The actions of this government, and @MattHancock in particular on the NHS are clear to see

Blaming the NHS on testing failures is ridiculous - flu jabs & baby immunisations are done without a hitch and have been for years
Think of Warfarin clinics - day in, day out blood testing without a hitch (things are bad if you have to wait an hour)

Had testing been given to the NHS then it there would never have been an issue.

Labelling private industries with NHS logo negatively impacts the NHS.
It would be useful to see a comparison of investment into true NHS services,

Against handouts to these private firms.

In the first instance, the NHS has structures in community and primary care for routine monitoring, immunisations etc

Let alone the expertise.
What is lacking is resource and infrastructure,

Which is the responsibility of Government and has been handed to private companies.

The move from a state funded and delivered health service to a state commissioned health service has accelerated.
Profitable parts of the NHS have been handed out to private companies (who are friends of the Tories)

Whilst problematic areas are left as “free”

The NHS will be damaged after this, and claims made it failed to deliver

That it would be better by private companies
This is an outright and devious lie,

It is not even politics - it is sell out and sell off of the public health service.

It is, in short, the crime of the Century
And remember, organisations like the IEA push for this.

It is insidious free market planning - and not in our interests.

Only theirs

• • •

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22 Nov
I have just heard @TiceRichard claim on @LBC that there is no more pressure on hospitals than there is normally

And that PCR tests are inaccurate compared to lateral flow tests.

And that excess deaths are no different to the 5 year average
These are all lies and fundamentally wrong.

Utter unsubstantiated and dangerous nonsense.
This nonsense is PURELY for Tice’s own business interests

I am absolutely fuming that this self serving fool is allowed to spout this twaddle.

@TomSwarbrick1 - if he makes these claims without ANYTHING to back it up you should cut him off
Read 5 tweets
20 Nov
Given ALL the news on @BorisJohnson having zero morals over @pritipatel, lets not forget the main purpose of the Tories

To get money and crush the devolved Parliaments

They regularly send out begging letter & propaganda

The below is a copy and paste

Todays Tory Scrounge email.

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking to the Scottish Conservatives Virtual Conference.

I’ll be thanking the people of Scotland for their effort to tackle the virus, conveying my commitment to devolution despite the SNP’s abysmal handling of devolved powers
Most importantly, I will be urging us all to come together to defeat the virus and Build Back Better

Before I make my speech, I wanted to ask you to do something extremely important. I need you to make a donation to the Scottish Conservatives >>
Make a Donation
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19 Nov
I’m being asked by some what is the R rate of seasonal influenza?

R is a rate - it changes, like acceleration.

It is a measure of how fast something is transmitting at any one point in time

What I THINK they want to know is - how does flu compare to covid?
Well, we could look at relative mortality

@toadmeister demonstrated yesterday that Covid has 10x as many deaths as seasonal flu

Information I have seen says Covid transmits 3x more than seasonal flu

Basics are - it is not flu.

It is more dangerous and can be passed on easily
Plus, we are seeing long term effects that are beyond the lungs

We just do not know what they will be yet.

So - don't go don't the rabbit hole

Stick to facts from those who KNOW what they are talking about.

Soap, mask, distance - trust the scientists
Read 4 tweets
19 Nov
There is much talk about the fears of a vaccine currently.

But this fear was created by the likes of Andrew Wakefield and amplified by a willing "press" seeking sales rather than supplying information.

The irony is that the claims on MMR were proven false.
But the poison injected into the minds of the population carried on.

And is carrying through the generations.

Lies fanned by those without morals for a quick buck are lethal

They will destroy the very basis of society
Don't believe me?

I was told this today:

"My 10 year old just came home after getting the flu vaccine at school. He was kinda upset at the large part of his class who didn't and proceeded to tell him vaccines cause autism"
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30 Oct
I have not really said much of my thoughts of late.

Just RT'd a lot of others

But I feel I have something to say now.

These last 4 1/2 years - and the last 12 months especially - have challenged us all

Maybe- just maybe- make us see the value in community and ech other
Perhaps we needed this - to see the very worst in those we just accepted

To see the evil within our society

If so, it is a hard lesson. But one which must be learned

With luck, the good will prevail

I have seen so much good here it gives me hope.
Unity of good is our strength

Together we are stronger

It will not happen overnight - much as I might wish it may

But it can happen

So - though we may despair, hold onto that

A brighter truth awaits if we truly want it.

Hold on, fight hard - cleave to the good
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29 Oct
Latest Tory "Give us your money" email



It was one year ago today that Parliament voted in favour of a general election.
On that day, and in the weeks that followed, I asked you to support our Party so that we could get Brexit done and unleash the potential of this entire country.
And because you, and millions of people like you, placed your trust in us we won an historic majority which has already delivered on many of our promises.

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