1/ Why @COVID19Tracking has Florida testing data WRONG.

I think I've figured out what the simpletons at CTP are doing wrong.

This chart appears on the first page of each day's State Report from @HealthyFla

It shows CUMULATIVE number of "persons tested" for Covid in FL.
2/ "Data scientists" at CTP are simply subtracting cumulative numbers of residents plus non-residents that tested positive and negative.

Then calculating daily percent positivity based on these two numbers.

So, for today:

3,244 / (23,695+3,244) =
3,244 / 26,950 = 12.08%.
3/ Because these are "cumulative number" of people tested, it DELETED persons tested more than once.

So if I got tested last month and again yesterday, my test yesterday is not counted.

I only get counted once for negative and positive.

Think about how many get tested > 1 time
4/ Official Florida testing data from @healthyFla reported on second page of State Report show tests BY DAY.

This is the same stupid issue as deaths by "date of death" vs. deaths by "date of data dump."

For Sep. 16 testing reported today, there were 80,707 tests, not 26,950!
5/ Do the math.

2 of 3 had been tested earlier and don't show up in the cumulative data used by simpletons at CTP.

True testing percentage positive is 5.68%.
6/ But these numbers include people who had tested positive on an earlier day and already are classified as official Covid "cases."

Eliminate them to get "case percentage positive" of only 4.46%.
7/ So, in summary, true case positivity rate is 4.46%.

Johns Hopkins and other simpletons relying on data from @COVID19Tracking report almost TRIPLE at 12.1%.

Media and state governments follow JHU and impose quarantines on people traveling from states JHU deems "unsafe."
8/ Peoples lives and businesses are destroyed by #FakeData disseminated by simpletons at @COVID19Tracking who simply don't understand the data they are reporting.

Human-rights crimes that are destroying prosperity, jobs, and lives.
9/ This is essentially the same simpleton, lazy, STUPID error as using deaths by "date of daily data dump" instead of deaths by "date of death."

Why are reporters such lame, lazy LEMMINGS?

Is the ONE REAL JOURNALIST out there . . . ?

• • •

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24 Nov
1/ Florida Covid Update: No. 23, 2020

Number of cases has been rising largely in lockstep with number of tests.

Correlation coefficient between two series: > 0.80
2/ Florida Covid Update: No. 23, 2020

Positive percentage (7-day MA) had been rising since Oct. 7 from low of 4.4% to 8.3% on Nov. 18.

Falling since then, today at 7.5%.

July 8 high was 16.1%.

The snowbirds have returned with more than just their buying power.
3/ Florida Covid Update: No. 23, 2020

Hospitalization data continues to show stability.

Occupancy of all beds at 74%, in line with past several months.

Same for occupancy of ICU beds at 76%.
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1 Nov
1/ Today's Palm Beach Post newspaper's latest #PanicPorn from its resident "fear-mongerer" Jane Musgrave aka @pbpcourts.

2/ 800,000 have tested positive.

Current positive percentage is more about 5% in FL so that means more than 1 million of 21.5 million population are CURRENTLY INFECTED.

Most are asymptomatic.

Jane misses this "small" fact.
3/ Serology tests indicate that about 20% of Floridians have been infected with Covid-19.

That is not 1 million.

That is 4 million.
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30 Oct
1/ Palm Beach County, FL Update:

Today, the @PBPost published yet another #PanicPorn article penned by @pbpcourts Jane Musgrave, trying to paint our situation as grim.
"We're in trouble in Florida," opines one "expert."

"This comes when you open too soon," scolds another.
2/ So what are they worrying about?

A rise in the number of "cases."

Ok, so let's look:

Cases have risen from recent 7-day average low of 115 up to 309.

But much of this is the result of increased testing.
From 3,460 to 6,181.
3/ Much more relevant is the positive percentage.

This metric, on a 7-day average to smooth daily spikes, had averaged less than 5% from Aug. 23 until Oct. 26 when it rose above 5%.

Has been less than 6% each day since.

Worth keeping an eye on it as the snowbirds return.
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21 Oct
1/ Florida Covid-19 Situation:


Appear to be rising by "date of lab datadump."

But continue to fall by "date of event," which for most cases is the date of the PCR test.

Labs are dumping old tests to create the illusion of "rising cases"?
2/ Florida Covid-19 Situation:


Covid-occupied hospital beds hit new low on Sunday under 2,000 after mid-July peak of 9,500.

Slight uptick on Mon-Tue as happens each week.

Relative to "event date," hospitalizations continue to decline to new low of under 100.
3/ Florida Covid-19 Situation:


By date of death, continue to decline. Could miss a recent uptick.

Relative to event date, continue to decline in a big way.

Strong evidence that death are really continuing to decline.
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18 Oct
1/ Today's Florida Covid-19 Update:

Positive percentage (7-day rolling average) below 5% for fourth straight week.

Slight blip attributable to Nov. 9 lab reporting debacle that inflated daily positive percentage to 7.88%.
2/ Hospitalizations:

Covid-occupied hospital beds fall to new low of 1,996, down from mid-July peaks of 9,500+.

First time below 2,000 since public reporting began.

Less than 5% of ~42,000 total occupied hospital beds.
3/ Deaths:

Deaths by "date of death" continue to decline from early August peak, but state bureaucrats continue to create new "Covid deaths" by matching old death certificates with old Covid cases.
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17 Oct
1/ Today's Florida Covid-19 testing data update.

After a disastrous lab "data dump," we are "officially back below 5% positive percentage.
2/ Testing by month and then by day for past 14 days.

Do you see a "spike" from re-openings schools and colleges?


Me neither.

Because there wasn't one.

So much for that #PanicPorn headline.
Hospitalization data.

Covid-occupied beds down from peak of 9,500+ in mid-July to less than 2,100.

No discernable rise in past few weeks.

Maybe this is as low as it goes with bogus PCR testing "false positives."
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