Ok, it's thread time. I want to hit this while I've got the energy and some fire.

Lets start with Kenney coming and demanding 6.5 billion from PM Trudeau for, equalization payback? First off, Kenney knows how the equalization formula works. Secondly, he knows Trudeau won't
be strong armed by the little angry man pretending to govern Alberta. And what, Jason thought threatening to engage in a "war" if it's denied? Has he fallen completely off his fucking rocker?

So let me see if I have this straight. This is the idiot who keeps digging more and
more debt and is not contemplating bringing in a PST (which some see as some type of bold move). Bold? Not bold. Convenient. The province is sitting at 39% approval of this cretin. His name is already shit. What is a PST going to do aside from continue the fall down down down
for this government. It'll get balled up into the rest of the bullshit they've done. And where's a PST going to go? We already know. It's a rhetorical question. Fuck that Kenney. Not for you. For someone looking out for Albertans, sure lets talk.

Next, Sonya, "I'll block you
if you complimenting my hair" Savage. Her hair has a bit of a resemblance to my hair....anyway. She came out and said, at least the gist, that oil is going to drive things for decades and that it may not be in Alberta, but it'll be somewhere.

How big is the stone that she lives
under? Has she been paying any attention? I swear this to all of you, the minute they can find an alternative for oil, it'll be replaced. Bank on it. Oh and I should mention, I talked to a friend a short time ago who notified me that one of the owners of the war room is Sonya
Savage. So when she's not saying stupid shit like a pandemic is the best time to build a pipeline, she's following it up with more pro-oil drivel in the face of what will be one of the greatest transformations of our times. Shut it Savage.

Sorry, my thoughts are all over the
place tonight. To go back to Kenney and the impending "war", what is he going to do? His citizens are HATING him at a record rate. I mean hell, he's not even half way through his term, and you're threatening war? What are you going to do? Stop asking the PM for money? Dumb fuck.
We need a liberal majority so they can make the lives of the Conservatives, and their ability to operate and function within this country, impossible. Snuff out the hatred, the bitching, the blaming, and the grovelling.

Alright, we're rolling right along! Next, our teachers.
I'm not a fortune teller butttt I know our educators are entering negotiations with the government shortly, if not already, on a new contract. If it goes as well as everything else with these goons, it's going to get messy.

I am asking that you remember how valuable teachers
and stand with them when they need you. The support from parents is going to be what's needed to get the governments attention and demand they settle fairly and keep our teachers teaching and our kids learning. I think that there are those that don't realize what happens if the
government chooses not to play ball. Let's not get to that point. It'll be very unpleasant for all involved.

Ok lastly, for those that didn't hear, O'Toole has tested positive for COVID. He, in all of his wisdom met with a number of Conservative premiers in Ottawa. I can only
imagine it was without masks or distancing. So there is the potential a number of them will fall sick too. I guess stuff like this happens when you lie, cheat, and shit all over people because they haven't as much money as you after pilfering the money off the backs of taxpayers
for years. This is called Karma.

I also want to give a huge shout out to my newest followers, as well as the ones who have stuck with me. It's been a pleasant surprise to see some more come aboard the last few days.

Stay vigilant and keep pushing the progressive agenda.
Victory will be ours.

Much love from the Insider.

#cdnpoli #abpoli #FireTheUCP #ReformersMustGo

• • •

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15 Jan
Hey, it's THREAD TIME!

So I guess the best place to start is the underhanded move of this government to steal teachers pensions on DECEMBER 23! So for the little bit of time they actually get to themselves in the school year and even THEN they have to be on guard........

from the fact that it hits especially close to home, I feel even worse because I feel as though I'm becoming numb to these announcements. The anger still comes and is warranted, but it almost feels like you don't come down for the emotional surge and then you settle into fatigue.
Ok, so onto todays #RealTalkRJ show. So I've got no knowledge of Robin Campbell short of the role he currently fills. I did catch from Jespo today that he used to be the Environment Minister, is that correct?? Who's government was he a part of? What kind of an environment
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10 Jan
Ok, it's threeeeeead time!!!

First off, I want to share that I spoke with a friend who's parents were "found Trumpers" after being Cons their whole lives andddddddd they have developed a hate for JK and are vowing to vote @RachelNotley next election!

Next, the MAGATS and
Reformer supporters are like a dirty diaper, their worldly value ends when we're toddlers, they're full of shit, and we should trash them and never look back!

Ok, now as 2020 wound down I was optimistic, but not over the moon optimistic about getting rid of this government
but since the calendar has turned over.............BAM! Things are ALLLIIIIVVVEEEEEE!!!

Let's review what we've experienced in the last few weeks:

1. Ministers and staffers travel outside of Canada for holidays of selfishness. Kenney lies. Ministers and staffers feign taking
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8 Jan
I'm making one plea to Albertans as we continue to battle to survive this UCP term and as we continue to day by day get closer to the next election..............regardless of what carrots they try to tempt you with to buy back your good will (I'm not sold anything is coming btw)
don't reward them with your loyalty come next election. They are dishonest, disinterested, greedy, cruel, disrespectful and have a clear dislike or Albertans and don't deserve our faith or trust in them. There is no price that is worthy of you putting your faith back in them,
assuming it was ever there. Ralph bucks shouldn't have bought you back in during the Klein years, and if Kenney comes with Kenney Koins, fuck that noise. Stay the course and don't even open your minds at all to present an opportunity to salvage this and buy a next term.
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7 Jan
I was listening to #RealTalkRJ from this morning and did it strike anybody else as frustrating as heck when the mayor of Slave Lake was on and he kept touting how he's in "Conservative country" and yet is complaining about his MLA? So then he starts in on the
recall legislation and how they dont have a way to remove him etc. First off, who did he have in mind to replace him? After all, he's in "Conservative country". Does he think anyone who would replace him, if under the UCP, is going to be any more dedicated to doing the job and
representing their constituents? Does he pay attention to the way the government has represented itself in any other district in the province, ESPECIALLY in the rural communities? and he's what, expecting something different? Then you add in that the guy moved into the town, as
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6 Jan
After many days trying to get to this, it's thread time.

So how about our disasterous government taking off and leaving the country while so many of us followed health orders and stayed at home? I only caught part of the Kenney presser but my god I have never seen someone
split hairs and dance around accountability the way he does. So his chief of staff heads to the UK, and then takes a flight into the States only to cross the border. Ironic considering the crackdown on flights from the UK coming into Canada. Or how about Minister Allard going to
Hawaii because it's an annual thing and hell, why should this year be any different? And Tony Yao, what a guy. So when he's not talking about his favorite convo starter, organ harvesting, he's disappearing to Mexico. So he turned his phone off and apparently only recently turned
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25 Nov 20
Ok, so I sat and listened to the entire video of the earlier presser and now it's time to THREAAAD!

I'm going to work this thread in as sequential of an order as I gathered the information.

I want to start off by saying this. Some general observations I noticed watching
the video:

1. Kenney is a poor speaker. He tries to use a range of larger words to make up for his inability to think and put together sentences that allow his speaking to flow.

2. Kenney is shook. He was stumbling and bumbling. He had to go back time and again to try to
humanize himself by taking pause and making an attempt at connecting with Albertans.

Ok so one of the first glaring issues I had with the presentation was the pathetic attempt at selling a lockdown as unappealing because it would predominantly target the poor. Is that a fucking
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