I just published on Medium our DRASTIC Team's Questions for Scientists and the WHO on the origin of SARS-COV-2
Part 1: link.medium.com/5wlgcRuYX9
Mainly because graph dot org and telegra dot ph both get censored as malware by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn when sending links
I just published Questions for Scientists and the WHO on the origin of SARS-COV-2
part 2: link.medium.com/lSMC5UeZX9
Questions 86 - 176
I just published Questions for Scientists and the WHO on the origin of SARS-COV-2
Part 3: link.medium.com/wRXQgeD1X9
Questions 184 - 260
(Questions 177-183 are not being made public as they contain information identifying covert sources)
Questions are now archived for posterity
(in case Medium censors them)
Part 1: archive.is/JVLjO
Part 2: archive.is/bEpKy
Part 3: archive.is/pJaCZ
Medium Links:
Part 1: link.medium.com/5wlgcRuYX9
Part 2: link.medium.com/lSMC5UeZX9
Part 3: link.medium.com/wRXQgeD1X9

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30 Oct
Don't forget that before EIDITH...there was PROPHECY!
" Phase III will to attempt to replicate in a laboratory the viral mutations or evolutions that are documented to have occurred naturally."
darpa.mil/program/prophe… Image
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29 Oct
1. Reading between the Lines - interview from Sept 2017
From wildlife to humans with the PREDICT project
– an interview with Tracey Goldstein
2. First of all we need to take into account the EcoHealth/PREDICT - Lipkin connection

Read it carefully...
Ecohealth/DARPA and PREDICT UC Davis smuggled viruses back to the US for GOF work by Lipkin and Atlanta CDC BSL4 (Dr. Stuart Nichol) and USAMRIID Image
3. In the interview, Tracy Goldstein does not specifically clarify or state this fact, we need to read between the lines/
"examine the sequences of the coronavirus spike protein"
"examine" refers to US Lab work by Lipkin and others Image
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20 Oct
@VMGumball @Karabakh_MoD Yes, I see:
It is essential for forces likely to be targeted by modern armed drones to either
1. invest in expensive counter drone systems
2. develop capacity for clandestine sabotage activity to destroy drones in enemy airfields or even before delivery
@VMGumball @Karabakh_MoD 3. identify drone operators and their chain of command
4. eliminate the above as a matter of principle either before or after drone operations
5. pursue revenge operations against the families of the the enemy drone operators
6. publicly warn enemy drone operators of the above
@VMGumball @Karabakh_MoD 7. explore possibility of vehicle based EMP systems for use against enemy bases.
8. Target enemy manufacturing bases of drones with sabotage actions
9. target company executives of drone manufacturing companies
10. introduce agents as workers in these companies to effect sabotage
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20 Oct
1. Mini Thread on Dirty Cell Culture & Virus Contamination
Virus contaminations of cell cultures
– A biotechnological view
2. A big problem but especially in China!
Genetic profiling reveals an alarming rate of cross-contamination among human cell lines used in China
3. What the Butler Saw in the Japanese Cell Bank
Dirty, very Dirty!
Screening for 15 pathogenic viruses in human cell lines registered at the JCRB Cell Bank: characterization of in vitro human cells by viral infection
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15 Oct
1. Project 1742 (EcoHealth/DTRA)
Risks of bat-borne zoonotic diseases in Western Asia

Duration: 24/10/2018-23 /10/2019

Funding: $71,500
2. Bat Virus Database
Access to the database is limited only to those scientists participating in our ‘Bats and Coronaviruses’ project
Our intention is to eventually open up this database to the larger scientific community
3. EcoHealth Alliance & DTRA Asking for Trouble
One Health research project focused on characterizing bat diversity, bat coronavirus diversity and the risk of bat-borne zoonotic disease emergence in the region.
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14 Oct
1. Thread: RaTG13 Real or Fake?
A Norwegian Scientist @Vehuardo recently claimed RaTG13 is an "authentic virus"
This failed to take into account the work of our DRASTIC colleagues & other published analyses.
This thread is a polite attempt to educate.
2. news-medical.net/news/20200910/…
which says RaTG13 doesn't make sense on how it was sequenced, or how the data got so messed up in the lab as to include copy paste mistakes, bat dna, pangolin dna, rice dna, mice dna, & nobody should use it to form conclusions until it's properly vetted
2 (cont)
"sequence is incomplete & provided segment doesn't function. The identified markers suggest partial match basis & actual virus itself as described by the sequence can't functionally exist due to incoherent structures that appear to be the result of sample contamination" Image
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