There is NOTHING like “Toilet Infection”. There is NO such medical diagnosis at all.

What you call “toilet infection” is usually a urine infection or an STD.

The chances of you catching an infection solely from using a toilet is almost zero.

“Toilet infection” DOES NOT exist.
While it is true that there may be some microbes and germs 🦠 in a public toilet, they usually can’t survive for long on cold hard surfaces of those toilets like we think.

As a matter of fact, the public toilet is not recognised as a common place for people to catch infections.
And for you to actually catch an infection from using a public toilet, you will need your vagina, anus or any other opening in the private part or a wound in your buttocks to directly touch the infected toilet seat- which while it is theoretically possible is quite very unlikely.
There’s quite a lot of paranoia and anxiety associated with use of public toilets.

But actually if you apply the simple basic hygiene practices like washing your hands before using it, washing/wiping your bum very clean and washing your hands after; you are largely very safe.
And really, except a person has a problem with their immune system- like they have a low immune system due to cancer, diabetes or any other problems- your immune system is usually strong enough to fight off any germs/microbes you may encounter in a one-off use of public toilets.
“To my knowledge, no one has ever acquired an STD on the toilet seat -- unless they were having sex on the toilet seat!" says Abigail Salyers, PhD, president of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM).

It is called a “SEXUALLY transmitted disease” for that very clear reason.
You can ask your doctor. You can ask any medical student. You can ask anyone who is a professional on human clinical medicine.

There is NOTHING like a “Toilet Infection”.

It is a dubious term created by people who wrongly assume that toilets significantly transfer infections.
What tends to happen is that a person gets a urine infection or an abnormal symptom in their private part like itching or smelly discharge and they automatically assume “it must be from our university toilet”.

Actually IF you had a recent unprotected sex, it’s more likely that.
So basically what is wrongfully termed as “Toilet Infections” is actually a urine infection, or a Sexually Transmitted Infection or a poor hygiene problem.

Don’t assume it is a toilet somewhere causing the problem and don’t treat yourself. You can’t rightly tell the difference.
If you feel lower tummy pains, high fever, pain or burning sensation on urination, frequently urinating or repeated urge to pee, that may suggest you have a urine infection

Speak with a doctor. He can advise you on simple things to do or recommend antibiotics if it is necessary.
If you have abnormal discharge from your private part like pus from penis in men or any abnormal colour or bad odour vagina discharge in women, with itching and a recent mostly unprotected sexual intercourse;

That signifies a sexually transmitted infection.

Speak with a doctor.
If you have excessive creamy discharge as a woman, sometimes itchy, whitish like cheese, and you do other things like vagina barbecuing, vagina washing among other unhealthy but popularly promoted stuff, you may have a yeast infection.

Speak to a doctor as well for good advice.
Overall, “Toilet Infection” is largely a myth and there’s really no such thing whatsoever.

But in a judgmental society like ours, it is better to say “I have Toilet Infection” than “I have STD”. So I understand.

However, just to be clear though,
“Toilet Infection” DO NOT EXIST.
Human beings basically invented the term “toilet infection” as a convenient excuse to hide shame of having an STD. Or as an explanation for yeast infection when they have no idea of the actual cause.

We blame innocent toilets when sexual behaviour, poor hygiene etc is the cause.
STD is not shameful.
Urine infection is not shameful.
Yeast infection is not shameful.

Read up on these things.
Speak to a health professional.
That way you can avoid and treat it if you have it.

Labelling it “toilet infection” keeps you ignorant and is why you keep having it.

• • •

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