1/ "Clergy Sexual Abuse as a Betrayal Trauma: Institutional Betrayal & A Call for Courageous Response"

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)

a thread with quotes from the paper

2/ "Only 3% of all known clergy sexual abuse incidents (as investigated by the second John Jay College Report) were ever reported to law enforcement, suggesting a dark figure for the prevalence of clergy sexual abuse (Terry et al., 2011)"

~Thompson, L. A. (2020)

#ADarkFigure =(
3/ "Sex offenders self-report that Christian communities are some of the safest places for sexual predation. Most Christians tend to naively believe the best about others, providing easy access to victims for offenders (Salter, 2003; Vieth, 2020)."

~Thompson, L. A. (2020)
4/ "To the child (or adult) sexually abused by a religious authority, the sacred has become a place of sacrilege; the faithful, a symbol of faithlessness; and the good, a guise for egregious criminality."

~Lori Anne Thompson, 2020
5/ "Betrayal detection demands withdrawal & confrontation..In conflict & competition w/ betrayal detection sensitivity are embedded human attachment...requires vulnerable humans to exhibit attributes that make them loveable to those who are in some way responsible for their care"
6/ "According to betrayal trauma theory, 'survivors of childhood sexual abuse (and adult betrayal traumas) have learned to cope with an inescapable social conflict through internal disconnection' (@jjfreydcourage, 1999, p. 6)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
7/ "Clergy sexual abuse victims experience abuse as a severe social betrayal precisely because betrayal traumas occur in 'intimate and trusting relationships' where intimacy is weaponized and trust is catastrophically breached (Freyd, 1999, p. 6)"

~L. A. Thompson (2020)
8/ "..isn't aware of any studies that specifically explore clergy sexual abuse as a unique betrayal trauma. Preliminary studies should be conducted to explore how clergy sexual abuse survivors may experience sexual abuse by a religious authority as a unique betrayal trauma."
9/ @jjfreydcourage I wonder if @LoriAnneThomps2 would be interested to pursue doctoral work with regards tweet #8 in this thread, immediately above, as well as tweet #13 in this thread, below?
10/ "Religious leaders thereby engage in a social contact with their constituents...(Shupe, 2008)...on this basis...clergy sexual abuse is a betrayal trauma as it breaches both the fiduciary nature of the relationship [&] the social contract using religious authority."

11/ "However, sexual abuse by clergy/religious authorities does appear to present a unique spiritual wound and literature suggests clergy sexual abuse is equivalent to incest due to the associated level of betrayal trauma (@DrRAllred, 2015; Mcgraw et al., 2019)"

~L. A. Thompson
12/ "There is evidence to suggest that clergy sexual abuse disclosure is, for victims, akin to telling on God (Bottoms et al., 2015)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)

13/ "The profound lifetime impact of abuse by religious authorities on the spirituality of the victims should stimulate faith communities to investigate and expose offenders and offending opportunities in their midst."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)

#IWish =(
14/ "Evidence does suggest that individuals who experience sexual abuse within an institution often find themselves 'twice betrayed'-1st by the sexually offending individual & 2nd by the offending institution (Doyle, 2009; Smith & Freyd, 2014; @CindyBVeldhuis & Freyd, 1999)

15/ "Salter (2018) posits that a clerical culture of 'male sexual entitlement' in the form of 'masculine power & sexual aggression' reinforces of culture of sexual cruelty within religious institutions (p.3)"

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)

For example (TW):
16/ "A review of the available literature suggests that the church as an institution has employed “the fox guarding the henhouse” as a policy, public relations, and policing strategy (Vieth, 2020; Vieth et al., 2012)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)

You got cited, @BozT
17/ [I call this latter "The Fake Church Watchdog Industrial Complex"]
18/ "Over and over again institutions protect their own reputations the expense of the very victims they were mandated to protect (Vieth, 2005, 2020; Vieth et al., 2012)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
19/ "Clerics by very nature of religious/spiritual authority (official or unofficial) are granted sacramental power and trust, a power which religious offenders exploit and betray (Doyle, 2006)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
20/ "The author posits that Clericalism also contributes to betrayal blindness of the victim as well as the institution. 'Betrayal by an authority that is believed to hold divine power is hardly able to be absorbed by the believer and is physically overpowering…' (Sipe in...
21/ "...Shupe, 2007, preface). Clergy sexual abuse victims can hardly believe not only what has happened to them, but also whom it happened with."

~Lori Anne Thompson

[The author's position seems fundamentally true to the tweeter]
22/ "A deeper study into the darker side of clericalism, & the nature of institutional abuse may be of interest to the reader. The esteemed Richard Sipe did exhaustive and exhausting research on Catholic Clericalism before he died (Doyle et al., 2006; Sipe, 1995; Sipe, 1990; ...
23/ "...Sipe, 2008). American sociologist Anson Shupe has a collection of works that sheds further sociological light the etiology of clergy sexual abuse that includes, but is not limited to, American Protestantism (Shupe, 1991, 1995, 1998, 2007, 2008)."

~Lori Anne Thompson
24/ [If the reader wishes a brief introduction to Shupe, the tweeter suggests start here: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1150201… ]
25/ "Gardener (2012) suggests that while most faith-based organizations do not condone sexual abuse with their words, neither have they condemned it with their actions."

~Lori Anne Thompson
26/ "Failure to prevent abuse, punishing the whistleblower, the normalization of abuse as a culture, inadequate or inconsistent reporting procedures, as well as institutional support of abuse cover ups, all play a role in institutional betrayal (Smith & Freyd)."

~L. A. Thompson
27/ "These institutional factors combined with religious rigor, narcissism, prevalence of paraphilias, and centuries of clericalism, create a favorable environment for sexual abuse in faith communities."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
28/ "Doyle (2009) suggests that Christian theological tenants of sin, confession, penance and forgiveness, also play a substantial role in keeping pastoral sexual offenders from being held accountable for their criminality."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
29/ "Disclosure of sexual abuse by a religious authority sends the institution into a...tailspin, upon which effective neutralization by any means possible is the most reflexive institutional risk management strategy (@EtienneD_2020 2020; @wademullen 2018; Shupe 1995...)."

30/ ["Neutralization" functions here as euphemism. It means "Attempted utter and complete annihilation of the victim, world without end, Amen"]
31/ "The overwhelming majority of sexual abuse victims have been met with indifference, disbelief, deferral, and DARVO — institutional betrayal (@ChristaBrown777, 2009; de Weger, 2020; Doyle, 2009; Harsey & Freyd, 2020; Harsey et al., 2017)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
32/ "DARVO (Denial of abuse, Attacking the victim, Reversing Victim and Offender roles) seems to be purview of offending individuals and institutions. Doing so reduces victim credibility while selectively preserving institutional image."

~L. A. Thompson

33/ "In the face of high betrayal trauma, individuals may engage in betrayal blindness, whereas institutional responses or lack thereof may exacerbate the betrayal trauma symptomology (Smith & Freyd, 2014)"

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
34/ "Institutional betrayal occurs when the once trusted organization acts in a manner which betrays the trust of the victim — a type of double jeopardy (Freyd, 2020; Smith & Freyd, 2014)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
35/ [by using the term "double jeopardy" here, Lori Anne Thompson notices that the way that victims are betrayed by institutions is a basic human rights violation]
36/ "the paucity of evidence demands specific research to elucidate the relationship between clergy sexual abuse as a unique betrayal trauma with institutional betrayal as an exacerbating factor."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
37/ "The very center of the Christian faith is purported to be a sacred love. Available evidence suggests that this sacred love has been twisted and used to traumatize (Swindle, 2017)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
38/ "Faith based institutions must look forensically at the malfeasance in their midst & their own abuse enabling culture & complicity. This...will require much courage & humility, resources which seem sorely lacking in communities which most enthusiastically proclaim possession"
39/ "Christian scripture exhorts believers to fear not, yet time and again individuals and institutions have been cowards, protecting and venerating offenders, and leaving victims behind in the ‘bloodied dust’ of betrayal."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
40/ "A call to courage is just that — a call; a call to be answered; a call as yet unheard. Institutional courage is so rare as to be untraceable, unable to be robustly researched or well documented (Freyd, 2020)."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)

[the tweeter concurs]
41/ "Institutional Courage:

A. Cherishing the whistleblower
B. Creating a culture of transparency
C. Using institutional power to protect members not molesters
D. An acknowledgement that abuse can happen everywhere ...

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
42/ "...Institutional Courage:

E. Recognizing that while sexual abuse is a sin, it is also a crime and as such should always be reported to child protection
F. Recognizing children (and adults) who are sexually victimized, are victims, not sinners...

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
43/ "...Institutional Courage:

G. Stands with victims, not offenders.
H. Takes the side of the oppressed, not the oppressor.
I. protects the vulnerable over the venerated...

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
44/ "... Institutional Courage:

J. Treats religious abusers according to the letter of civil and ecclesiastical law while treating victims by the spirit of the same."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
45/ "This brief literature review is a call for the Christian church to hit reverse, and once again (or for once) courageously lead the way."

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)
46/ This has been a thread with quotes from @LoriAnneThomps2's 2020 paper "Clergy Sexual Abuse as a Betrayal Trauma: Institutional Betrayal & A Call for Courageous Response"


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