It's simple. If the system requires change, who is going to bring it? Those who are comfortable in it? Or those who are hurt by it? The answer is obvious. The ones with comfort lose nothing if change doesn't come. Ones without it stand to lose even more if things don't change.
So the question "why do they have to protest?" only comes from those who benefit from the system as it exists right now. The reason they don't see the need for opposition is that the system isn't broken in their eyes. Because it works for them. They don't even see the problems...
...when the problems are specifically pointed out to them. Their frames of reference are so different that they are literally unable to understand how the lived experience of someone else might be different from theirs. As far as they are concerned, theirs is the only way of... and the only lens through which to see the world. This is why we see privileged folk ask questions like "Why do only *they* protest?" and "Why don't you see us civilised people on the roads?" The answer of course is that what they think of as civilised is only privilege.
And because they don't understand this answer (because privilege only makes sense in context and they have no context except the context of their own life experience), they fall for the dehumanising answers. Answers like "these people are uncivilised by nature" or "it's in...
...their blood only". And thus starts the process of the privileged high-fiving each other over their "logic" and "realism". In truth, theirs is a child's understanding of the world. And like a child's worldview, it is extremely confident. Unfortunately, unlike a child's view...
...of the world, this one can end up causing a lot of real-world damage. When this childish privilege is unleashed into the spheres of policymaking, we get discriminatory laws, lapdog media, and hate-mongering politicians calling for murder from stages, all of which happens...
...while the privileged nod from their drawing rooms and their dinner tables asking "that's exactly what needs to happen" and "these people should be put in jail" or "these people should be shot" or "these people are attacking us". The journey from smug child to scared child... a short one. The future, if it's going to be different from the past and the future, is not going to be brought about by sitting on our asses, blaming peaceful protesters for violent crimes, and not making any efforts to understand how the other half lives.

• • •

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14 Sep
You: Democracy is being subverted.

Bhakt: Jali na, teri jali na?

You: This affects you too, you know. You live in this country too.

Bhakt: LOL. Joke's on you. I don't care.

You: Do you not care that one day you might need justice and you will have no recourse?
Bhakt: LOL. Joke's on you. I don't care. Jali na? Teri jali na?

You: Think about your kids. Their futures are at stake. Their jobs are being lost. One day, you might want to protest.

Bhakt: LOL. I love how much this is bothering you. I love it!
You: Are you out of your mind? You are going to lose your rights because you want me to be bothered?

Bhakt: Jali na? Teri jali na?

You: Do you really not care about your own money, your own health, your own family, your own rights?

Bhakt: No. Jali na? Teri jali na?
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1 Sep
Right now, the government's priority is simple - to prevent discontent from turning into anger. Because if that happens, the will suffer what the Congress suffered in the last few years of UPA. Once India decides the BJP has failed, there will be no going back. Hence, all the...
...circus acrobatics we see. The peacocks, the toys, the desi dog breeds, and the continued emphasis on what the Congress did once upon a time. Because to not do so would mean embracing accountability and saying "we failed" and that's not what these guys are about. So in order... maintain the pretence of being incapable of making a mistake, they will try to somersault their way out of this. But the thing about circus acrobatics is that the same trick doesn't work twice. It takes continuous variety and creativity to keep people glued to the live...
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28 Aug
For those who think a debate on whether India should be secular or not is something that should be had, a question: Would you hold a debate on whether you should be able to speak up against the government or not? Because if this "both sides" crap continues, that's next. Pull...
...your heads out of your privileged asses and realise that you are using your platform to mainstream venomous ideas that are going to be the death of secular India. Some things are self-evident truths and should not be up for debate. Like whether all people are equal in the...
...eyes if the law. Or whether all humans deserve the same treatment regardless of their religion. Put these up for "debate" and you are pretty much signing modern India's death certificate. Wake up and see that your sense of fairness is being used against you. And also that...
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25 Aug
Sambit Patra does what he does because if you are talking about him, you aren't talking about unemployment, lack of accountability, curbing of dissent, and other ACTUAL issues. By making fun of him, you are doing EXACTLY what he wants you to do. Just FYI.
There are 24 hours in a day. Of those, you spend less than half speaking, writing, and posting content on the internet. If they manage to make you obsess over inanities for 50% of your online time, do you know what that means? It means 50% less attention on issues that matter.
The stupidity you see online being spewed by low-grade celebrities is not an accident or even a measure of their true intelligence. They're not dumb. You're the one being taken for a ride. Theirs is a coordinated strategy to divert attention from matters of importance. Yours...
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23 Aug
The BJP is just another political party. Like any other political party. It is shameful that many Hindus have decided to put their religion in a box and hand it over to it for its own selfish use. It is arguable that they betray their religion by doing so. Any Hindu who says...
...the BJP is the only way for Hindus to prosper is either stupid or lying (or both). Sure, you are Hindu, but that's not all you are. You are a working class person, speaker of multiple languages, friend and neighbour to people from backgrounds as diverse as yours. And most...
...importantly you are a voter with the responsibility of your country's future on your shoulders. The government of India works for you. You do not exist to serve the prime minister of India. It is not your job to protect the government. Your job is to hold those in power...
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20 Aug
You: Stop spreading hatred.

Bhakt: We can't.

You: What? Why?

Bhakt: That's all we have.
You: What do you mean? Can't you spread something else? What about development?

Bhakt: There isn't any.

You: What about peace?
Bhakt: Mad or what? That's political suicide for our party.

You: Can't you spread a scientific outlook?

Bhakt: LOL.
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