modern wangxian au where lwj is a renowned hand model who is hired by the biggest companies in china. whether it be jewelleries, watches, cuff links, suits, ties, skincare, lwj is always the brand’s first option.

wwx, a famous photographer from yunmeng, that only does portrait
shoots, has been hired by suit&tie. it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, men’s wear company in the whole of gusu. they’re launching an entirely new line of men’s wear. and since wwx has always wanted to delve into something different from portrait shoots, he accepts this
project. lwj on the other hand, has always only been a hand model but anyone and everyone in the industry knows how good-looking he is. he initially thought he would just need to do his usual hand-modelling for suit&tie but since nhs is a childhood friend, he’s agreed to do a
portrait, up close and personal shoot, if and when it’s required. he told nhs that he would only spare two hours for a day’s shoot and that would be it. nhs was smart enough to think that that’s already a bonus and accepted lwj’s terms and conditions in a heartbeat.
"it will take no longer than two hours tomorrow, wangji-xiong. i promise that this photographer that i had hired will make the most out of the two hours that he has with you," nhs reassures.

and all lwj does is nod, which nhs appreciates all the same.
tomorrow comes and

"for fuck's sake jiang cheng! i'm going to be late!!!" wwx calls out as he dashes out his apartment door.

"don't blame me when you were the one who didn't stop on your third jar of tianzi xiao," jc shrugs.

"i hate it when you are fucking right. bye!"
in the conference room of suit&tie

"your photographer is five minutes late," lwj looks at his watch and then at the clock that hangs on the wall.

"h-he'll be here soon, wangji-xiong! the traffic is mad," nhs tries with a nervous laugh.
wwx reaches the main lobby of suit&tie five minutes later then the scheduled time. he’s brought straight the conference room, where he will meet the marketing team and the model that he’s supposed to work with. while approaching the meeting room, he feels a slight pang in his
chest. first ever portrait shoot and he's about to blow it. well, that third tianzi xiao was really, really good though.

too late now, because the secretary has opened the door to the room.

wwx lowers his head, “so-sorry i’m lat—“

and he looks up.

what the fuck. what the flying fuck.

has wwx just seen the most beautiful man in gusu? wait, scratch that. most beautiful on earth? a big fucking


is that the model he’s going to work with? how is he supposed to like... BREATHE? is he going to be able to SURVIVE?
nhs begins their introduction and tells lwj that wwx is his photographer and tells wwx that lwj is his model. you know, the usual shebang.

"you only have two hours," nhs says.

and that's when wwx feels his heart drop slightly. just ever so slightly.
only two hours to look at this perfect jade? can he even focus?

but he has to be professional.

“two hours is more than enough and is all i need," wwx smiles.

yeah, all he needs to stare at the man, behind his camera.
"i'm afraid i need to take my leave as i have another meeting to get to. i'll leave the both of you to mingle and get to know each other, since you will be working closely," nhs grabs his cambridge satchel. "wangji-xiong, you and wei wuxian will let me know your preferred time
for the shoot?"


"yeah for sure!"

"great! i'm sure you'll have a banging time."

/did he just say we'll have a bang-/ wwx's thoughts interrupted.

lwj, "hello."
wwx extends his hand, "i know huaisang has already introduced me. but please, call me wei ying. since we're going to be so close for the next two hours!"

"lan zhan."


"call me lan zhan."
and wwx does just that from that very moment.

lan zhan here. lan zhan there.

lan zhan this. lan zhan that.

/lan zhan i think i like you./

/wait. what?/
so the two of them sit by themselves in the meeting room. at first, they were a few chairs apart. but somehow, wwx manages to move closer and closer, one chair at a time. it's unconscious, really. wwx is having so much fun telling, sharing with lwj his photography journey.
though all lwj does is saying "mn." or nodding, wwx finds himself wanting to pour his heart and soul out, finds himself wanting to wear his heart on his sleeve. and he's only met the man, for like what? two hours?

wwx tells him that his love for photography bloomed, when he
realised he had an eye for the beautiful things that life has to offer (now including lwj, of course). the places he'd gone to, the people that he meet on the streets, they call to him and what better way to capture how he feels than by... capturing them?
"am i boring you, lan zhan? you must be bored. huaisang tells me that you always work with big companies, even bigger photographers, i'm sure! i'm probably just nothing hahaha!"

"not nothing."

"and now you're just being kind to your photographer! are you always so nice?"
lwj has always been neutral to people around him. work for him has always been solely and plainly just work. he turns up on set, gets his pictures taken, and wraps the shoot. people (who work) around him have never talked to him much, and he doesn't find the need to reciprocate.
but today, it's different. he's never seen or met someone who's so cheerful, so light and generous to share their piece of happiness. and what's better? it makes others happy, too. lwj enjoys hearing wwx talk. and what's better? wwx doesn't just talk, he speaks with his heart.
lwj has met countless of people who make small talks, with ulterior motives or to gain something. but lwj's latest photographer is different. he feels, is, genuine. he doesn't just make small talks, he communicates, without expecting anything in return.
though lwj is not one to talk a lot, that doesn't mean he doesn't think much. it only means that his thoughts are louder. and now his thoughts scream:

beautiful wei ying.
but his thoughts are his own. wouldn't want to scare away his photographer now, would he?

"aiyo lan zhan. i told you so much about myself! i feel that you can already see through me! hahahaha!"

lwj pauses and looks at him in his eyes, "do i?"


"tell me something about yourself, lan zhan."

lwj almost freezes. no one has ever asked him that before. it's always "mr. lan, what is your next project? "mr. lan, what do you think of this idea that we could try to do next time?"

"mr. lan"
"mr. lan"
"mr. lan"
"mr. lan"
"i... i have nice hands," lwj blurts out.

wwx throws his head back against his chair and smacks lwj's arms softly.

"i am sure of that, mr. lan the most famous hand model of gusu!"

safe to say no one has ever teased lwj like that too. and it makes him soar to the skies.
"now that i kNoW you have nice hands, thank you for that information! tell me something else, lan zhan," wwx puts his arm on the table and rests his chin on his hand.

"i like bunnies."

/lan zhan... likes bunnies........ oh god, save me/

"i like bunnies too!!!!"

they both like bunnies.


very nice.
"does yours have a name, lan zhan?"

lwj shakes his head.

"neither does mine! mine is male."

"mine too."

"COOL!!! mine's black!!"

"mine is white."

wwx gasps, "lan zhan, our bunnies are like yin and yang. though opposite, they're actually be complementary, interconnected!"
lwj adds, "interconnected and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another."

"yes, yes! exactly that! hahahahaha funny how im also dressed in all black and you, in white," wwx jokes pointedly.

and then lwj's pings a notification, saying that he has
a meeting to get to with another shoot, with another photographer.

"cancel it," he quickly replies and sends his message. into his pocket his phone goes again.

"oh shit, lan zhan! we're way ahead of our scheduled time slot! it's all my fault i got carried away!"

"it is fine."
of course it is. there's no where lwj would rather be in this moment in time.

and just like that, the sun has begun to set. blue and orange paint the sky outside the highest floor of suit&tie. they talked more about their bunnies and their personalities, which actually reflect
their respective owners.

"our bunnies should totally go on a date, lan zhan!"



"a-all right!!!"

"it's a date," lwj says. "for our bunnies."

"o-of course! i'll pick a park, you pick the date and time?"

their first meeting went in totally different directions than both could even begin to imagine. but it makes them sleep a little sounder at night, smile a little more that evening and everyday, and perhaps... perhaps love a little harder.

their first shoot is the next two days
and lwj needs no instructions, really. he IS the most famous hand model after all.

but why is he playing dumb?

oh, just so wwx would stop taking photos and come closer to the set, and adjust lwj's poses.

that includes touching lwj's hands.

that's why he's playing dumb.
"lan zhan, do you think you could hold your tie," wwx moves lwj's fingers so they rest on the white stripes of the tie, "like this?"


"all right, stay still," wwx goes back to his position and back to being behind his camera.

"next pose."

"how would you like me to?"
/hmm lan zhan is supposed to be the professional one but i guess he wants to test my creativity and vision as a photographer so i shall prove myself!!!"

wwx taps his nose, "okay let's try this." he goes closer to lwj again.

"let's try something different, out of the ordinary."
"anything wei ying wants," lwj says, almost breathing to wwx's face, as the latter inches in to suggest the next pose.

/no wait, don't fuck me. just kidding haha unless? oKAY FOCUS WEI WUXIAN./
wwx holds his camera with his left hand and with his free, right hand, he reaches out to lwj's tie knot.

and he

lwj gulps silently, or so he hopes.

"lan zhan, im going to need you to place your right hand on that untied knot. like you're taking it off, pulling it."
"like this?" lwj asks as he mimics how a hand would look like as if it was trying to undo a tie.

"yes. perfect."

/you're perfect, lan zhan./

/perfect like wei ying./

"hold that pose. don't move, lan zhan."

"i am not going anywhere," lwj says from the bottom of his heart.
"good," wwx smiles, also from the bottom of his heart.

it's true when wwx said two hours was what he needed. but two hours, is not what he wants.

"seems like we need more photos, lan zhan," he lies. "but it's almost two hours. our time is almost up."

"we can continue."
"oh, can we?"


/and that huaisang tells me that lan zhan is the type to only limit his sessions to two hours!/

wwx words his thoughts, bravely somehow, "and i thought mr. sexy hot hands only limits his sessions to two hours with his photographers?"

lwj's ears blush.
/shit. did i offend him when i said mr. sexy hot hands? but he does have sexy hot hands! okay gotta stop with your jokes wwx they ain't funny!/

but no. that's not entirely the reason why lwj flushed. it's because... wwx is not /just/ a photographer and he almost found that out.
another hour goes by. tie by tie. closer and closer.

another hour goes by. wwx feels that he knows every single millimeter of lwj's perfect hands.

another hour goes by. lwj feels that he knows every single feature of wwx's perfect face.

another hour goes by. they are in love.
there's a saying that goes, "it takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone... but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.”

and there is no saying more accurate than that now. they start texting each other, every single day
and night. they share photos of food that they eat. greens for lwj, and reds for wwx. they exchange photos of their bunnies. they talk, a lot. mostly wwx talking and lwj listening really. and it's perfect.
wwx: lan zhan, since we don't have a name for our bunnies yet. shall we name them?
lwj: what does wei ying have in mind?

wwx puts down his phone for a bit and starts to think. what he now has in his mind, is going to either make it, or break it.
it being wwx and lwj's relationship... or whatever they have now. they've brought their bunnies on countless dates. lwj has accompanied wwx to eat hotpot and eat shichuan mala food, and lwj doesn't even eat spicy food!? lwj even queued up for boba tea with him a few times when
it's -4 degrees outside. and lwj does't even drink boba tea!? wwx surmises that lwj is just being friendly and nice. because he knows lwj is friendly and nice deep down.

he recalls jc telling him over dinner, "are you fucking blind? or dumb? or both? he ObVIOuSLy LiKeS YoU."
"nah, lan zhan is really just that kind."

"keep telling yourself that and it will one day be true. by then, don't come crying to me that you wished it was otherwise." and that was the last time jc ever tried to convince wwx. because if wwx himself doesn't see it, he will never.
wwx's phone pings. shit. he was supposed to reply twenty minutes ago and he almost never takes that long to reply lwj.

lwj: i... i have an idea.
wwx: sorry late reply lan zhan! was showering.


wwx: an idea for our bunnies' names?
lwj: mn.
wwx: !!!! do tell me
and now it's lwj's turn not to reply. he's sitting in his quiet room. he's had the idea for their bunnies' names for quite some time now. and upon suggesting, he knows it's either going to make it or break it.

it, again, being the relationship he has with wwx.
lwj: meet me in the park.
wwx: the usual?
lwj: mn.
wwx: all right, see you in a bit.
they stop texting each other now because they just want to get to their meeting point as soon as possible. because they want to see each other as soon as possible. because they want to be in each other's presence as soon as possible.
wwx receives one last text before he steps out of his door.

lwj: don't forget your scarf. it's cold.

wwx laughs softly, because he did forget his scarf.

wwx sends one last text before he steps out of his door.

wwx: what would i do without you lan zhan
that's a question he asks himself every night before he goes to sleep. often times he wonders if it's too extreme, too much, to feel like that about someone. like you're clutching yourself by your neck. whenever wwx thinks like that, his shijie's words would come to him.
"xianxian, it is not wrong to feel strongly about someone. because they are your feelings. no one has the right to shut them down. no one has the right to determine their validity. if anyone does that to you, let shijie know. i will speak to them personally."

she totally would.
"feel, xianxian. feel. it's a blessing to be able to feel. some people are not even aware of it. but one thing shijie will tell you is that, don't keep it inside yourself for too long. i know it's scary, letting someone else know that they have such an effect on you. if
and when they know that, and they react differently from what you and your heart expect, you know it's time. some people would say prioritising yourself and your own feelings is selfish. but i say it's not. if you don't do that for yourself, no one is going to do it for you."
wwx tightens his scarf and buttons his coat. tonight is the night.
lwj receives one last text before he steps out of his apartment.

wwx: what would i do without you lan zhan

lwj wonders the same, what would he do without wwx. he would be in a world less colorful. he would be in a world less warm. he would be in a world...

"wangji, tell him."
lxc's words from dinner ring in his head.

"if you don't, he will never, ever know. not everyone would be blessed with a chance to tell that person how they feel about that person. cherish it."

lwj tightens his scarf and buttons his coat. tonight is the night.
they meet at their usual spot. under a magnolia tree that graces caiyi park. arriving almost at the same time, and wearing smiles on their faces that they only give to each other. if this was a romance movie, wwx would be running into lwj's arms and petals would fall above them.
"it really is cold! you know i almost forgot to wear my scarf, lan zhan!"

"i know."

"you always do, huh."

silence envelopes them, with only the sounds of the river flowing and leaves ruffling above them.

"lan zh—"
"wei yi—"

they interrupt each other at the same time.
"after you."

"you said an idea about the names of our bunnies?"


"i do too!"

a beat passes.

their hearts are beating so loudly against their chests, uin their ears. and they hope that the other doesn't hear it.
actually, fuck it, so what if they hear it? so what if they knew how they felt about each other?

shijie's words loud and clear in wwx's head.

lxc's words loud and clear in lwj's head.

tonight is the night.
"you first, lan zhan!"

"wei ying first."

"whyyyy?" wwx whines.

"no reason," lwj remains calm.

"that's so unfair, lan zhan!"

"it would be unfair otherwise, too."

ww half rolls his eyes, something his brother taught him a long time ago, when they were barely four.
"ugh fine. let's count to three. and we can say the names together, okay? my bunny's name first, then yours!"


"ready, lan zhan?"

"whenever you are."

this is it. this is fucking it. they inhale, trying not to give away their fear.

"okay, on three. one, two, three—"
"jiji and xianxian."
eyes not leaving each other's. lwj and wwx say in unison, on the same beat, on the same note, on the same nervousness, on the same realisation that they have just confessed. they say with everything that they have.
"jiji and xianxian."

they repeat once more, after taking a step closer to each other, closing their cold distance. they shouldn't be so far from each other in the first place. they shouldn't.
they realise, oh do they finally realise.

lwj reaches out, takes his sun's cold hands and cups them in his, as he warms them with his own.

"my bunny, would be called jiji. so that that if you're not around me, he would be," wwx softly says.
"and yours would be called xianxian. so that if i'—"

"so that if wei ying is not around me, xianxian would be."
and at that moment, their worlds are at a standstill. no, that is inaccurate. their world is at a standstill. and nothing else in it matters except for the both of them. the temperature may subzero, the winds may be blowing, but they have never felt so much warmth before.
lwj pulls wwx in even closer. his lips graze wwx's cold forehead.

a kiss.

"lan zhan, i can't believe that our bunnies have gone on so many dates. and we haven't even gone on one!" wwx pulls away and pouts, because that is, indeed, a fact.
"will take wei ying out on as many dates as wei ying wants."

"really? as many as i want? even if i want a thousand, a million, a gazzziiillliiiiooonnnn?" wwx tiptoes and teasing interrogates lwj.

a little too close. a little too close.

lwj doesn't respond verbally.
because nothing says a yes more than a kiss on the lips. a first kiss on the lips. for the both of them.

"yes, even a gazillion times," lwj finally says as his lips unwillingly leave wwx's soft ones.

"i prefer you answer me the way you did just now, lan zhan."
again, lwj doesn't respond verbally. but he does so with the way wwx has asked him to. after all, how could he refuse? how could he refuse kissing the love of his life when that has been what he's wanted to do since wwx came late to their first meeting?
the magnolia leaves fall from above from the branches as the cold wind blows. but it doesn't shake them, as they bask in each other's warm embrace.

this would've been a romantic love story. but they're calling it their reality. it is now, their reality.

aaaaa we've come to the end of this liddol twitfic!!! it was incredibly fun to write. i didnt plan for anything initially, just a photog!wwx and handmodel!lwj but here we are and im glad it turned out this way!!! i guess wangxian just took over me and i... i had to do it!
supportive sibs jc shijie and lxc are my jam! and bunnies bringing wangxian together? more jam!!! it's time wangxian took their feelings and just decide to "HEY HERE U GO! THIS BE HOW I FEEL ABOUT U!" to each other because we really do need that sometimes.
thank u so much for making it down here and i hope you enjoyed reading it! mwah mwah kith kith!!! ♥️🐰💙🐰♥️
also how could i ever forget

thank u nhs for bringing wangxian together in the first place ✊🏻

• • •

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