Facebook is again getting an eminently justified wave of bad publicity today. It deserves every bit. It is the prime incubator racist, quasi-fascist propaganda, state-run psyops operations and more. But to really understand the problem it is important to understand the ...
2/ structural roots of the problem, how much of this is baked into the core architecture and business model. Some of it is inherent to post-2000 tech. Facebook is an ingenious engine for information and ideational manipulation. It's a Pavlov engine for heightening ...
3/ sharpening and intensifying instinctive responses. That's the basis of the algorithms and why it is hugely lucrative. That also makes it ripe for misuse and bad acting. But the core of second wave Internet commerce operations is finding network models were costs grow ...
4/ arithmetically and revenues grow exponentially. With the possible exception of Apple that's the core of all the big tech goliaths. That's why there's no phone support for Google or Facebook or Twitter or any of the rest. It's why these companies employ so few people relative..
5/ to scale and profitability. Managing or distinguishing between legitimately and bad uses of this engine is one that would require huge, huge investment, lots of people to manage. That is a scale of investment and involvement that is wholly beyond the business model.
6/ It's why all these platforms routinely have comical stories about people reporting on white supremacy or pedophilia being banned for white supremacist or pedophile content. The core economic model requires doing it on the cheap. From an economic perspective it is a grand ...
7/ of socializing the externalities and keeping the revenues wholly for the owners. Nuclear power is actually incredibly cheap. The fuel is fairly plentiful and easy to pull out the ground and you set up a little engine and it makes limitless energy. What makes it ...
8/ ruinously expensive is managing the externalities, all the risks and dangers or radiation, accidents and radioactive waste. Facebook is best seen as a fantastically profitable nuclear energy producer whose profitability is based on dumping the waste on the side of the ...
9/ road and seeing frequently accidents and explosions as just an inherent part of the enterprise. Again, if nuclear power producers did that they would unquestionably be the most profitable companies in the world. On a longer time horizon it's what fossil fuel producers ...
10/ have been doing for decades. The point is that they've created a hugely powerful and potentially very dangerous machine. The core business model is based on getting all the revenue and having a few algothrms and a very, very limited investment in personal try to ...
11/ get a handle on the most outrageous and shocking abuses. It's not about Zuckerberg being a jerk - though he is one. It is built into the very foundation of the operation. To manage the potential negative externalities of what they've created would require money they ...
12/ are totally unwilling and in some ways unable to spend.

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22 Oct
The big story here, of course, is that the President and his top advisors appeared to relying on a strategy in which a brazen act of corrupt and possibly criminal conduct by top appointees saved his campaign. But there's another point to consider.
2/ Trump has been telegraphing and demanding these kinds of corrupt actions for so long and for such openly political reasons it's worth asking whether it would actually have a major effect. If Bill Barr came out tomorrow and announced an investigation into Joe Biden ...
3/ running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor would the reaction be "wow, guess we really didn't know the real joe biden!" or "holy shit, Barr is degrading DOJ to save Trump". Obviously that would break down a lot along party lines. But spending two or three years demanding..
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16 Oct
Seeing lots of folks say, well, no they're just shred all the documents. Not precisely. I do expect document destruction. But the details matter here. Most of the President's biggest crimes are not clearly statutory crimes. Some are, some aren't. It's debatable.
2/ Destruction of federal records is a straight up federal crime with serious penalties. No ambiguity. Just as important, the federal government is very large. The federal govt is a document creation machine. It's quite difficult to shred everything. And the shredding ...
3/ itself leaves a record. Critical the principals can't do that much themselves. They need lower level people and even civil servants to commit lots of felonies on their behalf as they lose power. That's a very tall order.
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16 Oct
As the bottom starts to fall out and rat's flee, remember that this is essential. The executive branch needs an audit. We cannot move forward without first knowing the details of the abuses and crimes. I explain here. talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/folks-t…
2/ The critical thing - and Trump clearly knows this and it terrifies him - is that all of President Trump's immunity disappears the moment he exits the Presidency. Just as important President's hold over his secrets, the records of his presidency all of that will migrate to ...
3/ the hands of the new President, who now looks likely to be Joe Biden. Every detail, every transcript, every record and the power over them is in the hands of the new President. Presidents often defer to the wishes of former President's. But it's purely a courtesy.
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16 Oct
Let me expand a bit on this. What is called "originalism" in the legal academy is something that doesn't really survive first contact with any serious historical examination of the period. It's a sort of academic bubble boy which can only exist in the controlled environment ...
2/ of the legal academy. But the Civil War amendments - if we are talking about what they were conceived as at the time and the intentions behind them - do amount to a refounding of the constitution. They are not mere revisions like one might see most of the other amendments.
3/ Justice Marshall argued that the 1787 document was a morally deficient which has no moral or historical claim on us today. It is only with the Civil War amendments that we have an edifice that has any claim on us. Whether or not you believe that there's no question ...
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15 Oct
Most likely story behind Rudy hard drive story is this. Someone, likely state actors from former Soviet Union states, hacked Hunter Biden’s computers. They then concocted bogus emails snd combined them together. Lots of red flags point to this.
2/ Emails appear to be in image form, no metadata. They only come from the supposed Ukrainian exec. So their existence can’t be clearly confirmed or disconfirmed by looking at Biden’s actual emails. Foreign entities hand goods to Giuliani who regularly works with ....
3/ foreign intelligence operations on Trumps behalf. Going to the Post is text book. Every reporter who’s done work in Nat sec or intel space recognizes it. Go to publication with loose or no standards to get the material out intact.
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11 Oct
Any Democrat who uses the term “court packing” to describe expanding the number of seats on the Supreme Court should be smacked upside the head. This is not only idiotic politics. More importantly it is wrong, incorrect, not what anyone is proposing.
2/ For the last decade Republicans have used an escalating mix of aggressive and corrupt means to stack the federal judiciary in order to entrench power they believe they will no longer be able to win in majority elections. If Democrats control the Congress and the White House...
3/ they must take steps to undo this harm and corruption and the most viable, logical path is to add additional seats to the Supreme Court. This is no more than undoing bad acting by Republicans, a remedial, reactive action to ensure that democratic government can function.
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