Over my dead body.

My soul will die a thousands deaths the day I speak the language of the wokes & include terms like "privilege", "micro-aggression" & "safe-space" in my vocabulary.

Whatever happened to not aping the West and leading by our own accord?
Never enjoyed this guy's work.
Not a fan of "progressive" elements in the Indian RW.

Instead of speaking "woke" lingo & validating it, it's time to stop playing by the rules set by Indian liberals, who merely import their rhetoric from the West & apply it in the Indian context.
Woke lingo = the language of Cultural Marxists.

"Institutionalized racism", "Casual sexism" & "White privilege" have been imported from the West & wrongly applied in India's context to solidify concepts like "Systematic Casteism", "Brahmanical Patriarchy" & "Savarna Privilege".
Speaking "woke" lingo & validating it will only normalise notions of Brahmins as inherently oppressive, men as inherently sexist & the system as inherently discriminatory.

All debate ends here.
Next step would be the normalisation of reverse discrimination.

Don't speak "woke".
This is exactly why I feel we aren't intellectually equipped to deal with the emerging threat of Cultural Marxism.

Normalisation of woke lingo will pave the way for our own demise and we'll turn into a "nation engaged in heating up our own funeral pyre"

• • •

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22 Sep
Why FCRA amendment was needed, oversimplified:

~River exists
~Bridge over river would bring socio-economic development to the region
~Unfriendly country sees potential of bridge
~Country finds out if a certain species in river is endangered
~Finds NGO interested in said species
~Unanimously pays NGO to do drama for endagnered species
~Drama begins
~NGO does rona-dhona for species
~NGO files petitions in SC
~Meanwhile, bridge project is stuck in limbo
~Crores of investor money is stuck
~Some investors start pulling out money
~Project delayed/abandoned
The majority of NGOs in today's day & age are pothing but pressure groups for hire that are used to disrupt crucial infrastructure projects in the name of social justice, humanitarianism or environment protection.

Just see what happened with Sterlite:

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21 Sep
I get a lot of the grievances Trads have with the Modi Govt, but they really need to cut them more slack.

Whatever we've achieved so far has been done while remaining within the confines of a modern democracy, where we're answerable to both the electorate & the global community.
Literally every democracy in the world has a facade to maintain of one kind or another.

India, being an emerging global power, can't afford to compromise on its soft power the way other ambitious nationalist countries like Erdogan's Turkey have done so successfully.
The areas where the Govt deserve flak:
~Weak stance on state-control of Temples
~Expanding the minority welfare mechanism
~Weak approach to political killings in WB

Where it deserves credit:
~Cracking down on missionary orgs
~Normalising the criticism of political Islam
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15 Sep
Fascinating how the Indian Left is more obsessed with Caste than the RW, and the Indian Right is more conscious of Class than the LW.

Yet, we're the "Casteists" & they're the warriors of the class struggle.

The most elitist & insulated people I've met are self-declared Leftists
Disconnected from ground reality in their gated communities, Leftists depend on poverty porn & literature to shape their views & opinions about the masses.

This literate is written by "intellectuals" who've merely inherited the baton of colonial condescension from the Brits.
Ironically, Algerian Marxist Frantz Fanon was among the 1st to write extensively about colonial hangover.

He claimed that those who inherited positions of power immediately after the colonists(France) departed were only furthering colonial morality & didn't represent the masses.
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15 Sep
The Hon'ble judges needed to hear this. Sick & tired of judicial overreach.

On odd days, the courts work as the Executive.
On even days, they're virtually Censor Boards.

What's the point of having statutory bodies & separation of power when the judiciary wants to do everything?
Despite the mountain of evidence that what Sudarshan news was broadcasting was part of an investigative series into a serious case of infiltrationof the civil services, the court has deemed it as "vilification of a community.

Where the FOE gang at?

It's not our fault that those at the very heart of the conspiracy happen to be from a particular community.

The same we it's not our fault that most cattle-thieves turn out to be Muslim, and get painted as victims when the cattle owners use force to retrieve their property.
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14 Sep

I strongly & unapologetically oppose the calls to recognise same-sex marriage and introduce Hindu rituals in such a farce ceremony.

This will only further dilute the already besieged sanctity of the concept of marriage while defiling Hindu customs in the process.
From a legal stand-point, the concept of marriage exists for legitimising children born from a heterosexual relationship.

Homosexuals can't reproduce, so why should they get married at all?

There are no additional benefits of being married as opposed to a live-in relationship.
A homosexual can live his/her life with a partner of their choice, irrespective of whether they'remarried or not. This doesn't reflect on their individual rights & duties in any way.

First we decriminalised adultery, now this.

Might as well scrap the concept altogether FFS.
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10 Sep
It's getting increasingly clear that the West must deal with tyrant Turkey delicately, or risk pushing them into Iran's embrace- a nation with diametrically opposite ambitions in the region- and creating a united Turko-Irani front.

They already pushed Turkey into Russia's trap. Image
Russia has used Turkey both as a bargaining chip against the West, as well as a fair-weather "agent" to secure its own interests in the region.

Knowing how shrewd Iran's foreign policy makers have been, the same could happen with Turkey in this scenario.

Turkey wants to expand its own influence in the former territories of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire (the crescent from Syria to Libya) and Iran wants to use its proxies to increase influence in previously Saudi-overseen regions (Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen).

But both have a common enemy Image
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