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Important thread:

Do you want to find out if your smartphone is subject to targeted surveillance?

Just get an Internet router with traffic analysis (like Asus ROG). Uncompromised idle devices submit very small amounts of data to the Internet (upload bytes).
An idle device uploading over 60mb/day has an active backdoor with a low bitrate audio grabber activated on voice detection.

An idle device is a device that has cloud features deactivated and for the purpose of traffic analysis isn’t uploading audio/visuals to the Internet.
Audio grabbers are usually paired with a suite of surveillance tools like keyloggers & screenshot engines that capture everything you type and every message, website & image you view on your device.

This surveillance data is rarely submitted live but when the device isn’t used.
You may think it must require an army of people to analyze all that data. It doesn’t. Most of the analysis is automated by software. Audio is transcribed and turned into txt files. The files are run through algorithms for relevant keywords & patterns. All data is stored forever.
The US govt operates massive data centers with the capacity to store all human communications for decades. The data is highly organized but when more advanced Artificial Intelligence gets involved you have a detailed map of every person, their weaknesses and their mindset.
The device backdoors are embedded in the OS and only rarely in seperate apps to avoid detection.

Apps with encryption like Signal & Telegram won’t keep your communications private if your OS backdoor is active.

Any app that advertises strong encryption can’t protect you.
All major US tech companies sell its devices with pre-installed OS backdoors and these backdoors can be activated remotely whenever your phone is connected to the Internet. Google: “National Security Letter” to understand how the US govt is forcing all US tech giants to comply.
The backdoors are hidden extremely well. But the one thing spy agencies can’t hide are the traffic patterns from your device to the Internet. They have to get the data from your device and transfer it to them. That’s how you can catch them. You just need to know what to look for.
Be aware that we are living in a world of mass surveillance and more targeted surveillance than ever before. This is how the deep state grows its power and undermines our democracy. Many journalists, judges and politicians are subjected to targeted surveillance.
Why? Because when you know everything about everyone in key positions you can target those who are vulnerable. Those who have made mistakes. And we all make mistakes. They can be blackmailed or offered protection in exchange for compliance. That’s how the deep state works.
You may not worry about surveillance because you think you have nothing to hide. But if you care about living in a democracy, not a rigged system, then you must stand up against mass surveillance & the deep state. If this goes on for another decade we won’t be able to stop them.

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