Alcohol is a trap that will destroy your life if you let it.

Here are 10 things alcohol ads will never tell you:

1) It slows down your brain

When alcohol binds to a brain cell

It prevents that cell from firing a signal.

This causes your brain activity to slow down.

That’s why you feel relaxed when you first start drinking.

You may also feel less anxiety and stress.
2) It lowers your inhibitions

Alcohol slows down brain regions involved in:

- inhibitions
- decision making
- reasoning and clear thinking

When you’re uninhibited and can’t think straight

You make dumb decisions you normally wouldn’t.
3) It makes you more impulsive

Alcohol elevates a stimulant called norepinephrine.

After a few drinks

The amount of this stimulant is jacked up, and you get excited.

Combined with lowered inhibitions...

You suddenly find yourself imitating pro wrestling in your living room.
4) It lowers your verbal filter

This combination doesn’t just affect your actions.

It also affects what you say.

A common side effect of drinking too much:

Saying things you later wish you hadn't.

You're prone to getting in arguments, having an emotional breakdown, etc.
5) It screws up your memory

When you drink too much, memory loss occurs.

This is called getting "blackout" drunk - you have a blackout in your memory.

Then the next day, you're shocked when people tell you what you did.

Don't remember? Too bad. You still did it.
6) It interrupts your sleep

You didn't even sleep that well because of alcohol.

Sure, you'll fall asleep quickly since your body and brain is slowed down...

But alcohol interrupts REM sleep (the restorative part of sleep).

That's why you wake up at 4am after a bender.
7) It makes you hung over

When you wake, you feel like trash.

Dehydrated. Battered by toxins.

Unable to remember what happened.

Say goodbye to productivity!

Some swear by "hair of the dog" - having a morning drink to help.

That's how you quickly become an alcoholic.
8) It causes anxiety

Alcohol slows your nervous system down.

If you drink regularly, your body will compensate for this.

It'll speed your nervous system up to balance.

But when you stop drinking, your nervous system is going too fast.

You feel anxious. Jittery. Panicked.
9) It shrinks your brain

Regularly getting wasted also shrinks your brain.

It destroys your brain's white matter - where the nerve cells are located.

Reducing alcohol intake reverses this in some areas.

But, other areas will never recover.

Best not to let it get that far...
10) It becomes an addiction

If it's so bad, then why is alcoholism so common?

Because alcohol quickly becomes addictive.

You find yourself reaching for a bottle

Even when you swore you weren't going to.

You get trapped in the cycle, night after night, destroying your brain.
Thank you for reading.

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Productivity Thread #7:

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It never ends.

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