The reason the MASK never slipped fully to reveal their Demonic Nature before now was due to the GOP's inclination to barter & treat with them as if they were negotiating in GOOD FAITH. Image
This allowed millions of Americans (including ME in the 80's & 90's) to proudly follow these DECEIVERS & extol their policies as benevolent & worthy. The mean ol' GOP was always HOLDING THE DNC BACK from fully implementing those noble policies, DARN THEM!
Nothing ever changed. Image
What caused me to move from a Democrat to a reluctant Republican? Bill Clinton & his "Co-President" Hillary Clinton.
That's who.
By Bill's 2nd term I had come to despise their brand of politics as vapid, power hungry (at OUR expense) & damaging to the Nation.
So I voted for Dubya ImageImage
By 2005 I'd come to regret ever having been a Democrat as everything they seemed to be doing during the Iraq War set my teeth on edge.
Also during this time Americans became aware of "No Go" Zones along our southern Border.
MSM got the word out="stay out of those areas! Image
I knew exactly what those Signs indicated=CAHOOTS & I can tell you when America went from defending it's Borders (even for show) to allowing the Cartels to roam free unimpeded=1996. Bill Clinton's 2nd term.
The outrages by the DNC & MSM began to rack up as my rage began to build. ImageImage
Numerous covert operations were blown by the Legacy Media with ZERO PUSHBACK from the Bush Administration other than strongly worded condemnations.
As the casualties began mounting I realized politics wasn't just driving the conflict, that's normal, it was SABOTAGING it. Image
The State Dept. FORCED Special Operations to include the Pakistani ISI in Operations in Afghanistan even though we knew they were the ones who were BANKROLLING & TRAINING many of the very Taliban & Al Qaeda were were hunting.
Every Operation was compromised. ImageImage
As this was happening the MSM "flexed" their muscles by BULLHORNING the Democrats opposition to "Bush's War" using the most inflammatory rhetoric possible.
"Baby Killers" & casting US Troops as terrorizing "peaceful Iraqis" etc.
Service Personnel were ordered to wear CIVILIAN Clothes in public to avoid being harassed or assaulted.
The vile rhetoric suddenly stopped as if someone shut off a valve after a US Airman, in uniform, just returned from Iraq was shot dead on his Parent's sidewalk by a lunatic. Image
Sitting in the back of the Patrol Car the Lunatic CROWED "This is for the Iraq War!"
He'd never met his victim before that moment.
Well, that VILE rhetoric is back & now the DNC hasn't just doubled down on it, they're quadrupling down with Rage as the MSM shills with glee. Image
I watched Obama abandon Iraq & I knew that status of forces agreement was "fumbled" ON PURPOSE because, just like the Vietnam War, AMERICA CAN NEVER---EVER---BE ALLOWED TO WIN **AS FOUNDED**
Until they can implement their MARXIST XANADU we are to be beaten into submission. ImageImage
Then came ISIS as my disquiet began to slowly morph into despair. I watched their successes & atrocities mount as Obama preened & the Press moaned in admiration.
No Western Leader had the pragmatic capability to answer this threat.
& then HILLARY was to be O's Successor. ImageImageImage
& then some weird, Orange Haired Media Star showed up to challenge her. True, the GOP field was pretty large, would he get lost in the crowd?
I remembered Trump from the 80's Marla Maple, all that & thought "Shallow Guy, Daddy's Money at play" & dismissed him.
Trump proceeded to SAVAGE his GOP competition & handily won the nomination.
I GLOWERED! I was #CruzCrew! Now we were TRULY LOST!
It's Hillary for sure!
So I watched a Trump Rally to determine his flaws so I'd know WHY America was about to be driven over a Cliff by Hillary. ImageImage
By mid-August I was not only fervently PRO-TRUMP & MAGA I was sure he'd win.
When he showed up for that "Photo Op" in Louisiana with 75K in Disaster Aid he cinched it.
I have watched Trump since the day he came down that Golden Escalator.
I know his most basic strategy.
He spent over FORTY YEARS at the Democrat's most powerful personage's elbows.
Listening & learning from them.
Not to BECOME them but to STOP THEM.
& he IS stopping them, EFFECTIVELY.
So, how?
He gets out of their way.
For 70 years the GOP pushed BACK & fought. Image
This FORCED the DNC to modify & concede their positions & policies to get things done.
People thinking Trump's election victory drove them mad are missing it.
I've been shouting they're #StealthMarxists for 2 decades as people looked at me funny. ImageImageImage
As the Radical Left slowly & stealthily insinuated itself into THE COURTS, ACADEMIA, ENTERTAINMENT & NEWS anyone who called out what was happening was labeled a Crackpot.
When Hillary won & Americans began to realize the danger it would have been TOO LATE. ImageImageImageImage
So Trump has bought us a reprieve. To **SHOW** Americans what's behind the MASK.
Take a REAL GOOD LOOK because Americans died to provide you this chance.
Trump simply pursues OUR interests as he Tweet Storms the HELL out of them, he doesn't FORCE them to modify their positions! ImageImageImage
I've used the phrase "abuse of Citizenry" a lot lately.
The "Shadow America" the Left has slowly planned out & built over the last 70 years was funded & fueled off their ABUSE of us.
America LAST. Platitudes & posturing as they lied & lied.
As our freedoms slipped away. Image
Trump could try & TELL Americans in those Blue States all about what he's learned from the Left & what they had in store for us.
They simply wouldn't believe him.
So He's forced to SHOW them firsthand.
A brutal lesson to **IMMUNIZE** Americans for at least 2 Generations. ImageImageImage
As he dismantles that "WORLD" they invested EVERYTHING into they strike back & him & HIT US with every blow.
Their demonic nature is now STARKLY VISIBLE for all to see.
Communism openly championed.
They were always INSANE. ImageImageImage
As I, Brian (@drawandstrike) & Carlos @COsweda have said going on several years now, Democrats are no longer being SAVED FROM THEMSELVES.
Trump just got out of their way.
So some of them are literally going to destroy themselves & THEIR CITIES ALONG WITH THEM.
#GetOUT! Image
Understand the SAVAGE BRILLIANCE of this...
As the Radical Left tried to collapse America with a PANDEMIC & then with an INSURRECTION to goad President Trump into a harsh military crackdown all Trump does is say "THE GOVERNORS & MAYORS NEED TO DO THEIR JOBS!" ImageImage
It's savage because people are dying as a result but that (hear me clearly here) IS NOT TRUMP'S FAULT.
No sane American looks at those Deep Blue Cities & blames the President for the lawless chaos. He's been TRUMPeting "Law & Order!" all along.
As the Left chant's #TrumpsAmerica ImageImage
As those Deep Blue Cities descend into Hellzones sane Americans are fleeing them in droves. Tim Pool, Joe Rogan & Elon Musk are examples of people being forced to move because the ideologues running those Cities/States refuse to restore order as long as Trump in President. ImageImage
Now Justice Ginsburg has died, clinging to her SCOTUS seat in a vain attempt to hand it off to an ideological successor.
Did you know Obama pressured RBG to retire during his last term?
THE STORY is she refused to because she wanted to do so under another Clinton Presidency. ImageImage
Nice STORY! The TRUTH is that SCOTUS Seat was a Crown Jewel of HUNDREDS of Federal Judgeships being prepared for Hillary & Bill's PAY FOR PLAY 3rd & 4th Terms in Office.
That's right, Federal Judicial Posts were left vacant so the Clintons could SELL them to their Cronies. Image
So Ginsburg was forced to soldier on long past the time she should have retired until her body finally gave out.
I'm mortified & ANGRY at that.
At the whole rotten MESS in DC.
Her last three years were **POOR CIVIL SERVICE** to the Nation.
She was DYING & seriously impaired. Image
In a SANE & healthy Nation she would have retired under Obama.
F**K your GREED, Hillary.
But now, another LESSON is being taught to us by the Left as Trump watches from the road holding Rallies.
What Lesson?
Terrorism is the NEW NORMAL for Democrats Image
NOT EVEN KIDDING=Every one of these Tweets is a crime.
The MASK hasn't just slipped, IT'S GONE.
What I've called THE POLARIZING BREAK is well underway.
Sane vs Insane, Civilized vs Savage is now on full display.
President Trump is mitigating loss of life when possible both openly & covertly but he's simply allowed the Democrats to reveal their Hearts & Minds to anyone paying attention.
& it's HIDEOUS.
Last month 62% of Americans said they're afraid to speak their political beliefs openly ImageImage
That was last month.
Now we have every Blue Check Mark on Twitter melting down assuring us "IT'S WAR!" "KILL THE OLD TURTLE! THAT'LL STOP 'EM!"
& as President Trump QUICKLY moves to #FillTheSeat it will only intensify as even the most die hard Democrat Voters SHUDDER in horror.
So severe is the abuse in Blue States I predict to you that there's not only a SILENT MAJORITY in this Nation determined to VOTE TRUMP, a YUGE chunk of it is STEALTH TRUMP SUPPORTERS who GROWL when his name is mentioned in public but will vote FOR him on Nov. 3rd. ImageImageImage
I predicted the POLARIZING BREAK.
I said we've entered a 50 day "GAUNTLET" where the Left will lash & howl at us without mercy.
In 2019 a critical NYT's Meeting was leaked to the public by JUDAS GOATS to prepare awakened Americans.
Racism 24/7 was coming.
Do you SEE it yet? Image
I'll end with this excellent clip from my YouTube Channel in 2019.
Please share it with everyone you know.
Everything happening now is THEM! clawing at your Soul.
Don't give in to fear or despair.
If you do THEY WIN & they deserve what's coming.
To support my Works you can donate any amount here= and I Thank You.

Read all my threads here=

My YouTube… Image
People are asking about the polarizing break I'm referring to, for refernce=

& here is President Trump's EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to what 70 years of Critical Race Theory & the Democrat politics of division has done to us=

• • •

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#HunterGate = CRACK!
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To MOCK God & the Faithful. ImageImage
The Minions of CHAOS have filled their bellies, vaults & other, VILE appetites at our expense for far too long.
The Pendulum has swung back into THE LIGHT as their innumerable crimes , now laid bare, elicit a ROAR of outrage from the People.
The Edifice GROANS & SHUDDERS in fear. ImageImage
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In 8 days we get to OWN the Self-Owned.
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Failed attempts at Peace Treaties for DECADES...

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What am I talking about?
@ScottAdamsSays talks about how the MSM, which has now been exposed BY TRUMP as an Tool of the Democrats "assigns you your opinion."
This IS the POWAH! of the Media. No matter WHAT your opinion is regarding a particular topic or event you will have heard of it from your preferred MEDIA source.
Left, Right or Center a person's perception of the World they live in is now provided to you by Media.
Everything you know about what's happened in the World, is happening or is predicted to happen comes to you via a Media Source.
& those that OWN those Media Sources can CONTROL YOU.
Orson Welles NAILED it with Citizen Kane.
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24 Oct
The Giuliani #OctoberSurprise of Hunter's Laptop that reveals MASSIVE CORRUPTION that has now been corroborated by 2 Biden Associates has been viciously suppressed & censored by Big Tech desperate to elect Biden
Big Tech has EXPOSED themselves more fully than a certain CCN Analyst by locking down, censoring & removing any mention of the Hunter Biden LapTop Scandal now called #HunterGate is a desperate & doomed bid to kill the Story.
Instead they got the STREISAND EFFECT.
I was locked out TWICE the day the Story broke trying to post images from the Laptop of incriminating e-mails that PROVED Joe Biden lied about involvement in Hunter's business deals & pix of Hunter passed out with a drug pipe in his mouth
Well, the Story took off despite Big Tech
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23 Oct
OR=Leftard Blue Checkmarks on Twitter are proving the US education system is THE BEST in the World for churning out entitled & arrogant know nothings.
These 2 Watt Brainchildren were puzzled & then laughed at the ridiculous notion of Trump claiming children are brought over the Border by COYOTES.
They immediately assumed he meant the ANIMAL Canis latrans & decided, AS USUAL Trump was spouting his usual nonsense.
"Does he mean Wile E. Coyote?" They posted & chortled!
& there was much merriment & laughter until they began to peruse their comments.
Sadly,(for them!) the internet is FOREVER!
Also, as someone who lives in South Texas, I DO know what President Trump was referring to.
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22 Oct
2 business partners involved in the mire of the Biden Family's corruption are now corroborating the evidence found on Hunter's abandoned Laptop.
Bevan Cooney & Tony Bobulinski.
Cooney was in FEDERAL PRISON.
He was sentenced to 30 months in Prison for a bond fraud investment scheme where Hunter's name was used to bilk a Native American Tribe of tens of millions of dollars.
His partner was Devon Archer, who is also a Biden Associate & is also in Prison for fraud.
Cooney has flipped.
The emails he's turned over PROVE Biden lied & with the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE arranged numerous meetings between Hunter & his pals & Foreign Clients.
This is HOW those billions dollar Deals & kickbacks were arranged.
See the comments?
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