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19 Sep, 24 tweets, 5 min read
You are standing on the edge of a cliff, below there is a 100-foot drop onto jagged stones. You are there for the view, because the view is beautiful. A gust of wind touches your back and you shake slightly, but the view is worth the risk. Its not like before.
A month ago another person came up here. He had not read the weather predictions and a fierce storm hit. The great wind forced him over the edge. But that was months ago. You have been careful, and watched the weather reports.
The reports were at first 24/7, as it was a fresh tragedy. But the view was important, and over time the reports relaxed. The weather was improving, according to the reports. You trust the reports, others don't. Others say that reports can be wrong. You don't trust them.
Some say that the weather reports may miss the formation of a storm, others say that the storm was made up, that the man fell for other reasons. Each can provide evidence, but you understand neither as they are complex, and parts are missing.
Far behind there are many who wish to join you, but some are scared by the memory of the storm. Others deny the storm even happened, and begin to walk up to join you. Their numbers are strong, they begin to form a crowd, forcing you closer to the edge. But you all enjoy the view.
Another gust of wind, stronger now, bracketed by the mass of people. Down below the storm-fearers have begun to back away. They must be scared, but its okay, the weather system can't be wrong. Many people agree, and there is strength in numbers.
You remember a report a month ago. One reporter said that the storm was coming back, that the systems in place to prevent it wouldn't work. You cant remember his name, just the anger toward him. He wanted to take away the view, all for himself.
You feel in your pocket, now empty of money. It cost to see this view again. You want to see what you paid. The view is beautiful. The wind is stronger. You hear thunder from far behind. The storm-fearers have left. Your group continues to admire the view. The air flashes.
Doubt creeps into your mind. Perhaps the storm-fearers have a point. Perhaps with all this confusion its best to be safe. The view can wait. Your phone bleeps, and a message reads 'the storm will not come.' You are not reassured this time. Others behind you cheer and jeer.
You begin to think more. You could try and leave, just in case, but the crowd behind you blocks escape. Perhaps you could send a message to the back. You try, but you are called a 'storm-fearer' and mocked. They jostle you forward, closer to the edge. The ground cracks beneath
Now the first drops of rain splatter the crowd. They look up and smile, saying it makes them stronger. The wind is now picking up. The trees are swaying, and your coat blows out. You are leaning back. A voice behind says 'we have weathered worse, we are brave.'
The 'storm fearers' are now messaging you, they are pleading, the weather experts are pleading to, come down, the storm is coming. Some of the crowd are beginning to murmur. But no, the view, and their pride, it keeps them there. The thunder intensifies.
You look forward. The view is beautiful. But, perhaps it was not worth this risk. The confused data could not predict with accuracy, but the warnings were there. Perhaps you should have listened, act better safe than sorry. You try to turn back, but the wall behind you is blind.
Some of the wall are empty shells, made to look like people but run by machines. Their controllers are safe far away. Others clutch symbols that define them, not the evidence. Some, like you, were confused. They share your fear, you can see it on their faces. They are trapped too
The storm approaches from behind. The 'storm-fearers' are long gone. The view is now unimportant, and the fall is everything. The man who fell fills your mind. If only you had listened and played it safe. And its not just you, the whole crowd begins to surge forward.
As you teeter on the edge you look around. In each direction, there are thousands of cliffs. And on each one, you meet the eyes of another who has realised too late. As you begin to feel the ground leave your feet, you are left with one last thought.
'I should not have let the view cloud my judgement. I should have embraced uncertainty and played it safe. I am not fully to blame, because the messages were mixed, but why did I choose the more dangerous option.'
As we move toward the cliff once again, we must remember the cost of ignorance and the price of misconstruing fear for weakness. We must remember that acting with safety is better than abandon. We must choose to do this for ourselves, and listen to those who know.
We must consider the agenda of those who deny and would place us at risk, what they may misunderstand. We must consider what can be lost through ignorance and pride, and what can be gained in time gained by retreat. We must thin of the others at the edge, not just ourselves.
As covid-19 levels rise we move closer and closer. The storm is returning, and in my view, it never left, we just began to forget it. Those who raised concerns were shunned by inexperienced but reassuring voices. Let us not need another lesson. Let us learn from the first.
Please be careful. Act on the side of caution. Wear your masks, wash your hands, keep your distance. Listen to the doctors. Embrace doubt and step back. The view will remain, but we cannot deny it to others because we would not wait.
We will weather this storm together, but we will weather it not upon the cliff, but in safety far behind. We will wait until things are safe again. Please consider this. Many will need to be out in the storm again pulling people back. Some themselves will fall doing so.
Some will weather this storm at the cliffs edge. Some may not come back. Remember them. Do what you can to help, spread the message. The storm is coming, time to pull back.
We are all human. We all make mistakes. We all wish to live and love, to see beautiful things. Sometimes the hardest thing is to step back and wait for a clearer day. That day will come, but it will take us all to save us all.

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24 Oct
Fuck it

1) Antimaskers will cost lives
2) brexit is dumb
3) tory leaders are liars
4) ppe contracts were cronyism
5) track and trace was privatised
6) a 4 week lockdown is needed
7) asylum seekers > home office
8) gov hates the poor
9) the blitz isnt relevant
10) we need experts
11) rashford > bradley
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21) RIP my mentions.
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24 Oct
@GillianA as the post-take Consultant, a thread..

Arriving on the ward to be told there are 36 patients, but she is amped on caffeine and ready to go. She ignores the sound of vomit from behind curtain 3 and gets to work..
As the post-take F1 asks to go to the bathroom, she beckons to the day duty SHO to join her for the 'educational experience.' She hands him the esteemed note-taking trolley and the promise of a 'mini-cex'
Three patients in and after reviewing the high lactate in the patient with 'generalised tummy pain but ED was at 3hrs 59 minutes' she reluctantly makes the elective decision to refer for a surgical consult. Damn, she mutters, almost a perfect game.
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22 Oct
Okay I will say it.

Those who survived the Blitz should be respected, just at those who died to protect them should not be forgotten

But surviving the blitz is not equivocal to surviving a pandemic.
We need to think differently

Stop insulting the memory of lives lost to both.
The memory of tragedy 80 years ago should not guide our actions today. We owe our country to lost soldiers, and our lives to their sacrifice.

Lets show them they didnt go over the top simply because we cant tolerate a year of change.
Yes its lonely, yes jobs will be lost, yes we will suffer. I have sympathy. But if we want to really cite the blitz spirit, it is about using our brains and coming together, not running out into the street. We are not cowards for seeking shelter, we are survivors.
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22 Oct
Okay buddy, time for a lesson from Daddy

Many people define themselves by alternative pronouns, and we know that constant exposure to stigma is one of the main (1)forces in declining physical and mental health . We also know that self-stigma is associated with depression (2)
It is well known within psychiatric literature that self-esteem is often intertwined with a sense of identity (3) and that deviation from perceived identity is met with higher risks of suffering (4.) Certain groups present a higher risk of mental illness secondary to these issues
The LGBT community on a whole suffer a large amount of maltreatment and stigma. Factors associated with a higher risk of suicide include negative perceptions of self and lack of acceptance by others (5,) and have a greater suicide risk (6.)
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11 Oct
I looked up at him, his gilet buffeted by the salty wind. His big and worn hands clasped on my shivering form. He stared intently, knowing I wanted to take asylum in his strong arms. He whispered, "call me the Clandestine Threat Commander."
"Storm my dinghy daddy" I whispered.
He slowly removed his utility belt and undid his mobile phone holster. I waited with baited breath for an hour. An exciting hour. He revealed the tattoo on his calf, a picture of Winston Churchill. He could fight on my beaches I thought. Far above Priti watched, I liked it.
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3 Oct
Hey @peta, regarding your link between #autism and cows milk:

1 RCT showing no difference in behaviour between exposure/placebo groups of children with ASD (Link 1)

A systematic review of 19 studies showing no benefit in casein/gluten in ASD (Link 2)

Show me your data
1) pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24564346/
2) pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28562286/

Reducing meat intake/milk intake has benefits for the planet, but do NOT bring in the neurodiverse and or/autistic community into your damn marketing you plebs.
As a further note, my reference of those within these communities may not be correct and I would encourage them to further guide me and how they wish to identify. It is not my aim to mislabel or speak for such specific things. I will happily take education on this subject.
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