Mystical thread on the Jewish New Year, 5781
Rosh HaShanah is the "head of the year." We mark Jewish holidays with a celebration because when we show up and engage, we rectify the past. There is no such thing as time, only correction.
"Rabbi Netanel ben Yeshaya, one of the great rabbis of Yemenite Jewry, who lived about 600 years ago...wrote in his book called From the Light of Darkness...about events occurring in the year that ends 5780, and about the year that begins in 5781." (NOW)
"As is well known, as stated in the dream of Daniel, the fourth kingdom is the kingdom of Edom, and it ends in the year 5780."

(Edom is Rome. In contemporary terms, think of Edom as the Fourth Reich.)
(The Fourth Reich = the Satanic Deep State. Think Aquino.)
"Then, it seems that the rule of the nine months will begin, as stated in the Gemara." -- see next tweet

"And then afterwards, [it will be] the time of redemption and the kingdom of heaven forever, amen.”
Sanhedrin 98b = 9 months of tribulation for Israel from Edom (Rome) before the Messiah comes - the Luciferian Vatican the head of the snake.
My source for the "Luciferian Vatican" comment is this video by Rabbi Alon Anava.
Back to Rabbi Netanel Ben Yeshaya: "And then afterwards, [it will be] the time of redemption and the kingdom of heaven forever, amen.”…
This rabbi lived in the 1400s.
Another well known rabbi, Rabbi Shalom Arush Shlita, "head of the Chut Shel Chessed Institutions and one of the most well-known rabbis in the Jewish world today," had this to say -- flat out:
"I tell you with certainty...this Rosh Hashanah is the last one without the Moshiach.”
(Moshiach = Messiah)
The Chasam Sofer -- one of the greatest halachic (Jewish legal) authorities ever -- two centuries ago:

"5780 will be a very hard year, but the year 5781 will be a year when the poor man is raised up from the garbage"
"Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, shlita, head of the Shuva Yisrael institutions and Av Beit Din [head of the Jewish legal court] of the Jewish community in Morocco" -- explains the Chasam Sofer's words.
"The Chatam Sofer said that this year, the year 5780 would be a satanic year,

"and that the year 5781 would be the year of the Moshiach."
"Bible Codes expert Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson ... 'many, many indications' that the year 5781 'is the time of Messiah.'"…
So how does this all happen?
"5781: Heading for a Showdown"…
"For the day of vengeance is in My heart and the year of My redeemed has come.” (Isaiah 63:3-4)"

-- we read this the Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah
"The vengeance in this verse refers to Edom, but the essence of Edom is Israel’s age-old archenemy, Amalek."

"Amalek" means doubt aka fake news
"The numerical value of Amalek (עֲמָלֵק) is the same as doubt (סָפֵק), safek. Amalek represents doubt."
"It is customary to designate the year by discarding the thousands and thus this year is known as, תשפ”א, or 781...the numerical value of Israel-Amalek (יִשְׂרָאֵל עֲמָלֵק), together."
"This means that the coming year is a decisive one. ....the final showdown between Israel and its archenemy, Amalek."
"God’s spirit will rest upon Israel

'And the spirit of Havayah will rest upon him,' [the value of the words, “Israel” (יִשְׂרָאֵל) and “God’s spirit” (רוּחַ הוי’) together also equals 781]

and Israel will defeat Amalek. Israel will defeat doubt."
"Amalek attacks us with the most painful and destructive doubt of all: Is God here, present, and with us, or is He not?

"Amalek has the power to make us doubt the existence of that which is clearly here."
"something good can come of Amalek—he can even become a Jew!

"Interestingly, the numerical value of “an Amalekite convert (גֵּר עֲמָלֵקִי) is equal to that of “the King Mashiach” (מֶלֶךְ הַמָּשִׁיחַ)!"…
A very intense year awaits.
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P.S. Edom - Amalek: Their motive is to seize power so people worship them and not God.

They are occultists who seek God's power while also rebelling against His authority.

Their method is to instigate doubt.

5781 is the showdown: There will soon be none.

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