Universal Symbols According to Witchcraft. Know Thy Enemy!

Abundance: desire for independence.

Accident: something unplanned.

Actor/Actress: desire for recognition.

Adultery: guilt.

Airplane: see Transportation.

Altar: self-sacrifice.

Anchor: stability.
Anchor cont.: Sometimes a desire for a permanent home.

Anima: the feminine aspect of the individual. Guide to the inner world. The Goddess. Receptive, prospective, and nurturing.

Animal: depends on your feelings for the particular animal.
Animal cont.: A helpful animal normally represents the instinctive self.

Animus: the masculine aspect of the individual. Uncompromising conviction. Force. The God.

Apple: desire. Arrow: pleasure; festivity.

Auction: promise of abundance.
Automobile: see Transportation.

Baby: crying: frustrated plans. Laughing: plans fulfilled; sleeping: waiting period; patience.

Balloon: frustration.

Basement: a place of refuge or retreat.

Battle: internal conflict.

Bells: fulfillment of plans; joy.
Bicycle: hard work will bring plans to fruition; also see Transportation.

Birds: usually transcendence from one state of being to another.

Birth: transition to new phase, or new aspect, of self.

Bridge: overcoming difficulties; a change.
Broom: the ability to sweep or clean up.

Bull: animal nature; stubbornness.

Burial/Coffin: end of a phase; time to take a new direction.

Candle: constancy.

Cane or Crutch: the need of support.

Capital (City or Town): the center. Also see Cities.
Castle: ambition.

Cave: a place of retreat or refuge; a need for time to think and meditate.

Circle: totality; perfection; infinity; the All; the collective unconsciousness.

Cities: gatherings of consciousness. If significantly placed, it can represent the anima.
Climbing: the self-mastery process; raising consciousness.

Clock: the passage of time; the need to take action.

Clothes: attitudes; personality.
COLORS: the symbolic meaning of color (basic meaning) in your dreams.

Red: strength, health, vigor, sexual love, danger, charity.

Orange: encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, plenty, kindness.

Yellow: persuasion, charm, confidence, jealousy, joy, comfort.
Green: finance, fertility, luck, energy, charity-growth.

Blue: tranquility, understanding, patience, health, truth, devotion, sincerity.

Indigo: changeability, impulsiveness, depression, ambition, dignity.

Violet: tension, power, sadness, piety, sentimentality. (End of colors)
Cradle: Potential for advancement.

Crossing the River: A fundamental change of attitude.

Crying: Emotion; usually a sad event.

Crystal: Union of matter and spirit.

Curtains: concealment; adornment.

Darkness: the spirit world; the subconscious; turning inward.
Death: the end of something; opportunity for new beginnings.

Dog: loyalty; laziness; anger. Eating: need for new interests; stimulation. Evening: descending into the subconscious world.

Eye: perception; self-examination.

Falling: failing to live up to expectations.
Fish: transcendence from one state of being to another.

Fire: anger; purification; abundance of energy.

Flowers: contentment; pleasure.

Flying: see Transportation.

Girl: immature feminine aspect.

Glass: perception; being able to see (sometimes into the future).
Graduation: initiation; completing a phase.

Hair: thought. Gray or silver hair indicates wise thought.

Hammer: power to drive forward.

Helpful Animal: the instinctive self.

Highway: the path; the way ahead.
white horse: symbol of life (the Keltic goddess Epona was often depicted on a white mare); prosperity.

Black horse: change of fortunes.

Wild horse: uncontrolled instinctive urges.

Winged horse: transcendence from one state of being to another.
House: the symbol of personality and conscious interest from the spiritual view. The particular room represents particular interest.

Bathroom: cleansing; elimination of the undesired.

Basement: place of refuge, retreat, concealment.

Bedroom: place of rest and recovery.
House Cont.
Dining Room: place of sustenance; refortification.

Kitchen: a place to prepare the sustenance.

Living room: place of socializing.
(End of House.)

Ice: coldness of character; frigidity; rigidity.

Illness: boredom, delay.
Individual Self: the “real” you; the inner you; the all-wise, all-powerful spiritual self.

Jail: confinement; frustration; inability to act.

Journey: see Transportation.

Judge or Jury: your conscience.

Key: the answer to a problem.

Kiss: satisfaction; completion.
Ladder: ability to climb (note the length of the ladder).

Left (as in side or direction): The subconscious side; sometimes the wrong side or direction; the logical side; the scientific side.

Light: hope.
Lines: broken lines represent the feminine aspect. Solid lines, the masculine aspect.

Lizard: transcendence.

Lock: frustration; security.

Man or Male: animus, the masculine aspect. The age indicates the maturity or lack of it in the individual.
Mask: falsehood; deception; concealment.

Mirror: need to reconsider.

Mother: haven; comfort.

Nakedness: real; true; without false attitudes; exposed; natural.

Night (especially midnight): greatest strength of the superconsciousness.
Noon: the greatest clarity of consciousness.

Number: in interpreting numbers you should first of all examine their balance or lack of balance. Even numbers signify balance and harmony. Odd numbers signify imbalance and discord.
Numbers Cont.
In considering the following definitions, note that a larger number is made up of a combination of smaller numbers.

One: the beginning; the source; the ego.

Two: duality; the male and female; positive and negative.
Three: the trilogy: father, mother, and child; past, present, and future. Completion of the first plane.

Four: the material universe; consciousness, reality, and law; physical power, initiative, religion, and spiritual evolution. It is three and one.
Five: the number of wo/man. It represents materialism, expansion, change, understanding and justice. It is three and two.

“I have to stop here since it won’t let me add more threads. This will be the end of PART 1.”

Source: Raymond Buckland

Numbers Cont.

Six: the number of cooperation and balance. It represents interaction between the material and the spiritual; mental and physical. It signifies psychism, peace, and completion of the second plane. It is twice three.
Seven: completion; old age; endurance; evolution and wisdom. The seven stages of spiritual transformation. It is four and three.

Eight: the number of dissolution and separation. The law of cyclic evolution and invention. It is five and three.
Nine: rebirth and reformation. Intuition; travel; karma and completion of the third plane. It is three times three. Zero: the circle. Infinity; the universe; the All.
(End of Numbers)

Ocean: opportunity; spirituality.

Owl: wisdom; need for further evaluation.
Pearl: joy. Broken string ofpearls—misunderstanding.

Pirate: suspicion.

Prison: see Jail.

Pyramid: thirst for knowledge; seeking.

Railroad: a set path to follow; see also Transportation.

Rainbow: great happiness; opportunity.
Reading: learning; gaining in knowledge; perceiving.

Riding: see Transportation.

Right: the conscious; correctness; the artistic side.

Ring: completion; loyalty.

River: spirituality; a boundary.

Rocket: see Transportation.

Rocks: the unchanging self.
Rodents: transcendence or a less-than-nice person; distrust; betrayal.

Roller Skates: see Transportation.

Roses: see Flowers.

Ruins: failure of plans.

Sacrifice: overcoming pride.

School: a place of learning; a need to learn.

Scissors: distrust.

Sea: see Ocean.
Self-image: the inner or spiritual self. The age indicates maturity or the lack of it.

Sex: union of opposites; union of male and female principles; satisfaction; completeness.

Shadow: the subconscious; insubstantiality.

Ship: see Transportation.
Skeleton: the basics; the root of a problem.

Snake: spiritual wisdom; transcendence into a state of wisdom.

Snake-bite: infusion of wisdom (bites are not usually painful in dreams).

Soldiers: force; power; regimentation.

Spade: penetration; cutting; tough work lies ahead.
Sunrise: clearing of consciousness; awakening.

Sunset: need to protect assets.

Swan: beauty; comfort; satisfaction.

Sword: penetrating and cutting; conflict.

Table: support; a platform for presentation.

Telescope: need to get closer to subject.
Thief: loss or fear of loss; insecurity.

Thunder: anger.

Towns: see Cities.

Touching: the manner of touch & ur feeling about it is important. Touching normally represents the laying on of hands, usually healing. On rare occasions it may mean a curse. Can be comfort; security.
Trains: see Transportation.

Transcendence: achieving full realization of the individual self.

Transformation: see Transcendence.

Transportation: spiritual advancement. The more efficient the mode, the more effective and rapid is the advancement.
Transportation Cont.
The rocket would be the most rapid and the highest traveling.

Crawling would be among the least effective.

A train is forceful and direct, but is confined by narrow tracks.

A car is fairly efficient and maneuverable.
Transportation Cont.
The airplane is more efficient than the car or train and rises higher than any surface mode of transport.

Rollerskates are more effective (faster) than walking, but require a smoother surface and more effort; etc.
(End of Transportation)
Traveling: the act of spiritual advancement.

Tree: the life principle; psychic growth and development; success.

Tunnel: hiding; being afraid.

Turning: changing or developing. See Left or Right. Turning in a circle represents lack of progress.

Twins: ego and alter ego.
Umbrella: shelter.

Veil: insecurity.

Volcano: sexual energy; emotions.

Wall: frustration; inability.

Watch: see Clock.

Water: spirituality; emotion.

Wedding: culmination of plans; happiness; success.

Witch: supernatural ability; wisdom.
Woman: the anima. Her age represents maturity or lack of it.

Wreath: self-pity.
(End of PART 2)

Source: Raymond Buckland.

Note: His books have tons of information but dive into both the light and darkness of Witchcraft. I caution when reading his books.
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