Hello. I am online. #RBG was very frail when I saw her in this photo. Even if she medically "died" on September 18, I do not believe she was really judging anything.
It's the same problem with #Biden. He clearly has dementia as this Anon alleges. That should rule him out of a presidential run. His handlers don't care.
Remember I asked about this at the time. They were helping her along every step. Biden doesn't write his tweets and I don't believe she was writing any opinions (which would invalidate them).
I see some people are saying that RBG dying on Rosh HaShanah makes her righteous.

Really...are they prepared to argue that everyone who died September 18 after sunset through September 20 nightfall was a good person? deathsnews.com/Deaths-Septemb…
I see some people are saying her dying wish was that nobody replace her until after the election. If she was as good a justice as they believe, she never would have said such a thing -- if she was even lucid.
How frail was RBG? She could barely get up from the chair to shake my husband's hand.
How righteous are the people calling RBG righteous? It seems they are calling to "burn" America down if replacement is named.

So you tell me.
Did those people even observe Rosh HaShana? Do they believe in God, or Judaism? Or are they just conveniently quoting Scripture when it suits them?
The "Dump Trump" Democrats are likely pushing to have clearly incompetent Biden elected regardless of his condition.

They probably want him to quickly retire from office due to being unfit to serve.

This will leave Obama II (Kamala Harris) in place.
That is why the slip up and calling it the "Harris Biden Adminstration."
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