraine and who is now being investigated by the government of Ukraine for treason,
told that this wasn’t the first time they’d talked about the “peace plan.” He says that he was discussing the peace plan with Cohen and Sater “at the time of the primaries, when no one believed that Trump would even be nominated.”
So at least according to Artemenko, discussions about the “peace plan” go back to the first half of 2016.
March 1, 2016

RT and other state outlets begin openly supporting Trump.
March 3, 2016

Trump names Sessions as chairman of his campaign’s national security advisory committee.
March 6, 2016
George Papadopoulos is a 28-year-old graduate of DePaul University, class of 2009, living in London when Sam Clovis — a conservative radio host and a co-chairman of the campaign, later described by investigators as a Trump “campaign supervisor” —
tells Papadopoulos that he has been picked as a Trump foreign policy adviser.
March 8, 2016

Corey Lewandowski involved in altercation with Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.
Fields files charges, but Lewandowski is never prosecuted, despite ample evidence.
March 14, 2016

While traveling in Italy, George Papadopoulos meets Joseph Mifsud — director of the London Academy of Diplomacy and a person later described by investigatorsas “the professor” — who claims to have substantial connections with Russian officials.
Papadopoulos believes that Mifsud’s connections could increase his importance to the Trump campaign. Until he learns that Papadopoulos is linked to the Trump campaign, Mifsud is uninterested in him.
March 17, 2016

At an event hosted by the American Council for Capital Formation, Sessions discusses Trump’s foreign policy positions. “I think an argument can be made there is no reason for the U.S. and Russia to be at this loggerheads.
Somehow, someway we ought to be able to break that logjam,” Sessions said. “Strategically it’s not justified for either country. It may not work. Putin may not be able to be dealt with, but I don’t condemn his instincts that we ought to attempt to do that.”
March 19, 2016

APT28 gets access to John Podesta’s gmail account.
March 21, 2016

Papadopoulos attends a “foreign policy meeting,” with Trump and members of his campaign, and tells those in attendance that he has connections that could lead to a meeting with Putin,
according to the indictment against Papadoplous.
In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump identifies Carter Page and George Papadopoulos as two of his foreign policy advisers, referring to Papadopoulos by name as “an energy and oil consultant, excellent guy.”
Earlier in the month, the Trump campaign had asked Iowa tea party activist Sam Clovis to line up some foreign policy advisers, and Page was on the list. In connection with his official position, Clovis had asked Page to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
March 24, 2016

In London, Joseph Mifsud introduces George Papadopoulos to a person later described by investigators as a “female Russian national” (later identified by The New York Times as Olga Polonskaya).
Mifsud says she is Vladimir Putin’s niece and has connections to senior Russian officials.
Three days after Trump identifies George Papadopoulos as a member of his foreign policy team,
Papadopoulos sends an email to several campaign officials with the subject line: “Meeting with Russian Leadership — Including Putin.”
March 27, 2016

Trump calls NATO obsolete.
March 28, 2016

On Roger Stone’s recommendation, Paul Manafort joins the Trump campaign as convention manager, Rick Gates accompanies him and becomes Manafort’s deputy. Then-candidate Donald Trump hires Manafort to head his delegate efforts for his Republican primary campaign.
Manafort has an apartment in Trump tower and has deep ties with Russian interests especially within the Ukraine.
March 30, 2016

Carter Page joins the campaign and starts promoting lifting sanctions
March 31.2016

At the old US Post Office in Washington, DC — now the site of the Trump International Hotel, which at the time was still under construction — during a meeting of the foreign-policy advisory team,
Papadopoulos informs the campaign that he has connections who can facilitate a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump meets with his national security team and then tweets a photo of the meeting’s participants: Image
April 2016
A Baltic state intelligence agency gives the CIA Director John Brennan with a tape of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.
A joint counter-intelligence taskforce was created comprised of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Treasury Department and DNI.
Trump/Bayrock settle a fraud case against them by Trump Soho buyers.
George Papadopoulos travels to Israel, where he discusses candidate Trump’s foreign policy with research associates of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.
According to Jerusalem Post columnist David Weinberg, “Trump, says Papadopoulos, sees Russian President Vladimir Putin as a responsible actor and potential partner.
April 10, 2016
George Papadopoulos sends an email to the Russian national later identified by The New York Times as Olga Polonskaya, who responds the next day that she “would be very pleased to support” his “initiatives between our two countries.”
Papadopoulos responds with an emailcc’ing Joseph Mifsud about arranging “a potential foreign policy trip to Russia.”
April 11, 2016
According to later reporting from The Atlantic, Paul Manafort sends an email to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Soviet army veteran and Kiev-based employee of Manafort’s international consulting firm. For a decade, Kilimnik had worked for Manafort in the Ukrainian capital
Apr 14th, 2016

Four Ted Cruz PACs reported to the Federal Elections Commission 118 separate transactions totaling $1,795,219.00 combined to three companies that all share the same address; 8383 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 1000 Beverly Hills, Ca 90211.
$129,341.00 was paid to Breitbart in 4 transactions listed as Media, Media-Prepaid and List Purchase Expense
Cambridge Analytica, at the same address received 89 payments totaling $1,152,144.00.
Robert Mercer, the principle investor in Breitbart donated the $11,500,000.00 to Cruz’s Keep The Promise I.
Glittering Steel, LLC expenses were listed by the campaign as Video Production costs. The 25 payments totaled $513,734.00.…
April 18, 2016
Via email, Joseph Mifsud introduces George Papadopoulos to Ivan Timofeev, the Moscow-based program director at a Russian government-funded think tank called the Russian International Affairs Council.
April 19, 2016
Trump wins the New York primary and becomes the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination. As Trump seeks to secure delegates to the July convention, Paul Manafort assumes greater control over the Trump campaign.
April 20, 2016

Paul Manafort became Trump’s campaign manager. Reports surfaced about his 2007 to 2012 ties to Ukraine’s pro-Putin former president, whom Manafort had helped to elect.
April 22, 2016
Ivan Timofeev sends George Papadopoulos an email thanking him “for an extensive talk” and proposing “to meet in London or Moscow.” Papadopoulos replies with “we set one up here in London with the ambassador as well as to discuss a process moving forward.”
April 25, 2016
George Papadopoulos emails a person later described by investigatorsas a Trump campaign “senior policy adviser” — reported by The New York Times to be Stephen Miller: “The Russian government has an open invitation by Putin for Mr. Trump to meet when he is ready
April 26, 2016
George Papadopoulos, whom Trump named as one of his “top five” foreign policy advisers, learns that the Russians had possession of the DNC emails during breakfast at a London hotel, Joseph Mifsud tells George Papadopoulos that he has just returned from Moscow,
where he met with high-level Russian government officials. Mifsud says he learned during his trip that the Russians had obtained “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. He passes word of this to others in the campaign. Because of a “mutual understanding,” no one calls the FBI.
April 27, 2016
In an email to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Trump adviser George Papadopoulos says that he was receiving “a lot of calls over the past month” about arranging a meeting between Trump representatives and Russian officials.
As detailed by court filings that were released at a later date, George Papadopoulos emails an unnamed “senior policy advisor” (later thought to be Sam Clovis) “to discuss Russia’s interest in hosting Mr. Trump.”
He added, “Have been receiving a lot of calls over the last month about Putin wanting to host him and the team when the time is right.”
Richard Burt writes a foreign policy speech for Trump. Burt is on the board of Alfa-Bank, the largest commercial bank in Russia. When he wrote the speech Burt was a paid lobbyist for Russia. This was Trump’s first major foreign policy speech.
Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak—in a break of protocol—attends the speech and is seated in the front row as then-GOP candidate Donald Trump delivers his first major foreign policy speech.
“I believe an easing of tensions, and improved relations with Russia — from a position of strength only — is possible, absolutely possible,” Trump said at his foreign-policy speech, in April. “Some say the Russians won’t be reasonable. I intend to find out.”
But on that same day, Trump met with Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, at a VIP reception along with three other foreign ambassadors.
AG Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump Met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak During The Campaign, on April 27, in Washington, D.C., before a big foreign policy speech, Despite Repeated Denials by Trump.
April 30, 2016
George Papadopoulos thanks Joseph Mifsud for his “critical help” in arranging a meetingbetween the Trump campaign and the Russian government. “It’s history-making if it happens.”
May 2016
At some point this month, Papadopoulos tells an Australian diplomat named Alexander Downer that the Russians have emails from Clinton.
May 1, 2016

According to reporting from McClatchy, at an NRA gathering in Kentucky, Alexander Torshin, a lifetime member of the organization, meets with Donald Trump Jr. during a gala event.
May 4, 2016
Trump adviser George Papadopoulos forwards to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and others a note he received from the Russian International Affairs Council, an organization funded by the Russian government.
The note says that the Russian foreign ministry is open to meeting with Trump in Moscow and requests that the Trump campaign and Russians write a formal letter outlining a meeting.
Ivan Timofeev sends an email to George Papadopoulos and Joseph Mifsud, stating, “I have just talked to my colleagues from the MFA,” referring to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The[y] are open for cooperation.
May 6, 2016
Andrew Napolitano, a Fox news contributor, alludes to Russia releasing 20K DNC emails implying knowledge of the hack.
Trump says in a television interview that he knows Russia well: “I had a major event in Russia two or three years ago, Miss Universe contest, which was a big, big, incredible event. An incredible success,” Trump said.
May 13, 2016
Joseph Mifsud emailsGeorge Papadopoulos an “update” of their “recent discussions.” It includes this: “We will continue to liaise through you with the Russian counterparts in terms of what is needed for a high-level meeting of Mr. Trump with the Russian Federation.”
May 14, 2016
George Papadopoulos emails Corey Lewandowski, saying that the Russian government has “relayed to me that they are interested in hosting Mr. Trump.”
Papadopoulos tells an Australian diplomat in London that the Russians have compromising emails on Clinton. The diplomat properly informs his superiors, who–unlike Trump campaign officials–recognizes his legal responsibilities under American law to notify U.S. authorities.
May 18, 2016

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reports that the U.S. intelligence community has evidence of foreign spy services attempting to hack digital networks used by U.S. presidential campaigns.
Included are the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, and the Democratical Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC.
May 19, 2016

Trump, now the presumptive GOP nominee, gives Manafort a promotion: campaign chairman and chief strategist.
Russia Picks Intesa for Rosneft Sale as Sanctions Hurt Market – Italy’s second-largest bank will advise Russia on the sale of 19.5 percent in the oil company worth about 700 billion rubles ($10.5 billion) now,
the Economy Ministry’s press service said, confirming comments the minister, Alexei Ulyukayev, made to reporters in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Tuesday. Russian banks will also most likely participate in the deal, Ulyukayev said, without elaborating on the plans or timing.
The U.S. and Europe have frowned on western banks participating in Russian offerings, creating hurdles for a sovereign Eurobond sale, even though the government isn’t sanctioned and the restrictions that cover Rosneft don’t prohibit equity investment in the company.
Last month, Russia chose New York-headquartered White & Case LLP to serve as a legal adviser in the sale. Rudy Guiliani,
May 21, 2016

George Papadopoulos sends newly named campaign chairman Paul Manafort his May 4 message about the Russian International Affairs Counsel’s invitation that he had sent previously to Corey Lewandowski.
Along with that message and the subject line “Request from Russia to meet Mr. Trump,” Papadopoulos writes, “Russia has been eager to meet with Mr. Trump for quite some time and have been reaching out to me to discuss.”
May 27, 2016
Donald Trump’s Campaign Stumbles as It Tries to Go Big A constant stream of changes and scuffles are unsettling Donald J. Trump’s campaign team, including the abrupt dismissal this week of his national political director.
A sense of paranoia is growing among his campaign staff members, including some who have told associates they believe that their Trump Tower offices in New York may be bugged, according to three people briefed on the conversations.
June 2016
The FBI seeks warrant from a FISA court to monitor Russian banks. The application which named Trump, is rejected.
The FBI petitions again in July and is again rejected.
Fusion GPS, a Washington research firm run by former journalists, hires Christopher Steele, a respected former MI6 officer who once served in Moscow, to gather opposition material on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.
Steele reportedly paid 200,000 pounds for his work.
Robert Mercer had donated $13.5 million to Ted Cruz’s super PAC, $2 million to John R. Bolton’s super PAC, and $668,000 directly to the Republican National Committee. Since 2006, Mercer has donated about $34.9 million total
In early June, as the primaries in both parties were winding down, Clinton turned her fire to Trump. In a speech that marked her pivot toward the general election, she mocked Trump for saying so many nice things about Putin.
June 1, 2016

George Papadopoulos emails Corey Lewandowski, asking about Russia. Lewandowski refers him to Sam Clovis because “he is running point.
”Papadopoulos then sends Clovis this email: “Re: Messages from Russia: I have the Russian MFA asking me if Mr. Trump is interested in visiting Russia at some point. Wanted to pass this info along to you for you to decide what’s best to do with it and what message I should send
LinkedIn breach is back from the dead—on its four-year anniversary, no less. If you had a LinkedIn account in 2012, there’s a 98 percent chance your password has been cracked. Second data dump lets hackers be 6 times better cracking future dumps.
June 3, 2016

Donald Trump Jr. received the now notorious emailfrom a man linked to a Russian real estate developer whom the Trumps had partnered with on the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow.
He offered to connect the Trump campaign with people who could supply official Russian documents that would incriminate Clinton. The offer was said to be part of “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”
The exchange: June 3, 2016, 10:36 AM

June 3, 2016, 10:53 am

JUNE 6 AND 7, 2016
Don Jr.’s Phone Calls With Emin Agalarov
As Donald Trump Jr. had requested, Rob Goldstone follows up on his earlier email to Don Jr. with another, asking Don Jr. when he will be “free to talk with Emin by phone about this Hillary info.”
Twenty-three minutes later, Don Jr. responds, “Rob could we speak now?” and sends his cellphone number.
June 6, 2016, 12:40 PM

June 6, 2016, 3:03 PM

June 6, 2016, 3:37 PM

June 6, 2016, 3:38 PM
June 6, 2016, 3:43 PM

June 6, 2016, 4:38 PM

June 7, 2016, 4:20 PM

June 7, 2016, 5:16 PM

June 7, 2016, 5:19 PM

June 7, 2016, 6:14 PM

In a speech to his supporters that night at the end of the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, candidate Trump said ,
“I am going to give a major speech on, probably Monday of next week, and we are going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons,” Trump said. “I think you are going to find it very informative and very, very interesting.”
June 8, 2016, 10:34 AM

June 8, 2016, 11:15 AM

June 8, 2016, 11:18 AM

June 8, 2016, 12:03 PM

(The above exchange is reprinted in annotated format at… HIGHLY recommended reading.)
June 9, 2016

At a meeting at Trump Tower previewed for the campaign as “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,” Donald Trump Jr. listens as well-connected Russians offer damaging information about Clinton.
Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort both say they left early, suggesting “awareness” of, or “willful blindness” to, crimes that were underway. Again, no one contacts the FBI.
“The Meeting” happened at Trump Tower as planned — with Donald Trump Jr., then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, who is now a top White House adviser, all in attendance.
Those also in attendance included Natalia Veselnitskaya – a Russian lawyer, a Russian-American lobbyist named Rinat Akhmetshin, at least one language interpreter and Ike Kaveladze, Vice President at Crocus International, representative of the Agalarov family.
Trump Jr. told Sean Hannity on Fox News that the Russians didn’t deliver what they promised in the meeting. “It was literally just a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame,” Trump Jr. said.
( Ed. note: Junior has provided 4, or perhaps now 5 different accounts of who attended, what the subjects of the meeting ostensibly were, none of which make sense given the known objective facts. Both Natalia Veselnitskaya –
a Russian lawyer, a Russian-American lobbyist named Rinat Akhmetshin, have been regularly pushing for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act, sanctions put in place to curb Russian money-laundering and human rights abuses.
The “adoption” subject refers to Putin’s retaliation against the Magnitsky sanctions by banning the adoption of Russian children by US citizens. So, talking “adoption” IS talking sanctions, a quid pro quo unto it’s own self.
Not to mention that in Goldstone’s FIRST email he specifically said that the offer was for compromising information and documents about Hillary Clinton. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
June 9, 2016

Romanian-registered begins posting stolen DNC emails. The emails came from GRU according to US intelligence.
mid-June Kushner—assuming control of the campaign’s digital operations— hires Cambridge Analytica, which coordinates with Wikileaks, suggesting a possible “mutual understanding” of what Wikileaks will do.
June 12, 2016
In a television interview, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange reveals that his organization is in possession of emails from Hillary Clinton.
June 14, 2016

Russian government hackers penetrated DNC servers, according to The Washington Post.
The Russian government denied the charges, and Trump bizarrely claims that the DNC invented the story in order to distract from other issues.
According to later reporting by CNN, Rob Goldstone sends an email to his client, Emin Agalarov, and Ike Kaveladze, who had attended the June 9 meeting at Trump Tower. The email forwards a CNN story on Russia’s hacking of DNC emails.
June 15, 2016:

A day after The Washington Post breaks the news that the DNC has been hacked, allegedly by Russian spies, Trump’s team issues a statement:
“We believe it was the DNC that did the ‘hacking’ as a way to distract from the many issues facing their deeply flawed candidate and failed party leader.”
A hacker calling himself Guccifer 2.0 says he gave the hacked emails to WikiLeaks and published some himself.
A document stolen from the DNC is leaked to Gawker.
June 17, 2016

Rex Tillerson attends the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Also in attendance is Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin and Vladimir Putin.
Note: Rex Tillerson and Igor Sechin have a very long lucrative relationship.
June 19, 2016

After several emails and Skype exchanges with Ivan Timofeev, George Papadopoulos emails a person later described by investigators as a “high-ranking campaign official”:
“The Russian ministry of foreign affairs messaged and said that if Mr. Trump is unable to make it to Russia, if a campaign rep (me or someone else) can make it for meetings?
I am willing to make the trip off the record if it’s in the interest of Mr. Trump and the campaign to meet specific people.”
Putin considers selling off a 19% stake of Rosneft
June 20, 2016

After Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is abruptly fired, Manafort emerges as Trump‘s top campaign official.
Lewandowski was sacked from Trump for ‘pushing’ a Breitbart journalist. This cleared the way for Mercer favorites and CFNP members Kelly-Anne and Bannon to come in: Fait Accompli for the Mercers.
The Steele dossier begins to circulate in Washington making multiple allegations. It continues to be updated through Dec. The FBI gets a portion of the document in July.
Steele reports that Russian intelligence has videotapes of “perverted conduct” of Trump and prostitutes recorded in a Moscow hotel suite in 2013 during Miss Universe pageant. Trump’s behavior in Russia has “compromised him sufficiently to blackmail him.”
Steele reports that Russian authorities have been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for years and he has accepted a regular flow of intelligence on his Democratic rivals.
July 2016
After DNC emails are released by WikiLeaks, the Australians inform the FBI of Papadopoulos’s comments, kicking off the investigation into collusion with the Trump campaign.
As reported later by Yahoo News, Page goes on a visit to Russia where he meets with government officials, which worries some people in US intelligence. (When asked by Yahoo about this in September, the Trump camp said Page had “no role” in the campaign.)
Alleged meeting between Carter Page and Igor Sechin to discuss the sale of 19% of Russian oil giant Rosneft in return for a lifting of sanctions. [This is an unconfirmed Steele dossier allegation. 19.5% of Rosneft is sold to an unknown buyer in Dec.]
Felix Sater visits Trump Tower and donates $5400 to the Trump campaign. Trump denies he would recognize Sater if they were in the same room.
July 2, 2016
Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) plays golf with Trump at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. At the time, Pence is in a tight re-election race against a Democratic challenger in the Indiana gubernatorial election.
July 7, 2016
Reportedly using a Trump campaign account, Paul Manafort continues to send emails to his Kiev-based associate Konstantin Kilimnik.
Referring to the possibility of briefings about the presidential campaign for Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire oligarch close to Putin with whom Manafort had prior business dealings, Manafort states in a July 7 email, “If he needs private briefings we can accommodate.
Manafort offers private briefings on the status of the 2016 U.S. presidential election to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, an oligarch who is in Putin’s inner circle. In an email sent that day,
Manafort wrote to one of his employees: “If he [Deripaska] needs private briefings we can accommodate.” Manafort’s business ties to Deripaska date to 2007
Trump campaign adviser Carter Page travels to Moscow to give speech critical of U.S. policy.
According to Reuters, Page declines to say whether he was planning to meet anyone from the Kremlin, the Russian government or Foreign Ministry during his visit.
A few weeks before he traveled to Moscow to give the speech,
Page asked J.D. Gordon, his supervisor on the campaign’s National Security Advisory Committee, for permission to make the trip, and Gordon strongly advised against it, Gordon, a retired naval officer, told POLITICO.
Page then emailed Lewandowski and spokeswoman Hope Hicks asking for formal approval, and was told by Lewandowski that he could make the trip, but not as an official representative of the campaign, the former campaign adviser said.
July 8, 2016

Page sends a memo to the campaign about his trip.
“In a private conversation, Dvorkovich expressed strong support for Mr. Trump & a desire to work together toward devising better solutions in response to the vast range of current international problems,” Page writes
He later sends an email to two other campaign staffers promising “a readout soon regarding some incredible insights and outreach I’ve received from a few Russian legislators and senior members of the Presidential administration here.”
July 11, 2016

Trump staffers exclude anti-Russia pro-Ukraine language from the GOP platform. Frank Mermoud, helped shepherd this. He’s connected to Russia via Cub Energy, a Black Sea oil and gas company. He’s on the board of the US Ukraine Business Council.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not the only member of President Trump’s campaign who spoke to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at a diplomacy conference connected to the Republican National Convention in July.
At least two more members of the Trump campaign’s national security officials – J.D. Gordon and Carter Page – also spoke with Kislyak at the event, and several more Trump national security advisers were in attendance.
It’s unknown what the Trump campaign officials who spoke with the ambassador discussed with him.
July 12, 2016
Following a campaign event with Gov. Mike Pence, a technical problem with Trump’s plane forces him and his son Eric to stay overnight in Indiana, where they dine with the governor.
The next day, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. meet with Trump and Pence in Indianapolis.
July 14, 2016
According to later reporting by Bloomberg News, George Papadopoulos sends an email to a Kremlin-linked official stating that the Trump campaign has approved a meeting between top members of the Trump campaign and representatives of Vladimir Putin.
Ahead of the Republican Convention, the Trump campaign works behind the scenes to resist a plank in the 2016 party platform that would have armed the Ukrainian popular resistance with weapons to combat Russia’s 2014 intervention
Trump’s aides leak the news that Trump is going to select Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) as his running mate. Paul Manafort sends word to Pence that he should take a private plane to Teterboro airport in New Jersey for the announcement.
At the Republican National Convention, the Trump campaign deletes a plank in the party platform that condemns Russia for invading Ukraine, and rejects a proposal for increased sanctions, bolstering the case for the quid pro quo that is the crux of the case.
July 18, 2016

The Washington Post reported that the Trump campaign worked behind the scenes ahead of the Republican Convention on a plank of the 2016 Party Platform that gutted the GOP’s longstanding support for Ukrainians’ popular resistance to Russia’s 2014 intervention.
This was notable, NPR reported, because Trump’s people didn’t ask for much else on the platform.(Obama was also against providing weapons to Ukraine on the grounds that it would escalate the conflict, but many Republicans were in favor of it.)
Amid rising suspicion, Trump tweets, “For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.”
On the first day of the Republican National Convention, the Heritage Foundation hosted a panel conversation addressing European relations that was attended by a number of ambassadors.
“Much of the discussion focused on Russia’s incursions into Ukraine and Georgia,” moderator Victor Ashe later wrote, adding that “[s]everal ambassadors asked for names of people who might impact foreign policy under Trump.”
This appears to be the event after which Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak approached Sessions as part of a small group of foreign dignitaries. Sessions, The Post reports, “then spoke individually to some of the ambassadors, including Kislyak.”
July 19, 2016
In his intelligence report, Christopher Steele tells of a meeting between Donald Trump foreign affairs adviser Carter Page and Igor Sechin, the head of Russian state oil company Rosneft
and a “Putin close associate and US-sanctioned individual” —that is, someone personally blacklisted by the U.S. government.
Sechin “raised with Page the issues of future bilateral energy cooperation and prospects for an associated move to lift Ukraine-related Western sanctions against Russia.”
Page reacted positively to the discussions, Steele reports.
According to Steele, Page also met Igor Divyekin, an internal affairs official with a background in intelligence, who warns Page that Moscow had kompromat on Trump
(Steele dossier, p. 9).
July 20, 2016

Flynn leads chants of “Lock Her Up!” at the Republican National Convention aimed at Hillary Clinton. “You know why we’re saying that? We’re saying that because if I, a guy who knows this business, if I did a tenth of what (Clinton) did I would be in jail today.”
Pavel Sheremet, a Belarusian and Russian opposition journalist, was killed when his car exploded.

July 21, 2016
Trump accepts the Republican nomination.
2016 – Nomination through Election

July 22, 2016
WikiLeaks releases 20,000 private emails from DNC officials in the days leading up to the Democratic National Convention. Some of the emails showed DNC staffers favoring Clinton over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
July 23, 2016
Donald Trump tweets: Leaked e-mails of DNC show plans to destroy Bernie Sanders. Mock his heritage and much more. On-line from Wikileakes, really vicious. RIGGED
5:55 AM – Jul 23, 2016
July 24, 2016
Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman. (Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group/Flickr cc 4.0)
When ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asks whether there are any connections between the Trump campaign and Putin’s regime,
Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort answers, “No, there are not. And, you know, there’s no basis to it.”
July 25, 2016
06:31:22 AM Trump tweets “The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me”
The FBI announces an investigation into the DNC hack.
July 26, 2016
Trump tweets: “For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.”
American intelligence officials tell the White House they have “high confidence” that Russia is behind the DNC breach.
July 27, 2016
Is Trump a Russian Agent? A Legal Analysis By Susan Hennessey, Benjamin Wittes: An amazing debate is taking place among serious analysts and journalists in the United States regarding the relationship between the Republican nominee for President & the Russian state
This high-power group is debating whether Donald Trump is a tool, wittingly or unwittingly, of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Republican nominee Donald Trump holds a press conference – he insisted: “I never met Putin. I’ve never spoken to him.” and says he doubts Russian involvement in the DNC hack.
But he invites them to hack into emails Clinton had deemed personal and deleted for her official account when she was secretary of State. “I will tell you this, Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.
I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” Trump later said he was joking but it reinforces his “awareness” of an unlawful act.
In an interview with CBS News, he reiterated: “But I have nothing to do with Russia, nothing to do, I never met Putin, I have nothing to do with Russia whatsoever.”
July 29, 2016
Kilimnik emails Manafort to tell him that he’d met with the person “who gave you the biggest black caviar jar several years ago” — apparently a reference to Deripaska. They arrange a meeting in August.
July 31, 2016
Paul Manafort deniesknowing anything about the change in the Republican platform. That afternoon, Boris Epshteyn, Trump’s Russian-born adviser, spouts the Kremlin’s party line, telling CNN: “Russia did not seize Crimea.
Trump tells ABC News he was not involved in the Republican Party platform change that softened America’s position on Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
That afternoon, Boris Epshteyn, Trump’s Russian-born adviser, spouted the Kremlin’s party line telling CNN:
“Russia did not seize Crimea. We can talk about the conflict that happened between Ukraine and the Crimea… But there was no seizure by Russia. That’s an incorrect statement, characterization, of what happened.”
In an appearance on CNN, Sessions defends Trump’s position on reaching out to Russia. “This whole problem with Russia is really disastrous for America, for Russia and for the world,” he said. “Donald Trump is right.
We need to figure out a way to end this cycle of hostility that’s putting this country at risk, costing us billions of dollars in defense, and creating hostilities.
August 2016
A second spy tells the BBC that compromising videotapes of Trump exist. A retired spy tells the BBC’s Paul Wood that he had been informed of videotapes of compromising material on Trump by the head of an East European intelligence agency.
Congressional leaders are briefed on a computer backchannel between the Trump camp and Russia’s Alfa bank.More than 2700 lookup messages were passed. The FBI couldn’t find an explanation.
FBI asks Christopher Steele, the former MI6 officer, for all information in his possession and asked him to explain how the material had been gathered and to identify his sources.
Aug. 2, 2016
Manafort and Kilimnik meet at the Grand Havana Club, an upscale cigar bar in Manhattan, to talk “caviar,” which is believed to be a reference to earlier payments made to Manafort by Deripaska.
Aug. 5, 2016
Steele’s memo identifies Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, as the “chief protagonist” in Russia’s campaign to aid Trump and harm Clinton.
Chief of staff Sergei Ivanov, longtime friend and top Putin lieutenant, said to be angry that Peskov’s team had gone too far.
Stone’s article claiming Guccifer 2.0 and not Russia hacked DNC is published in Breitbart
Aug. 6, 2016
NPR confirmed the Trump campaign’s involvement in the Republican platform change on Ukraine.
August 8, 2016
In a video: Stone says he has communicated with Assange:
QUESTIONER: With regard to the October surprise, what would be your forecast on that given what Julian Assange has intimated he’s going to do?
ROGER STONE: Well, it could be any number of things. I actually have communicated with Assange. I believe the next tranche of his documents pertain to the Clinton Foundation but there’s no telling what the October surprise may be.
[Note: Stone would later claim he meant that he was communicating with Assange through “an intermediary.” A spokesperson for Assange has issued several denials
Aug 12, 2016
Guccifer 2.0 releases Democrats’ records it says were taken from a breach of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
@GUCCIFER_2 tweets at Stone: “thanks that u believe in the real #Guccifer2
Putin Chief of Staff, Sergei Ivanov, is sacked for being critical of the election hacking campaign.
N450GA flew from Detroit to Halifax
August 13, 2016
Stone tweets at @wikileaks @GUCCIFER_2 that it is “Outrageous” that Twitter has suspended Guccifer’s account.
Stone tweets that Guccifer is a “HERO”
N450GA flew from Halifax to Lyon, France (There does not appear to be any record of the flight from Lyon to Florence).
August 14, 2016

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort’s name shows up in ledgers that show $12.7 M in cash payments by pro-Russia elements in Ukraine.
August 14-September 9, 2016: Stone communicates privately with Guccifer 2.0 using Twitter’s Direct Messages. (Only after a news outlet revealed the existence of these communications in March 2017, Stone publishes the exchange.
Stone says this is the entirety of his communication with Guccifer, but the exchange ends abruptly, and there is no way of telling if the two did not continue through other Twitter accounts or other platforms.) [Note: Stone does not notify law enforcement authorities.]
N450GA flies from just outside Florence to just outside Moscow. Is this the flight to Michael Cohen’s meeting as described in the Steele dossier?
August 15, 2016
In one Direct Message exchange, Guccifer 2.0 asks Stone: “do you find anything interesting in the docs i posted?”
N450GA flew from Moscow to USA. The flight track is lost temporarily (2245Z-2330Z) 45,000 ft above Provo, Utah, picks up again above Nevada and lands in San Jose, CA. Is this the return flight from Michael Cohen’s meeting as described in the Steele dossier?
Manafort denies having received payments from Ukraine and Russia, writing, “The suggestion that I accepted cash payments is unfounded, silly and nonsensical.”
In an interview, Michael Flynn says the state-run Russia Today is no different than CNN.
He also discusses being seated next to Putin at a Russia Today dinner.
Time Magazine article detailing Trump’s deep business ties w/ Russia and Russians despite his denials.
To be clear Trump doesn’t seem to own property in Russia despite attempt to build there, the connections are financial
After several weeks of additional communications from George Papadopoulos to other Trump campaign officials about a potential “off-the-record” meeting with Russian officials,
Sam Clovis tells Papadopoulos, “I would encourage you”and another foreign policy adviser to the campaign to “make the trip… if it is feasible.”
August 17, 2016
In one Direct Message exchange, Guccifer 2.0 says to Stone. “please tell me if i can help u anyhow. it would be a great pleasure to me.”
Trump receives the first of several classified briefings by intelligence agencies that included information about the hacking incidents, including “direct links” between Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government and the hacks and email leaks.
Clinton and Trump are entitled to these briefings as the major party presidential nominees.
Even for a campaign creating regular media tremors, the hiring of Stephen K. Bannon as the new campaign C.E.O. for Donald Trump has to count as a real shock.
August 18, 2016
Manafort tells NBC News he’s “never had a business relationship” with a Ukrainian oligarch.
Politico profiles Konstantin Kilimnik, Manafort’s man in Kiev.
August 19, 2016

CNN reports that FBI and Justice Department prosecutors are conducting an investigation into possible US ties to alleged corruption of the former pro-Russian President of Ukraine, including the work of Manafort’s firm.
As reports of Paul Manafort’s financial connections to Ukraine intensify, Manafort resigns his position on Trump’s campaign. But Manafort’s close associate, Rick Gates, moves to the Republican National Committee and remains in Trump’s inner circle of campaign advisers.
That same day, , Paul Manafort records documents creating Summerbreeze LLC, a shell company he controls. Shortly thereafter, Summerbreeze receives a $3.5 million loan from Spruce Capital, a small New York investment firm.
N555LR, the G4, had however flown to the Bahamas on August 19 taking the flight path HPN-FOK-Nassau. She returned August 22nd the same route. This broadly fits the gap in Mr. Cohen’s Twitter timeline
Did Cohen disable geotags, then fail to re-enable them?
August 19, 2016

10:47 PM – 19 Aug 2016 from Manhattan, NY
Michael Cohen Tweets: @TPH_news @FoxNews very clever!
N555LR, the G4, flew to the Bahamas taking the flight path HPN-FOK-Nassau
August 20, 2016

August 21, 2016

August 22, 2016
N555LR, the G4, returns from the Bahamas taking the flight path Nassau-FOK-HPN
9:23 AM – 22 Aug 2016 (no geotag)

Michael Cohen Tweets: … #SaysWho …says me!
He retweeted Trump’s tweet about leading in an LA Times poll “
10:21 AM – 22 Aug 2016 (no geotag)
Michael Cohen Tweets: Congrats @EMPIREREPORTNY on being featured in The Daily News. Great political daily read.
11:02 PM – 22 Aug 2016 from Manhattan, NY (geotagging now re-enabled)
Michael Cohen Tweets: Like I said, #SaysWho and which poll? New reports showing Monmouth poll wrong…http:
retweeting a Gateway Pundit blog
August 21, 2016
Trump ally Roger Stone, who has close ties to WikiLeaks and Russia, and a longtime friend and adviser to Trump, shows knowledge of the conspiracy by tweeting, “Trust me, it will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel.
#CrookedHillary,” in reference to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, and Stone admits having communicated with both Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks in July, all elements of the conspiracy.[Note: In an interview on October 19,
Stone would later claim he had meant only that his tweet was not about Podesta’s emails but about business dealings, which he did not learn about from Wikileaks. Think Progress has a helpful analysis of why “Stone’s alibi falls apart.”]
August 22, 2016

Guccifer 2.0 sends to Florida GOP operative Aaron Nevins 2.5 gigabytes of data from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and Nevins posts some of that data on his anonymous Florida politics blog.
N555LR, the G4, returns from the Bahamas taking the flight path Nassau-FOK-HPN This broadly fits the gap in Mr. Cohen’s Twitter timeline
August 25, 2016
Rachel Maddow interviews Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s new Campiagn Manager. But she didn’t come onto the campaign alone, right?
She came on as campaign manager, Donald Trump’s top funder apparently installed her at the top of the Trump campaign, but he also simultaneously, on the same day, at the same time installed this other guy.
This guy from Breitbart as the Campaign CEO. Robert Mercer is the money man behind both of these folks, behind Kellyanne Conway and her PAC which started as a Ted Cruz thing and then became a Donald Trump thing.
Robert Mercer was the money behind that, Robert Mercer is also the money behind Breitbart. He funded them both to the tune of millions of dollars.
Mercer is the thing explains why those two otherwise unconnected individuals both came on at the same time, on the same day, to take over the Trump campaign.”
Late August

Guccifer 2.0 may have thought/been aware that the FBI was monitoring his Direct Messages.
That is revealed by a separate exchange with The Smoking Gun (TSG) news outlet, which would break the story, in March 2017, about the exchanges. In its March 2017 piece, TSG writes:
In late-August, TSG asked “Guccifer 2.0” about contact with Stone. After wondering, “why r u asking?,” “Guccifer 2.0” then accused TSG of receiving reportorial guidance from federal investigators: “the fbi’s tracing me, reading my dm [direct messages] and giving u hints. no?”
When further pressed, “Guccifer 2.0” said, “i won’t comment on my conversations with other ppl.” The self-professed “freedom fighter” added, “why r u so interested in stone? he’s just a person who wrote a story about me. or i don’t know some important stuff?”]
September 2016
In connection with its counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election, the FBI has open “sub-inquiries” into Carter Page and other individuals with links to the Trump campaign.
Based on the close reading of an inadvertent disclosure in a 2018 report from the Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee, the other individuals appear to include: George Papadopoulos, Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Rick Gates.
In early September, Paul Manafort’s former deputy Rick Gates calls Alex van der Zwaan — an attorney at the Skadden Arps law firm — and tells him to contact an individual later identified only as “Person A.”
Van der Zwaan is the son-in-law of Ukrainian-born Russian oligarch German Khan, who is an owner of Alfa Group, Russia’s largest financial and industrial investing group. (Kahn later sues Fusion GPS for defamationover his inclusion in the Christopher Steele dossier.)
Fake news supporting Trump and demeaning Clinton much of it produced by Russian-backed actors are microtargeted on Facebook using data from Cambridge Analytica.
The Trump campaign spent 5M/week on this targeting during the last weeks of the campaign hitting many millions of users
September 1, 2016

Rosneft and Exxon Neftegas signed a deal to develop Zvezda shipyard.Sept. 5
September 5, 2016
September 5th, 2016 Obama met with Putin at a Group of 20 meeting in China and, referring to the alleged hacking, told him “to cut it out,” and that “there were going to be serious consequences if he did not.”
September 8, 2016
In an interview with the Russian government-backed RT cable channel, Trump said it was “probably unlikely” Putin was behind the hacks. Instead, he claimed: “I think maybe the Democrats are putting that out. Who knows, but I think it’s pretty unlikely.”
At the Commander-in-Chief Forum, Trump declares that Vladimir Putin has been “a leader far more” than President Barack Obama.
Sessions and Kislyak meet in his Senate office. The subject of the meeting isn’t clear, but one official told NBC’s Hallie Jackson that during such meetings ambassadors would “often make superficial comments about election-related news.”
Andrew Otto Boggs, aka “INCURSIO,” 22, of North Wilkesboro and Justin Gray Liverman, aka “D3F4ULT,” 24, of Morehead City, were arrested Thursday and will be extradited to Virginia to face charges related to the hack of the personal
and work accounts of several high-ranking government officials or their spouses.
The hacking collective “Crackas With Attitude” has taken credit for compromising
CIA Director John Brennan
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
FBI Executive Assistant Director Amy Hess
FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano.
October, WikiLeaks published the hacked email
September 9, 2016

After asking Stone what Guccifer 2.0 can do to help, Guccifer 2.0 sends Stone a link to Nevins’ page containing DCCC’s turnout data and asks what Stone thinks. Stone replies, “Pretty Standard.”
[Note: If that type of information being disclosed is not pretty standard, then Stone’s reply is incriminating. Analysis by Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo suggests it was not pretty standard. The Direct Message exchange between Stone and Guccifer then ends abruptly.]
Sept 13, 2016
Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin defends Trump and other far right candidates supported by Moscow
September 20th 2016
WikiLeaks contacts Trump Jr. over Twitter pointing to a website that links Trump to Putin. Trump Jr. forwards the information on to others in the campaign.
September 21, 2016

Trump Jr. responds to WikiLeak’s direct message on Twitter: “Off the record I don’t know who that is but I’ll ask around. Thanks.”
Daily Mail article by ALANA GOODMAN claims Anthony Weiner carried on a months-long online sexual relationship with a troubled 15-year-old girl. “While I have provided the Daily Mail with information showing that I have likely been the subject of a hoax,
I have no one to blame but me for putting myself in this position.” Weiner was quoted as saying. The Crackas With Attitude or “США” hackers are caught a month later, arrested, tried, and convicted in January. FBI investigation still ongoing as of late February.
Eric Lichtblau, who would later publish a substantially false story at the New York Times saying that the FBI investigating Trump’s server ‘found no clear links to Trump’, alerted Alfa Bank with a question about their involvement with the server.
Sept 22, 2016
US intelligence starts to probe Carter Page as a possible backchannel to Russian intelligence.
Donald Trump Jr. said one of the reasons his father is not releasing his tax returns is becausethere’s a lot of stuff in the presidential candidate’s business career and it “wouldn’t make sense to open up” to public. “We’ve released a 110-page disclosure form,” he continued.
“When you have a business track record of my father and 40 years of it, there’s a lot in a 12,000-page tax return that wouldn’t make sense to open up.”
Anthony Weiner again says latest sexting claim involving 15-year-old girl is a hoax
Sept. 25, 2016
Carter Page sends letter to FBI Director James Comey saying that he is subject of a “witch hunt” and has not met with any “sanctioned official” in Russia in the past year.
Sept. 26, 2016
Trump, in his first debate with Clinton, continues to express skepticism about Russian involvement: “She’s saying Russia, Russia, Russia. Maybe it was. It could also be China, it could be someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.
You don’t know who broke into DNC, but what did we learn? We learn that Bernie Sanders was taken advantage of by your people.”
Sept. 28, 2016

FBI director: Hackers ‘poking around’ voter systems The FBI has discovered attempted hacks of voter registration sites in more than a dozen states according to two law enforcement officials.
US investigators believe that Russia is behind those attempted hacks the officials said.
October (Surprise!) 2016
Oct. 1, 2016
Six days before WikiLeaks released emails that Russians hackers had acquired from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s email account, Trump’s informal adviser and surrogate, Roger Stone tweeted:
“Wednesday@HillaryClinton is done. #Wikileaks.”
Later, it is reported that Stone had prior knowledge that the WikiLeaks bomb was going to drop and that the Russian government masterminded cyber robberies of the Clinton campaign and its allies.
Oct 2, 2016
Trump advisor Roger Stone predicts a release of Russian hacked emails on Wikileaks before they are released.
He later says he has a Wikileaks backchannel, which turns out to be Guccifer2.0.
Stone says on Alex Jones’ show: “An intermediary met with him [Assange] in London recently who is a friend of mine and a friend of his, a believer in freedom. I am assured that the mother lode is coming Wednesday.
It wouldn’t be an October surprise if I told you what it was but I have reason to believe that it is devastating because people with political judgment who are aware of the subject matter tell me this.”
Stone tweets: “Wednesday@HillaryClinton is done. #Wikileaks.”
October 3, 2016
WikiLeaks messages Trump Jr. on Twitter, reading in part: “Hiya, it’d be great if you guys could comment on/push this story,” says the WikiLeaks account at 1:25 p.m. At 3:01 p.m., Trump Jr. messages back: “Already did that earlier today.
It’s amazing what she can get away with.” At 3:03 p.m., Trump Jr. writes, “What’s behind this Wednesday leak I keep reading about?” WikiLeaks does not respond.
Roger Stone pronounces on Twitter: “I have total confidence that @wikileaks and my hero Julian Assange will educate the American people soon. #LockHerUp
Oct 4, 2016
A Reddit user finds an unusual pattern of activity between Trump’s email servers and Alfa Bank in Russia.
Oct 5, 2016

Stone tweets: “Libs thinking Assange will stand down are wishful thinking. Payload coming #Lockthemup
Transactions between major banks based on Masterchain technology of the Bank of Russia have been
conducted in Russia. The transactions were carried out using Cinimex’s prototype, a service for exchanging data about clients of various banks.
Three weeks later, two days after the US election – two of Russia’s largest banks, Sberbank and Alfa Bank, say they have been hit by cyber attacks. Was this an attempt to interfere with a particular transaction?
Oct. 7, 2016
Government intelligence officials call out the Russians for the first time on the hacks.
The director of national intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security say they have confidence that: “the Russian government directed the recent compromises of emails from U.S. persons and institutions, including U.S. political organizations.”
Hours later WikiLeaks also releases the first batch of emails from the personal account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman. Wikileaks effectively acts as an arm of the Trump campaign in a “mutual understanding” to deflect attention away from the sex scandal.
Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood outtake from 2005 “grab her by the pussy” tapes became public.
Later reporting and investigations indicate that the same group that hacked the DNC also targeted Podesta—Russian-backed hackers, in other words.
October 10, 2016
At a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Trump praises WikiLeaks for publishing Clinton’s hacked emails. “I love WikiLeaks,” Trump says, prompting a long chant of “lock her up” from his audience.
“It’s amazing how nothing is secret today when you talk about the Internet.” Trump then begins to read some of the leaked information.
During the second presidential debate, Trump questions whether any hacking had occurred, saying “maybe there is no hacking”.
He adds: “They always blame Russia, and the reason they blame Russia is because they think they are trying to tarnish me with Russia.”
The Trump Taj Mahal, an iconic casino hotel on the Atlantic City boardwalk, ceased operations Monday after hemorrhaging money for years and negotiations with an employees’ union broke down, according to its owner, billionaire investor Carl Icahn.
The shutdown, which leaves 3,000 employees out of work, was widely expected after management announced the planned closure in August.
Beset by labor strife and the decline of Atlantic City as a resort and gaming destination, the hotel lost “almost $350 million over just a few short years,” Icahn said in a statement Monday.
Oct. 12, 2016
WikiLeaks messages Trump Jr. on Twitter. “Hey Donald, great to see you and your dad talking about our publications.” WikiLeaks continued, directing Trump Jr. to a link for his father to use to encourage his followers to start ‘digging through the content.’ “
There’s many great stories there the press are missing, and we’re sure some of your followers will find it. Btw we just released the Podesta emails Part 4.” Trump Jr. did not respond.
Shortly after that message, though, Trump tweets:
Donald J. Trump
Very little pick-up by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by WikiLeaks. So dishonest! Rigged system!

Roger Stone told NBC News, “I have back-channel communications with WikiLeaks.”
The Daily caller reports, “Stone told TheDC that the release was actually delayed by Assange. ‘I was led to believe that there would be a major release on a previous Wednesday,’
Stone said.”[Note-1: Examining this part of the Daily Caller’s interview with Stone, former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti explains, “Stone has effectively admitted in an interview that his statements in October saying something significant was about to drop were, indeed,
references to the Podesta emails.”][Note-2: As Mariotti also mentions, Stone has repeatedly said that he had “no advance notice about the hacking of Mr. Podesta.” Stone uses essentially that exact same phrase each time (Stone’s blog, Breitbart interview, Reddit Ask Me Anything,
local Florida television). What Stone does not say is whether he had no advance notice about the release of Podesta’s hacked emails.]
Oct 13, 2016

Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani has backpedaled after claiming that Hillary Clinton lied about being in New York City during the terrorist
Oct 15 2016
Heatst . com reports that a FISA court issues a warrant to investigate two Russian banks— Alfa and SBC. They report that three members of the Trump team are included in the warrant.
Oct 16, 2016
Rudy Giuliani: Democrats commit election fraud because they “control the inner cities”
“Dead people generally vote for Democrats instead of Republicans,” Giuliani said on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper,
insinuating that American cities are hotbeds of widespread voter fraud. “If you want me to tell you that I think the elections of Philadelphia and Chicago are going to be fair, I would have to be a moron to say that.”
Oct 17, 2016

Arseny Pavlov (“Motorola”), a thug leader of the Donbas militants from Russia, died of an explosion in the elevator of the apartment building he resided in while Ukraine.
Shortly before that, other separatist commanders, including Pavel Dremov and Aleksandr Bednov were also “liquidated.”
October 18, 2016
In his intelligence report, Steele reveals more information about the summer rendezvous between Page and Sechin.
“[T]he Rosneft company president was so keen to lift personal and corporate [W]estern sanctions imposed on the company that he offered PAGE/TRUMP’s associates the brokerage of up to a 19 percent (privatized) stake in Rosneft in return.
Oct. 19, 2016
During the third presidential debate, Trump dismissed the Oct. 7 US intelligence findings and again questions whether hacking had occurred, : “[Clinton] has no idea whether it is Russia, China or anybody else… Our country has no idea.”
And he said this: “I don’t know Putin. I have no idea… I never met Putin. This is not my best friend.”
October 21, 2016

WikiLeaks contacts Trump Jr. on Twitter, encouraging him to release “one or more” of his father’s tax returns. The account says: “If we publish them it will dramatically improve the perception of our impartiality. This is the real kicker.
This means that the vast amount of stuff that we are publishing about Clinton will have much higher impact, because it won’t be perceived as coming from a ‘pro-Trump,’ ‘pro-Russian’ source, which the Clinton campaign is constantly slandering us with.”
Cassandra Fairbanks seemed to know that publication was imminent; she decided to pose in an arch t-shirt for Wikileaks that said ‘Publish or Perish’ which she said she was ‘wearing for traveling’.
Oct 24, 2016

The US Department of Justice has unsealed its indictment against a Russian bloke accused of hacking high-profile websites.Last week, we reported that “Yevgeniy N” was cuffed on October 5 while in a restaurant with his girlfriend in Prague, Czech Republic.
He’s now been named by US prosecutors as 29-year-old Yevgeniy Nikulin of Moscow.
Oct 26, 2016
Rudy Giuliani joked on television about a big surprise coming in the election that would turn things around for Trump.
On Oct 28, 2016

Director James Comey of the FBI announced that more as yet unexamined emails had been found on an old laptop of Mr. Wiener’s. Letter is leaked promptly on Twitter by Jason Chaffetz,
Mikhail Lesin’s November 2015 death in a Washington, DC, hotel of a heart attack was initially deemed “mysterious“. Russian news media, citing relatives, initially reported that Lesin had a heart attack after a dayslong drinking binge and was injured while alone in his room.
His body was found the next day. Blunt force injuries to his head and body were released as the cause of death in March, but authorities didn’t say how he got the injuries. It was later deemed ‘an accident.’
October 29, 2016

Carolina native Lara Trump went on the radio with ABC’s Rita Cosby saying that Trump had “forced” Comey’s hand with the letter.
“I think my father-in-law forced their hand in this. You know, he has been the one since the beginning saying that she shouldn’t be able to run for president, and I commend him on that”
October 30, 2016
As the campaign heads into the home stretch and the media focuses on a statement from FBI head James Comey about the continued investigation into Hillary Clinton’s improper email procedures,
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid writes an angry letter to Comey:“It has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors and the Russian government —
a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity… The public has a right to know this information.”
What Reid is talking about isn’t immediately apparent, but Mother Jones reports the next day that it probably has something to do with a dossier of explosive allegations against Trump that’s been circulating in DC political circles for some time.
Oct. 31, 2016
Asked about news reportsthat the FBI is investigating connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, former campaign manager Paul Manafort says, “None of it is true… There’s no investigation going on by the FBI that I’m aware of.”
Mother Jones interviews Christopher Steele, and publishes article, without naming him, that reveals existence of Steele’s memos, reporting in vague terms that Russian intelligence had “compromised” Trump during his visits to Moscow and could “blackmail him.”
Slate published a nerd-fascinating story by Franklin Foer about a server in the Trump Organization communicating with two servers in a Russian bank with connections to Putin.
How this odd exchange between the servers was discovered is the bulk of the story and the author does an excellent job of trying to connect the dots in a meaningful pattern without devolving into conspiracy theories.
November 1, 2016

The FBI reveals that it looked into ties between Trump and the Kremlin and found nothing concrete.
Long dormant FBI twitter account suddenly tweets 129 pages regarding Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich, Founder of Glencore. (h/t @ DustinGiebel )
Nov 2, 2016

After the first story, Foer followed up with a second, giving fair consideration to explanations from the Trump camp and Alfa Bank. He ended with an open mind about whether the communications had been the result of spam coming from the Trump Organization server
or whether, as the computer experts who analyzed it thought, “The parties were communicating in a secretive fashion.”
One tidbit in the article, quickly dismissed because it seemed to make no sense, was that a small amount of this unusual data exchange involved a server owned by Spectrum Health in Michigan – a not-for-profit health system offering a full continuum of care,
comprised of 11 hospitals and connected to our newly named Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Yep..DeVos! Her husband is chairman of the board. A children’s hospital in the Spectrum system is named after her mother-in-law – Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.
Nov 3, 2016
Five days before the election, Trump holds a rally in Concord, NC. Rybolovlev’s private jet lands in Concorde as well.
Eagle-eyed @AceInCharlotte snapped Rybolovlev and Trump planes in Concord on Nov 3–and tweets she tried to contact local news and CNN.
He was in several of the same cities as Trump the week before election. Rybolovlev is 10% owner in Bank of Cyprus–haven for Russian $–which Trump Comm Sec Wilbur Ross took over with ex-KGB, Putin oligarchs.
Nov 4, 2016
Newsweek reports the Russians have damaging audio and video of Trump.
LinkedIn publishes a story with detailed description of Trump’s business ties to Russia.
November 7, 2016
19.5% of oil gas giant Rosneft is transferred . The stake is estimated as worth roughly 11 billion of dollars. Ownership is hard to trace.
WikiLeaks releases more DNC emails.
Nov 8, 2016
On the morning of the American election an official at the Russian consulate in New York is found dead. Sergei Krivov was found with blunt force trauma to the head
Election and Aftermath
Nov. 9, 2016
After Putin announced Trump’s election victory, Russia’s Parliament erupted in applause.
Nov. 10, 2016
Russia’s deputy foreign minister admitted that during the campaign, the Kremlin had continuing communications with Trump’s “immediate entourage.”
November 11, 2016
Russian officials say they had contact with Trump‘s team in order to push for a favorable foreign policy from the candidate. Trump’s camp denies this.
Two of Russia’s largest banks, Sberbank and Alfa Bank, say they have been hit by cyber attacks in recent days. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab said the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks represented the first major wave of such attacks on Russian banks this year
and that at least five of the country’s largest banks had been targeted.
Russia has been on high alert for cyber threats after U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said last month that Washington would retaliate against alleged Russian hackers “at the time of our choosing”
following what the United States said was a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations.The source of this week’s attacks was unknown, however, and neither of the two Russian banks, nor Kaspersky, linked them to Biden’s comments.
Nov. 18, 2016
Trump names Flynn as his national security adviser. “I am pleased that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will be by my side as we work to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, navigate geopolitical challenges and keep Americans safe at home and abroad,” Trump said.
Trump nominates Sessions to serve as his attorney general.
Sir Andrew Wood, a British ambassador to Russia, speaks with Sen. John McCain at a conference in Halifax, Canada.
Wood tells McCain “how Mr Trump may find himself in a position where there could be an attempt to blackmail him with Kompromat and claims that there were audio and video tapes in existence.”
Sergei Krivov, duty commander of Russian Consulate in NY, found dead w/ cause of death unknown.
Nov. 30, 2016
Citgo’s parent company, the Venezuela state-owned PDVSA, pledged a 49.9 percent stake in Citgo to Rosneft as collateral for a $1.5 billion loan signed.
That same day, attorneys for Rosneft filed the lien with the Delaware Department of State, asserting that Rosneft — whose CEO, Igor Sechin, has long been considered Putin’s right-hand man — would claim the collateralized 49.9 percent if the struggling Venezuelan debtor defaults
December, 2016
Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and now a senior adviser, also participated in the meeting at Trump Tower with Mr. Flynn and Sergey I. Kislyak, the Russian ambassador.
But among Mr. Trump’s inner circle, it is Mr. Flynn who appears to have been the main interlocutor with the Russian envoy — the two were in contact during the campaign and the transition, Mr. Kislyak and current and former American officials have said.
A small Chicago bank run by Stephen Calk, whom candidate Trump had named to his council of economic advisers in August, makes the first of three loans totaling $16 million to Paul Manafort.
December 1, 2016

CNN reports that Manafort has reemerged in Trump’s orbit as a player shaping the new administration during the presidential transition period.
December 6, 2016

Trump interviews ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.
December 7, 2016

In an interview with Time magazine after the election, President-elect Trump reiterates, “It could be Russia. And it could be China. And it could be some guy in his home in New Jersey.”
Putin and Igor Sechin, head of Russian oil giant Rosneft, announce a plan to sell 19.5% of the company ($11B) stake to Glencore Plc and Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund.
The price is 10.2 billion euros. The brokerage commission of the sale is, conservatively, worth hundreds of millions of euros.
—>As @ adm points out, the 19.5% bears striking similarity to the 19% stake mentioned by Steele in the dossier.
December 8, 2016
WikiLeaks contacts Trump Jr. on Twitter with a message reading in part: “Hi Don; if your father ‘loses’ we think it is much more interesting if he DOES NOT conceed [sic] and spends time CHALLENGING the media and other types of rigging that occurred–
as he has implied that he might do. He is also much more likely to keep his base alive and energised [sic] this way and if he is going to start a new network, showing how corrupt the old ones are is helpful.”
Carter Page meets with Rosneft senior executives in Moscow.
Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo is expected to provide a consortium of Qatar and commodities trader Glencore with sizeable funds to help finance their purchase of a stake in Russian oil company Rosneft, two sources familiar with the transaction said.
Intesa declined to say whether it was helping finance the deal, announced by the Kremlin, which said on Wednesday it had sold a 19.5 percent government stake in Rosneft for 10.5 billion euros ($11.3 billion) to Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund and Glencore.
The bank, Italy’s biggest retail lender, has deep ties in Russia and advised state-owned Rosneft on the sale of the 19.5 percent stake.
Dec. 9, 2016
WikiLeaks messages Trump Jr. on Twitter in regards to Obama’s decision. “Wow,” the first message reads. In a second message, WikiLeaks continues: “Obama people will surely try to delete records on the way out. Just a heads up.” Trump Jr. does not respond.
Paul Manafort tells CBS News he is not active in the Trump transition. Asked if he is talking to President-elect Trump, Manafort says, “I don’t really want to talk about who I’m speaking to, but I’m aware of what’s going on.”
The Washington Post reports that the CIA believes the Russian government hacked the DNC with the explicit intention of helping Trump win the election.
President Obama orders the intelligence community to conduct a thorough review of foreign attempts to tamper with U.S. elections.
Trump dismisses the CIA’s finding that the Russians sought to sway the election in his favor: “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history.
It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.’?”
Sen. John McCain, who had also acquired Steele’s memos, turns them over to FBI Director James Comey.
Giuliani’s withdrawal from consideration came after Trump said he was broadening his search for Secretary of State
Dec. 11, 2016
Trump praised Rex Tillerson, chairman of Exxon Mobil and recipient of Russia’s “Order of Friendship” Medal from Vladimir Putin in 2013, as: “much more than a business executive” and a “world-class player.”
Trump said Tillerson “knows many of the players” and did “massive deals in Russia” for Exxon. Two days later, Trump nominated him to be secretary of state.
Asked about the earlier US intelligence report on hacking, Trump said: “They have no idea if it’s Russia or China or somebody. It could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. I mean, they have no idea… Nobody really knows, and hacking is very interesting.
Once they hack, if you don’t catch them in the act you’re not going to catch them.”
Breach remediation firm Crowdstrike points out that it did in fact catch the hackers “in the act,” monitoring their activities inside the DNC network for weeks.
A few days later, an FBI official tells the Associated Press the bureau now backs the CIA’s assessment that Russia hacked the DNC to help elect Trump.
The Intelligence Community had already gone on the record in early October with an assessment that Moscow was interfering with our election.
Now, it has come to light that senior Members of Congress had been briefed in September on the pervasive Russian threat to the core functioning of our democracy.
Obama dispatched FBI director James Comey, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnston, and White House counterterrorism and homeland security advisor Lisa Monaco to brief the so-called “Gang of 12” lawmakers:
House & Senate leaders, as well as the chairmen and ranking members on the Homeland Security and Intelligence Committee.
They knew. And yet it appears little was done to stop Vladimir Putin’s efforts to put Donald Trump in the White House.
Dec. 12, 2016
Republican leaders including Mitch McConnell announce that congressional committees will investigate the CIA findings.
Rex Tillerson is nominated to be Secretary of State. While CEO of Exxon, Tillerson signed a deal with Russia to drill in the Arctic; for this, he received the Order of Friendship by Vladimir Putin.
The Arctic project was scuttled on October 10, 2014, after the sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. government. At the time, Exxon had discovered a new field there with an estimated 750 million barrels of oil.
Dec. 13, 2016
NBC News’ Richard Engel reports from Moscow on Trump’s secretary of state pick, Rex Tillerson. Former Russian Energy Minister Vladimir Milov told Engel that Tillerson was a “gift for Putin.”
Qatar announces a $10 billion investment in US infrastructure. Is this how the proceeds from the 19% of Rosneft enter US pockets legally? Washed through Cayman shell companies?
Dec 14, 2016
Former Trump surrogate Jack Kingston shows up in Moscow telling a Russian audience they can expect sanctions to be lifted.
Dec 15, 2016
09:24:29 AM Trump tweets, “If Russia, or some other entity, was hacking, why did the White House wait so long to act? Why did they only complain after Hillary lost?”
Dec. 16, 2016
Obama says the Russian government, at the “highest levels,” initiated the hacks of emails, not voting machines. He vows to retaliate. The FBI and CIA agree that Russian efforts to influence the election were specifically targeted in order to help Trump win,
and were not just an attempt to delegitimize America’s democratic system. Trump refuses to believe this, igniting a public spat between the president-elect and the intelligence community.
Meanwhile, some members of Congress from both parties are calling for an investigation into the matter.
POLICE in Belgium are probing the death of a high ranking NATO official after his body was discovered in his car with a gunshot wound to the head.
According to reports, Yves Chandelon, the 62-year-old auditor general of NATO was found miles away from both his home and office. His body was found in the Belgian town of Andenne, 62 miles away from his home in Lens on December 16.
According to local newspaper reports Mr Chandelon was the registered keeper of three weapons however the gun found at the scene did not belong to him, it has been claimed.
December 19, 2016
Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrey G. Karlov, was killed by a gunman on Monday in Ankara, the capital. Mr. Karlov had been Russia’s ambassador to Turkey since July 2013, according to a biography on the website of the Russian Embassy.
Turkish officials said the killer had been a police officer who, after shooting, shouted: “Don’t forget Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria!” Russia’s Foreign Ministry called the assassination a terrorist attack.
Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Flynn have a conversation in the wake of the shooting of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, in which Flynn expressed his condolences, according to a transition official. The call took place on December 19, according to The Washington Post.
Trump Companies Discovered In Cyprus, EU’s Russian Off-Shore Banking Haven. The Democratic Coalition uncovered two Trump companies registered in Cyprus, the tax haven and money laundering center serving Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs.Notably,
Cyprus is the only EU country which has given the Russia military and Navy the right to freely use their bases for operations.
Senior Advisor Scott Dworkin released the information on Trump’s Cyprus shell companies for the Democratic Coalition via Twitter as part of his #TrumpLeaksinvestigations.
December 20, 2016
Petr Polshikov, (former?) Russian diplomat shot dead at his home in Moscow

December 22, 2016
Michael Flynn speaks to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about Israeli settlements.
December 25, 2016
Kislyak and Flynn exchange holiday pleasantries via text message on Christmas, according to multiple transition officials.
Tu-154 belonging to the Russian Ministry of Defense crashed into the Black Sea for unknown reasons on its way to Syria, its passenger list is partly classified. Both Russian Defense Ministry and Russian Security Service (FSB) ruled out a terrorist attack.
But at the same time a report was leaked in the media stating that the terrorist attack was authorized by the Russian Presidential Administration, and carried out by Ramzan Kadyrov’s people. A reference was made to some FSB veterans as source of the leak.
It was stressed that there is a serious rift growing among security agencies caused by those who do not want to fulfill criminal orders and kill compatriots for political reasons.
On the eve of crash, another message came about a car accident in North Ossetia that took lives of five FSB employees.
December 26, 2016
Oleg Erovinkin, a top adviser to Igor Sechin, the CEO of the Russian oil giant Rosneft is found dead in his Lexus. Sechin is a central figure in the Steele dossier and a close friend of Rex Tillerson.
The dossier states that Sechin met with Carter Page in July 2016. He was potentially Christopher Steele’s source on the alleged Carter Page/Igor Sechin conversation.
Roman Skrylnikov, diplomat in the Russian Consulate in Kazakhstan found dead in his apartment
December 28, 2016
Trump, responding to reports of impending sanctions against Russia, says, “I think we ought to get on with our lives.”
As word of potential Obama administration sanctions on Russia spreads, CNN and The Washington Post reports that Kislyak sent a message to retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn—Trump’s pick for national security adviser—requesting a call.
Flynn takes the call, and according to U.S. intelligence officials, discusses the possibility of easing sanctions on Russia during the Trump administration.
Dec. 29, 2016
The FBI and DHS release a report, “GRIZZLY STEPPE — Russian Malicious Cyber Activity,” that provides technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian and military intelligence services— known as the RIS—
to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. government, political, and private-sector entities.
Obama announces the Russian sanctions,
which include expelling 35 Russian diplomats and the closing of Russian compounds in Maryland and New York that had been suspected of spying.
Trump insists the issue should be put to bed but agrees to meet with intelligence officials for a briefing.
“It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things,” Trump says.
December 29: Deputy National Security Adviser-designate K.T. McFarland emails a colleague about the aftermath of outgoing President Obama’s implementation of sanctions:
“If there is a tit-for-tat escalation, Trump will have difficulty improving relations with Russia, which has just thrown USA election to him.” (emphasis added)
NBC News reported that Michael Flynn spoke with his incoming deputy, K.T. McFarland, who was with the president-elect and other incoming officials at Mar-A-Lago. The two discuss what Flynn should say to Kislyak about the new U.S. sanctions in order to keep Russia from retaliating
Flynn has 5 conversations about this time with Sergey Kislyak, .the Russian ambassador to the United States, and urged Russia not to retaliate because Trump is coming into office with a new, much friendlier policy, thereby fulfilling Trump’s end of the corrupt deal.
The call was captured on a wiretap of diplomats’ calls.
December 30, 2016
Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow would not expel American diplomats in response to US sanctions against Russia and would instead attempt to rebuild relations with Washington after Trump’s inauguration.
Trump tweets praise of Putin‘s move: “Great move on delay (by V. Putin) — I always knew he was very smart.”
According to The New York Times, Putin’s muted response—
which took Obama administration White House officials by surprise—raised some suspicion that Moscow may have been promised a reprieve and triggered a search by U.S. spy agencies for clues.
December 31, 2016
Trump again doubts the intelligence agencies in a news conference in Florida: “I know a lot about hacking. And hacking is a very hard thing to prove. So it could be somebody else.
And I also know things that other people don’t know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation.”
Trump also says he will reveal something about the hacking incidents on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week. This doesn’t happen.

• • •

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