Resistance, organizing, protests and struggle have done much more for social movements than the Supreme Court ever has. A vacancy is concerning, alarming even, surely. But history teaches us to resist, not defer to courts
I literally said that the vacancy may be concerning and alarming. And please stop trying to explain to me, A LAWYER, what the courts do fam. I know
Actually, I know exactly what the courts do. I study court cases. I also study social movement history. And none of those wins would have been possible without resistance. Courts are important. Not the only, or even most important tool, in the box
I know about Brown v Board, and that schools are more segregated today. I know Obergefell and gay marriage, and radical socialist and feminist critiques against gay marriage. I know Roe, and the closing of abortion clinics still. We know
In a @PeoplesForumNYC class this summer, I learned that Frederick Douglass was excited about the Dred Scott decision, excited because the Supreme Court’s absurd denial of Scott’s freedom was polarizing to the slavery question. It’s one of my favorite pieces by him
Also- Thurgood Marshall was mad at MLK and black students sitting in because he wanted to fight segregation in the courts. Thank God they didn’t listen to him. Justices are important. Movements are more important

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30 Apr
Last night, my little sisters walked home from the store and saw a man shouting from his car. A baby younger, probably younger than 2 was in the middle of the street and with a dog. The man was shouting because there was no adult to be found. (thread)
My little sisters grabbed the baby's hand and saw a door open. They took him there and started shouting in the house for help. A boy, about five years old came down some stairs. He said nobody was home. They told the boy to keep the toddler inside.
When my sisters came in the house, they told me what happened, and said that a woman looked like she was taking down the address to call the cops or the CPS. I didn't want anyone to lose their kids, so we ran back to the house to wait outside.
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29 Apr
on this day in 2008, i wrote on facebook, "I am crying for America. Have we learned nothing from our past?"

I had just found out about the not-guilty verdicts for the three cops who killed Sean Bell.
.@kevin_powell wrote that day: "Our current leadership needs us to believe all we can ever be are victims, doomed to one recurring tragedy or another. It keeps these leaders gainfully employed, and it keeps us feeling completely helpless and powerless...
Well, I am not helpless nor powerless, and neither are you. To prevent Sean Bell's memory from fading like dust into the air, the question is put to you, now: What are you going to do to change this picture once and for all?"
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22 Apr
if you call the cops because someone broke into your house, and you get into a fight with the person who broke into your home, and the cops show up and shoot you, do you think that's okay? Do you think that's keeping people "safe"? Do you accept this potential outcome as normal?
I'm trying to see the full range, if people accept all loss of human life as the cost of policing. Or when it's Black girls with large bodies in foster care
Because it seems to me, that one girl could have killed or seriously injured the other girl, and without any context, the cop said the only option was to kill someone anyway? I'm trying to calculate the costs of policing and whether this is public safety
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20 Apr
George Floyd didn’t sacrifice his life. He was executed by a cop.
Are we in the Hunger Games?
I think it’s actually related to this weird story that we tell about Jesus, except that Jesus was also killed by the state
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19 Apr
hi, i've wanted to share my book cover for a while. here it is. especially now, i believe that more people will realize that we deserve a world without police. i hope this book is an offering that will help as we dream, discuss and debate what it takes… black book with Becoming Abolitionists in large white text,
I know the police kill 3 people a day. It doesn't have to be this way. This time, two more high profile police killings are coinciding with Chauvin's trial. But I'm so glad people are rising up in Chicago & Minnesota because convictions won’t save lives
and we have to ask ourselves, as i ask in the book, do we want convictions or do we want to live? do we want tired reforms or do we want freedom? do we want to keep putting our hope in the systems that destroy our families? communities?
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17 Apr
sometimes i wish people were more curious than critical.
just because you don't know something, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.
just because you don't know how to define something, it doesn't mean that people have not been organizing around the principles for decades
when my oldest kid says "this doesn't make sense," i always ask him to first rephrase it as, "i don't understand this." it's how i try to practice intellectual humility before i jump to conclusions
i try to learn first, so i can have a better assessment of why something doesn't make sense. I ask other people. I build an analysis. then i can say things like, "this is where I disagree" or "this is what's useful." i had to learn how to do that with afropessmism, for example
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