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17 Sep, 20 tweets, 5 min read
The threats made against the American people(Biowar,Food Shortages,Cut off the Electricity ) to name a few during this time resemble the methods used on the Syrian people and more..
Stopping a Military Coup d'état with the Insurrection Act of 1807, Col. ... via @YouTube
Always the COALITION..Deep State
The fabrication of the myth of the "Syrian revolution" by the United Kingdom
Economic Sabotage
Acts of sabotage in Syria
New Coalition Crimes
The People wanted Assad...regardless
Selling the Lie..Rigged Intelligence..

@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS The pattern is clearly a War pattern put together by the War Machine. You inherited the Syrian/ISIS debacle and have relied on those who have had another Agenda that was not yours I truly believe.
But the Tactics are similar to what Americans are facing on a different level..from the engineers of War.
My goal with this Thread is not not to be Judge nor Jury for I was not there but to simply show Americans that we are in a War that is as real just different tactics...different Arena.
This last story points toward the goal of the Strategy...Genocide.

Presented in the West as the realization of a friendly utopia, the brand new « Rojava » is in reality a colonial state, designed and cemented in blood by Washington.
This time, the plan is to expel the populations of the North of Syria and replace them with people who were not born there. In order to implement this ethnic cleansing, the Pentagon and the CIA have mobilised combatants from the circles of the European extreme-left
Free Speech suppression...
The Tribe hits the Homeland

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21 Oct
Google Is Not What It Seems
Google: "WH & State Dept support[to do what] the CIA can not...
Google another tool for Color Revolutions...used by US Intelligence..but what if it is used in America against the American people?

Google is part of a cartel of Internet companies which notoriously works closely with the US intelligence
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21 Oct
@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @MarkMeadows
Biden and Kolomoisky, separately, are involved in plundering $1.8 billion of the money the IMF allocated to Ukraine in 2014-2015.
Joe Biden participated in illegally overthrowing the president of a foreign country, installing his guys and firing undesirables, looting Ukrainian state money, extorting local oligarchs, pillaging IMF loans, fuelling fratricide in Donbass, etc.

What a “clean” and “honest” guy!
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21 Oct
Yatsenyuk was Biden’s guy for embezzling Ukraine’s state budget money. We’re talking multiple billions of looted cash. But the scheme collapsed when Poroshenko, who at this point had fallen out of favour with the US, had a spat with Yatsenyuk and fired him.
Biden would sit in the upper floor of the Rada and instruct deputies how to vote on certain draft laws to ensure the result needed by Joe and Hunter. If a deputy tried to act against the Bidens’ will, they were thrown to the wolves and their Rada career was done.
Biden wasn’t happy with Igor Kolomoisky embezzling state money – only Biden & Co are allowed to do this! – so Joe initiated the nationalisation of Igor’s “Privatbank”, which the Rada had to do in order to hope to receive another IMF loan (more Biden blackmail).
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21 Oct
It is about laundering money withdrawn from Ukraine through a fund close to the United States Democratic Party. In general, we are talking about $7.4 billion, from which only a “small fraction” was used to bribe Western politicians.
The principle of this scheme is that with the assistance of American funds, money washed and sent out of the country is legalised and invested in government bonds at 6-8% in dollars and 15-17% in hryvnia.
“Last week, on November 14th, invisible to the media, the Prosecutor-General’s Office announced a new suspicion to the notorious owner of ‘Burisma’, former Minister of Ecology Zlochevsky.
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20 Oct
Take a look under this headline link to read a page full of British propaganda:
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20 Oct
@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS
Mr. President..I am all In with you and from day one have been..and I must say this..
I do not care how much money they have... or presumed power...
If these criminals are NOT put in Jail very soon(some ASAP) eventually the public sentiment will assume that you are complicit with it all...
I am just being honest and feel that its what they would wish for as they are all the biggest POS thiefs and #Traitors the world sees and
MOCKS. They deserve no protection or consideration.Strip their Citizenship so their crooked Lawyers can not present any point of fact and stick them in the deep freeze of ETERNAL hell they deserve. EVIL deserves nothing...
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