🌏This year has felt like stages of labor pains for Gaia.This week I feel an energetic pause of Stillness...something is boiling up for equinox where balancing of within & without takes place.this is a complete rewiring & rebooting of all the systems within Gaia & within our
individual bodies.
Equinox will bring an increase of Gaia's heart frequencies & this will create a decrease in her magnetic fields resulting in the veils between the spiritual & physical to be more & more transparent.we are existing side by side,we can see,hear & feel the
inner realms of Gaia as much as they can connect with us.
Connect deeply into that.If you are a healer send energies every day for her,this would assist in the strengthenig of the new templates that are being created now on New Gaia.
I myself have been asking Gaia to reveal
her creations,plans,that we as a unified field of consciousness has created together.
The elders of Gaia responds & showed me Gaia in a dissected form,from the outer to the core within her,the Diamond core is there,solidifying itself more & more,much is being done.many galactics
are assisting with her inner transformation,so many different races living beneath her,layers upon layers,all in different dimensional realms so they dont exist with each other,although they are in the same space.This is deeper within the hollow sphere where no humans can reach.
Beneath human grounds are more of the 4D entities,mostly wiped out by the galactics,sent back,some died from battles,yes battles are happening within,military backed by lightforces are doing more than we think they are.Mostly are reptilians,greys,hybrids & some entities which I
couldn't explain with words.
Excessive negative energies has been taken out,now we allow the last phases to be played out as planetary alignments & timing play a huge role too💙

• • •

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27 Oct
💫Source Lightcodes are pouring in strongly now,especially by the end of Oct.
Expect enhanced kundalini activations,hot/cold flushes,emotionally drained,exhaustion,nausea,ear ringing,rapid heart rates,irregular sleeping patterns among the few.with the next Oct 31st Blue full moon
again this is going to amplify all that you are feeling now towards higher octaves.
As all these are being experienced through the body,after a round of good release your vehicle will be able to anchor in higher Source Lightcodes for further integration of crystalline DNA,this
is a period of patience & care for yourself,if nothing makes sense,just let it be & see these upheavals of emotions as consciousnesses that needs to be seen & released.it doesn't need to make sense,only the mind constantly needs logical explanations,your inner self
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24 Oct
🌌Yesterday i did some practices that triggered my root,sacral & solar plexus chakra,I had a rough night,i didn't sleep,my mind didnt allow me to,i meditated then my soul body went back to the scene to view what i was doing,I saw with the practice that i was participating in,this
opened my old wounds that i thought i have released,i saw my energy body with deepest layers of past that i have pushed aside for a long time,i have released these...its back again!
All in one moment I experienced emotions & feelings of love,pleasure,fear,pain,
vulnerability,denial,abandonment,shame,doubt with myself & everything,everyone around me.these are my past pain body since childhood throughout my life that i have released past years,resurfacing again.
I understood this was for me to process within me,although I did wish the
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23 Oct
🌹I received a message that wants to reach those who are going through sadness,anger,disappointment,bitterness.You are going through a shift deep within your heart,it is trying to heal itself from past pains if you would allow it.You may be feeling
depressed,burnt out,confused,feeling your efforts to assist others being taken for granted,going through a loss...the Divine Mother wants you to know that your suffering will pass soon,she is pulsing her gentle love within your heart,reassuring you that you are loved infintely
by all that is around you,support is all around you if you can shift your perception even if just slightly.Once you are able to forgive others & most importantly yourself this will instantly set you free,its all within your own mind.
Only the most powerful souls chooses the path
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16 Oct
💫A gateway is opened,let open your hearts to receive these lightcodes pouring in right now which accelerates our consciousness to get us ready for next months energy.It will keep amplifying from now till then,re-centre with your individual 144 parrallel light
bodies,allow your current body to be the anchor of all 144 bodies,you can take control,try not to be swayed by the lower realities around you,we do not need to watch the outer chaos,focus on the your inner work,how you can serve through compassion without judging how others are
trying to navigate their own path. We need to understand everyone has their own contracts,they might prefer to play longer in the 3D realities & that is their freewill choice,doesn't mean they are lower & you are higher,that is a polarised thinking which has to drop.lets shine
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16 Oct
🌑New Super Moon in Libra energies brings a new opportunity to invite balance,inner peace & self love.this is a strong time to focus on the imbalances of the inner masculine/feminine to bring harmony into your life.This super moon is orbiting closest to earth & this
will cause heightened emotions,indecisiveness,mild inner conflicts manifested as outer distractions if not taken care of properly.
With the effects of Mars & Aries during this alignment it might also trigger outer expectations & impatience & conflicts in relationships.its good
to be patient,try to find inner peace through spiritual practices,deeper meditations & learning to accept our authentic self & others without judgements.
Its a great time to use these new energies for transformation,release old limiting beliefs,embracing & starting anew🌑
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12 Oct
💙Sometimes when I am brought up to ship,or on other planet,or astrally brought somewhere in general,when its time to return to my body I feel a sense of excitement,as our galactic famalies or guides are so encouraging,feeding us lots of wisdom,showing us options on what we can
do to assist others when we get back into our vessel,we forget some of it sometimes,but still able to remember some...at times i am conscious as i make transition back into my body,other times not,then as I open my eyes on occasions that i do remember,my mind goes,

this movie has no cuts,I have to do my best'.

as we go through our day denseness sets in & we forget the love & encouragement our higher levels have shown us,but we must trust its there,that voice behind your mind,its always there supporting you & all that we are experiencing is
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