The only legacy of leadership especially in d political arena is actually the number of solution they bring to burning issues AS AT THE TIME of their reign.

For some, it was a dwindling economy, for others economy. #Reformation
In Nigeria as a Federal Republic, the successes & failures of leaders will come in many ways. The reason is that almost every sector is in a State of Emergency, hence it is very hard to rate any leader with grade A across board. The demons here are many, they are in UNIFORMS.
I am not emotional about complaint, I'm more focused on solution in the midst of complaints.
If there are issues, don't get me involved in dwelling on that, please tell me the alternatives that will bring solution.
Dear @MBuhari & @ProfOsinbajo, you have 3 years more for this.
Nigeria as an entity is running a lot of DEFICIT. Deficit in all sectors such that any leader (especially in Democracy) that wants to chase reformation in all will end up being a colossal failure in all. Yet we cannot deny our reality that ALL SECTORS need reformation. HOW?
Are we making progress as a Nation especially since 2015? I can take up this public debate anytime anywhere without making extra research, we're making a whole lot of progress.
Is our progress in direct proportion to what'll bring about OBVIOUS shift? That is the point of logic.
This admin has made a huge progress in many sectors, don't forget that all sectors in Nigeria seemed to be left to die naturally for years. So every time we place our finger on any sector & ask Buhari/Osnbajo to declare miracle, it's also an indictment on 16 years before PMB.
I have not seen any reform in the Police & our Judicial system. If this admin ends today as it is, it will be a major failure written in gold.
Now, how do we call for #JudicialReform from the Executive in a democracy? That is the problem I am personally having. Can you help out?
How will the Judiciary that has been turned to "buy one take two" business venture respond to reformation from the executive arm? A little touch of the alleged corrupt judges was called TYRANNY & Gestapo style.
What is the best way for this Judicial reformation in Nigeria?
Each State Govt already has the judiciary in their quiver as weapons to use whenever they want. Any attempt from the Executive from the centre is deemed as DICTATORSHIP.
A system where a PERPETUAL ORDER can be declared not to touch a looter for 20 years, can we be practical pls?
Most annoying is the fact that this admin is failing on the Police reform which in a way is directly under the executive arm. @MBuhari & @ProfOsinbajo, you have 3 years to turn this failure around & add to your success story.
Why is it hard to give direct order that is feasible?
Here's my point on this:
let's take SARs for instance, SPECIAL ANTI ROBBERY SQUAD is never meant to be seen on the street or in our bus stops? they were meant to be SPECIAL. How will you feel seeing Fire fighters in your street every day? They were meant to be seen DURING danger
Why aren't we seeing d reality of Police reform despite a few stuff that have gone into it?
Why is it not possible to hold the Inspector General of Police accountable for any act perpetrated by any Police? Why will that IG not hold the person in charge in each State accountable?
Why can't every Police who messes up be attached to their immediate superior from where they came out and be fired together?
Until we have this line of discipline well spelt out, even this State Police that the FG is bringing will have the same terror acts on Nigerians.
Why are we having Police in joints & Supermarket carrying bags for private individuals? Why are these issues not being looked into?
Why do we have Police in every corner taking bribes with impunity & there's no way to report them? Report to who, you wan die? What's the way out?
In my opinion, most of these reforms will come through the legislative arm but the same National Assembly members are more concerned about bill to remove or add immunity. You see why I don't even know how this conversation will be fruitful when we face the executive alone?
Truth is, we need both Police & Judicial reform like yesterday, they've been stinking for years. Talking about it will not bring reformation instantly but at least, practical ideas can come forth from any angle.
State Governors are already complaining about State police salary o.
Ok, enough ranting, what is the solution to Judicial reform?
What are the practical solutions to all these reforms?
Go ahead pls🎤🎤🎤🎤

• • •

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18 Sep
Whatever you say, @ChidiOdinkalu is a master of FAKE NEWS, & he will never delete his fake news even when caught EVERY TIME.
he is sharing fake news now with the aim to incite violence in a coming election in Edo State, report him to @Twitter, he is bloodthirsty. @TwitterSafety
In 2019, we were told that @twitter will add option to report tweets spreading false info about voting & this was confirmed from @TwitterSafety handle.
@ChidiOdinkalu has always been violating this rule & @twitter has not done anything about that.

In India, @Twitter gave option that Let Users Report Tweets That Mislead Voters. @ChidiOdinkalu edited a 2019 video & shared it to incite violence in #EdoDecides2020. By now, he should be called to order if we have responsive @PoliceNG when it matters. buzzfeednews.com/article/pranav…
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12 Sep

Just a short thread,
I think @NOA_Nigeria and @FMICNigeria are not doing enough or not using the right channels.
Let me use the issue of subsidy as a case study, you will discover that Nigerians are not irrational after all. 🧵🧵
1. There was an issue with one of our application Server in of our offices, so I needed to be there physically. My colleagues saw me, so they brought up d issue.."Ehen Mr Taiwo is here, see what Buhari has done again"🤣

I knew it was a trap of rage, so I identified with them 1st
2. I allowed them to say their mind & how Buhari has disappointed "us".
I then asked them to hear me out since I know they're not mad, they're rational.
Then I said "Do you think it is actually proper for Nigeria to be paying fuel subsidy for Dangote, Adenuga & Otedola"?
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9 Sep
Well, since @Delerichard1 raised this issue of Lagos Metro again, let's simply engage a little in an intelligent & intellectual conversation:

The link you sent raised a few issues that we need to point out. What Baba Jakande said was during his 80th birthday. So let's check it:
I will start from what you sent, then provide more info as AVAILABLE in the public domain to those who are not intellectually lazy. Here are few things IF you actually read the link:

1. Jakande mentioned 2 actors at his 80th birthday, Shagari & Buhari. You left Shagari out abi?
2. The link showed the visionary leadership prowess of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who according to the link you sent "felt a compelling need to revive the rail project" in early 2000. Tinubu is a visionary leader who saw ahead of his peers. Lagos is programmed to excel thru continuity!
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23 Aug

You know why are are all SILENT about this Sola's issue? You know.

You know why Sega your main man you have crowned with #EndSARS movement was SILENT on this @jayyth3dope issue when detained by SARS?

You know why @seunokin was MUTE?
When I read through all that Shola @jayyth3dope said he went through in almost 3 months just because he ran a parody account on GEJ & was arrested, I shook my head & imagined what YOUR PEOPLE would've said if this has any link with Buhari, his wife of any of his close associates
The guy running Buhari's parody account is enjoying himself, he's never been invited to be detained for 5 days but, the young man @jayyth3dope that ran GEJ's parody account was detained by SARS mone than 2 months & your #EndSARS overlords never mentioned it....E get reason o😅
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13 Aug
This 17-Storey NCDMB building that Buhari will be commissioning by 11:30am today in Bayelsa started in 2015 o...You heard me right, it started in 2015.
Yes, you heard me right.
Although the foundation was laid in 2015 before this Present admin was sworn in, the 17-story @OfficialNCDMB building took just 5 years to get to this completion.
All done by Nigerians & mostly Bayelsans.
Buhari keeps doing it.
Nigerians can do it, all we need is LEADERSHIP that's not interested in looting the fund.
This @OfficialNCDMB was built by Nigerians....
Thank you @MBuhari
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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11 Aug

But why are the developed Nations going into recession?
But why are the developed Nations borrowing so much?
What do they need loans for when all infrastructures are in place?
Too many questions.
Nigerians will defend their recession & loans🤣👏
"The economy will officially enter recession this week after tumbling by a record 20% in the second quarter."

Ehen, you will defend why UK enters recession o, I know you will. Their economy was properly handled unlike Nigeria abi? Why recession then?

"Britain's national debt is set to hit £2 trillion for the first time as the cost of the Covid-19 pandemic soars."

Ok o, they are developed Nations we run to. Why are they so much in debt? Does that mean these Nations were built on debts that generation to come will pay? Why?
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