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Sep 23, 2020 23 tweets 16 min read
@retheauditors @premnsikka @alexralph 1/ The curious case of Grandmaster Flash + The Liverpool Motley Crew. In 2019 TheTimes wrote of the notorious “SKW Investments/Imperium Enterprises” pensions liberation “scheme”, chess grandmaster Simon Williams + chess club chum the …
2/ infamous FSA/FCA IFA Gary Quillan & associates pulling the strings. The SIPPChoice vs HMRC (The tax aspects of the “scheme”) case fleshes out the basics + leads in to yet another case study in FSA/FCA gross regulatory failure, with hundreds of victims both SIPPshitted + …
3/ + facing tax whilst vast amounts were snaffled in “fees” bailii.org/uk/cases/UKFTT… . The court case points to a secretive web that operated both inside & outside of the FSA/FCA’s pitifully small porous regulatory perimeter. Key figures highlighted in the case included ..
4/ FSA/FCA IFA Gary Quillan, Robert John Metcalfe (allegedly a struck off solicitor), henchman William Ross-Jones, “admin/accounts manager” Mark Roberts + SIPP provider “SIPP choice”. Although the court case didn’t pick up on it, the charges are relevant, the initial charge ..
5/ being from a Gibraltar based SPV + later charges from the FCA auth. Capital Bridging Finance Solutions Ltd “CBFS” (now in administration). This wasn’t Mr Quillan’s first rodeo however as he was banned as a director for his japery in a remarkably similar op - the …
6/ KJK Investments Ltd/GLoans Ltd “scheme”, this time with its reported his brother in law running main borrower “Gloans Ltd” & other borrowers being related parties including SKW Investments. ftadviser.com/pensions/2019/… AND ftadviser.com/2015/06/23/reg… AND yourmoney.com/retirement/mul…
7/ The SIPP providers in this case were C&P SIPP, notorious GPC SIPP ftadviser.com/pensions/2020/…, + notorious HD SIPP ftadviser.com/2013/07/04/pen…. Hundreds of victims again were SIPPshitted + taxed. Amongst a web of their property/finance SPV’s run out of 16 Crosby Rd North, Waterloo ..
8/ Liverpool was Mr Quillan’s Property 4 Students Ltd. The share register boasted an eclectic mix of SPV’s along with (from the start) Michael Thomas Hennigan (also a director of Accelerated Bridging Finance Ltd + shared the same name/D.O.B. as a former UK chess champion).
9/ Along with Mr Quillan as a director was Mark Roberts + as company secretary (+ a founder shareholder) Mr Quillan’s FSA IFA colleague of many years Andrew Simon John Sweeney also a director of infamous minibond op Privilege Wealth Plc run by the notorious Brett Jolly …
10/ thisismoney.co.uk/money/experts/…, the uber notorious Renwick Haddow’s protege . Robert Metcalfe’s (allegedly entwined with the activities of the Liverpool Motley Crew) solicitors SRA disciplinary tribunal makes unpleasant reading, scribd.com/document/47708… ..
11/ s1.2 outlines off-plan student accommodation transactions which were “dubious, risky or bore the hallmarks of fraudulent financial arrangements” and it gets far worse from there. Party to the SKW/Imperium “scheme” was CBFS whose head honcho was Liverpool Motley Crew-mate ..
12/ FCA auth. Paul Dalton. Throughout Mr Metcalfe’s SRA disciplinary tribunal record numerous references are made to a “PD” the “sole director of CBFS” “a bridging finance company” + “PD”’s alleged widespread activities in the law firm allegedly entwined in the activities …
13/ of the Liverpool Motley Crew. The SRA tribunal reports(s 22.1) Mr Metcalfe was “best-friends” with “GQ”. The Liverpool Motley Crew just as with the LCF crew (incl. John Russell-Murphy & his Grosvenor Motley Crew), Blackmore Crew etc … after the effort of chasing marks …
14/ , boiler rooms, lassoing tame FCA IFA’s/SIPP providers etc saw it was time for the FCA’s “easy street” - strapping on Captain Careless & his Scroogle Crew + dancing down the FCA’s red carpet in to FCA minibond mayhem. In 2019 we pondered just how many other notorious …
15/ “minibond” schemes the infamous FCA IFA group “Northern Provident Investments” had a hand in AND . It turns out they had teamed up as well with the Liverpool Motley Crew’s Messrs Paul Dalton & Mark Roberts for the …
16/ Capital Bridge 9% IFISA bonds (aka First NorthBridge bonds) scribd.com/document/47707… - in effect a cash funnel to CBFS + the Liverpool Motley Crew’s activities. Notoriously CBFS was involved in Bury FC with tales of offshore loans, secret 40% upfront loan “commissions”, …
17/ theguardian.com/football/2018/… . Astonishingly it’s reported that around 1/5 of the total lending of collapsed P2P lender #Lendy was to companies controlled by then Bury FC owner Stewart Day bit.ly/3cpnUQ9 AND examinerlive.co.uk/news/west-york…
+ it’s further reported that CBFS ..
18/ was involved additionally in lending to Stewart Day’s companies. Continuing to plug in to the networks that operate both inside & outside of the FCA’s pitifully small porous regulatory perimeter the Liverpool Motley Crew spat out the “Capital Innovative Finance 9% …
19/ Fixed Rate Bonds” with the assistance of Messrs Goldsmith & Ferguson’s (lillywhiteuae.com/the-group) …
20/ “Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc whose offshore fingerprints frequently turn up in peddled bonds. It’s alleged Messrs Goldsmith &/or Ferguson were linked to notorious Blackmore “schemes” redd-monitor.org/2020/07/14/gre… before messrs Nunn & McCreesh danced ..
21/ down the FCA’s red carpet in to FCA minibond mayhem hand in IFISA hand with Northern Provident Investments - just like the Liverpool Motley Crew & “Buzz” from Blackmore’s chum Daron Lee (former CEO along with “Buzz” on the board of XCap Securities Plc - still in special …
22/22 administration) When predictably CBFS was put in to administration the whole pyramid imploded collapsing the Capital Bridge IFISA bonds + one would expect the Capital Innovative Finance Bonds to likely default in due course .. meanwhile the FCA sleep at the wheel.

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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ David Ames, patriarch of the Ames clan was convicted of #fraud on Wednesday i.r.o. the infamous £226m ‘#HarlequinProperty’ Caribbean property scam, peddled through @TheFCA’s SIPPshittery & @TPRgovuk’s pension liberation scams (ftadviser.com/regulation/202…).
2/ A hotspot of Harlequin Property scam peddling was the #LCF crews manor, with #LCF’s Spencer Golding’s alleged boiler room including a major Harlequin op ( AND ) + was allegedly linked to #LCF crew-mate & ICAEW man …
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“The sickening day I lost £125k - Britain’s biggest advice firm (#StJamesPlace) is investigating claims that a 64-year-old investor was misled” In an all too familiar toxic mix of the @TheFCA’s men/women + high upfront commission/fee high risk products … ImageImage
2/ - with a twist: the acquisition **in mid 2014** of FCA IFA Gilruth independent advisors ltd “Gilruth” (renamed after acquisition to Regentia lifestyle planning ltd “Regentia”) by the owner of another FCA IFA (Regency Wealth Ltd “Regency” - an A.R. of St James Place).
3/ Regency was reportedly limited to hawking only St James Place products, but it’s new sibling Regentia reportedly could also hawk anything it wanted to. The client, a 64 yr old mother & widower thought she was dealing with her Regency IFA she had dealt with for many years.
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ Unsurprisingly yet more allegations of ‘nasty niffs’ from the wild west of @TheFCA’s #Emoney/#FX scene - ‘ FCA authorised money transfer/FX op #LinkFX plc hit with £5m alleged fraudulent payments lawsuit by the liquidator of a purported construction … Image
2/ staffing agency’ (aka ‘payroll op’) #WittsServices Ltd (shutdown by HMRC). The liquidator alleged that : 1. the sole director of Witts Services was a car mechanic with no history as a company director or in construction. 2. LinkFX knew little to nothing about … Image
3/ Witts Services’ business or the £8m of transfers Link FX was making on its behalf allegedly to a Cricklewood (North London) pub landlord ‘Austin McGovern’. 4. LinkFX was aware that Witts Services had no known source of funding & was generating “extraordinary large income …
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