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Sep 21, 2020 14 tweets 5 min read Read on X
"Of course there's no audience! It's the Emmy's, not a MAGA rally!" 🤣🤣🤣
Holy crap! A screen with all the nominees! Zoom meeting #Emmys ! Technology history happening here!
And it begins, fittingly with Catherine O'Hara! Her real accent but then the Moira vocabulary! 😍😍😍
Strap in for a Very Merry #SchittsCreek #Emmys
And they're all wearing masks. Image
Damn, these #Emmys are quite the logistical moonshot being pulled off well so far! They should give themselves the best live event Emmy in real time!
Dan is in a skirt suit! 😍😍😍😍
And I was just saying how it's weird that American Pie's weird dad will be winning his Emmy for his most "straight" role ever.
I feel sad that two of the most joy and laughter and happy tears inducing shows ever had to end in the same season. #TheGoodPlace being denied a final season Emmy sweep because #SchittsCreek.
As expected, #SchittsCreek is dominating the #Emmys like Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky had a baby. They're finishing the full Comedy first. Lots of people will switch off after they run the table.
Feels so weird to not be able to fast forward something. Covid has made me forget live telecasts.
Now #WatchmenHBO will deservedly run the drama table. #Emmys
Finally something unprecedentedly good about 2020. Canadians and black people winning most of the awards. #Emmys
I had "called it" in July but I won't pretend this was some bold prediction. Remember that the Emmys (and Oscars) are like an industry wide election of sorts, not decided by some jury of experts. Given the zeitgeist, it was pretty much expected.

If the pandemic had hit when The Good Place final season aired, it would probably have swept the category. Very similar "let's be nice, people!" energy. Full of lovable brilliant actors. I love both shows lots. If I had to "objectively" pick, it would have been a 50-50 split.
So Dan Levy fully deserved the writing and directing. But best supporting actor, I'd have given to William Jackson Harper. Best lead, Eugene is awesome but Ted Danson would have been my pick. But in the times we live in, #SchittsCreek got a big "recency effect" boost.
Oh and I feel particularly bad for D'Arcy Carden whose Janet, especially in the final season, was a whole other level in supporting actress nominees. Objectively. Like O'Hara in lead. But most of 2020, we've gotten more laughs and feel goods from Annie Murphy's Alexis.

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Jul 18
Doing lecture prep for Fall & adding this new story in the product development strategy session. Thought it would make a nice 🧵

Did you know that a lot of calculators & music equipment we have is the result of cigarettes not having filters during world war 2?

Fun story! Image
Cigarettes back then came like this. A fully white paper tube filled with tobacco that you lit at one end and smoked from the other.

This inevitably meant that you "wasted" some tobacco at the mouth end while throwing it away.

Tadao Kashiyo in WW2 Japan saw an opportunity! Image
During WW2, cigarettes that mostly came from Allied countries became very expensive in Japan. Especially American & British brands which were sold at a premium on the black market.

Tadao Kashiyo was an engineer who was into fabrication. He created a new product that sold itself.
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Jul 4
One thing Rajnath Singh said in LS that stuck with me

"Such schemes are there even in US and they don't complain so why do you complain?"

That made me sit up.


Surely someone would fact check this cos what is he even talking about?

US military agnipath?

So I checked.
There is NOTHING in US military remotely resembling Agnipath!

At the 18-22 age, the US military actually wants you to enlist for life if possible. And will happily keep you on for life if you serve honorably.

The short term stints are like Indian Short Service Commission.
So yeah, there exist options in the US military where you sign on for a short stint. And can be deployed. But they'll also send you to college for free.

My brother in law got an engineering degree from UC Riverside by enlisting in the Air Force for a few years. Then left.
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Feb 21
Very interesting conversation with a gujarati bodega owner nearby.

"I support Modi but something is wrong in gujarat. There are more gujaratis taking the risky border routes in the last 2 years than the 20 years before, from my observation. And they all say, no jobs in gujarat"
"Until recent years, gujaratis wanting to move either came through family visa or arranged marriage or student visa or at the most, overstay tourist visa. But risking life and limb like this in such big numbers? Modi needs to pay attention to gujarat. It's in trouble."
"the family that froze to death on the Canadian border. They didn't have a bad life in gujarat by any means. So why risk your entire existence? Something is wrong, brother, something is very wrong."
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Dec 20, 2023
"Wherever you go in this world, you will find a t̶e̶a̶ s̶t̶a̶l̶l̶ great school founded by a Malayalee."

K.T. Behanan was a brilliant Yale educated social scientist & Indian bureaucrat who landed in NYC with his doctor wife & 5 year old son.

Ran straight into systemic racism./1
The year was 1947 & Behanan, a Syrian Christian from Kerala's influential Kovoor clan was a 45 year old superstar in the Babu circles of the brand new India.

He accepted a position for India at the brand new UN, working on education policy with the Trustee Council.

He landed in a New York that was very different from now. "Separate but equal" was still the law.

Schools were openly & emphatically segregated. Brown v BoE was some years away.

By putting idealistic UN in Manhattan, America's mouth had written a check its ass couldn't cash.
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Nov 29, 2023
I'm at that age where a lot of my friends are starting to send their kids to college. So getting a lot of queries on US college as an option.

So I'm going to do this reference 🧵 with the basics to avoid repetition. And send it to them before further more specific questions. Image
I'll start off by saying that if you have ₹3 crore that you can spare, it is a nice lifelong gift for your child.

An undergrad education in the US is an amazing enriching experience beyond just the academics & the jobs after. I envy my students a little they get to live it.
I start off mentioning the cost cos I want to be absolutely clear that as awesome as such a college education will be for your kid, it is not going to be cheap.

Unless you have a Sheldon Cooper type kid, there is no free ride for international students in undergrad. That's Grad.
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Nov 18, 2023
India & China are almost half of humanity, 2 of the oldest cultures, sharing one of the longest and most iconic borders on the planet.

But how little we really know each other!

Recently, a Chinese grad student shared her love story with me. I repeat it here with her permission.
She grew up the only child of two people who were only children of parents who were also only children, in the South of China.

He grew up in a similar configuration, in the northeast of China.

They both followed the well set academic excellence route to US grad school.
They met in grad school in the NYC area. In a larger Chinese grad student universe, they found each other. And fell in love. And started planning a life together.

And both realized how they had to think about parents and grandparents in China just by themselves!
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