1) This is a crosscut of an Ancient Giant Tree limb when life had Silicone DNA. THAT is how precious stones were made. PIECES OF ANCIENT LIFE LEFTOVER FROM A PREVIOUS AGE!
All that pressure, carbon, heat, blah blah yada yada is UTTER (Love puns!ha) BOVINE FECES! ImageImage
2) What I'd like you to reconcile on this set of pics is this: ALL THESE ARE LIMBS FROM ANCIENT GIANT TREES! Not the trees themselves but limbs. So, who the F*** drug all this stuff up and "staged" it all as Natural? Keep that question in your mind as we go through this. READY? ImageImageImageImage
3) When this thread is complete, you'll have NO CHOICE but to innerstand the truths separated from all the lies!
Here are some more of the limbs.
Now I ask you: if this was legit? Where are the tree stumps of the trees that produced these limbs?
Ahhhh...we'll get there fam! ImageImageImageImage
4) More and more pieces of Ancient Tree limbs. As you look at the photos have you noticed the limbs are cut like you would cut it for firewood? Now, imagine the technology it requires to cut Silicone/Diamond/Crystalline MATTER?!?!?!
5) I AM a huge Occam's Razor advocate. That simple is USUALLY the right answer, even though not always.
Three main reasons for this.
(1) Telling the truths about Ancient Silicone DNA would open up Pandora's Box and it could NEVER BE SHUT AGAIN!
(2) Truth of those being Ancient Tree Limbs of Silicone DNA leads to: "Alright then, where are the trees or stumps if those are just limbs?"
(3) The final question your mind will be asking with anxious energy is: "Alight then, WHO THE F*** CUT THEM TREES DOWN?!?!?!"
See NOW?
7) Referencing question 2. Now, I will show you WHAT they are hiding from WE THE PEOPLE in plain freaking sight fam!
Do you see them fam!!!???!!!
HOLY BALLS! What the HELL is pic4 pointing to fam? IT'S A MYSTERY! LMFAO!!! ImageImageImageImage
8) More pics of other Ancient Giant Tree Stumps from all over Earth in support of the previous post. ImageImageImageImage
9) Well, damnit! We might as well throw in some more Ancient Giant Life to hammer home the POINT!!!
How about some more Ancient Giant Life before we tackle question 3?
Alright then...one more set of other life. ImageImageImageImage
10) Pic2, consider the movie "The Meg." Based on some truth maybe?
Pic4 is the American Cave Lion that used to roam the lands of North America! ImageImageImageImage
11) Time to answer question 3 so as your mind drinks in this info. CLEAR YOUR MIND of your biases and programming by intention. Look and study the pics. Allow your mind to SEE by NOT locking out possibility/probability!!!
Our Creation is MAJESTIC in a way that Awakens the SENSES! ImageImageImageImage
12) I now ask you: Who cut down all these Giant Trees on Earth?
Pic4 (Monument Valley Utah, America) is a wasteland that used to be an Ancient Giant Forest. There are many similar pics from all over the planet! ImageImageImageImage
13) I finish this thread by way of the 13th Zodiac with Love, Respect, and Compassion for all of those Light Beings here at this very moment within the Earth Plane!
We are closing out this game of "Life on Earth" and I AM sure the Age of Pisces will go out with a MASSIVE BANG!!! ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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1) About 2 years ago as I was finding myself I came across an anon deep dive on Airships prior to the Civil War. IT WAS INCREDIBLE INFORMATION! News stories of the time where the pilots would land in towns, take people on board, and show them how it works.
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The Spiritual Nature of Long Hair
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1) Plastics are even worse fam. They leach into EVERYTHING they touch with their Dark Energy. Poisoning ANYTHING they touch. ON PURPOSE!!!
Oil is Mother's lubricant and "blood" in a sense.
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1) @ucheedochie
Bro I can only imagine who else is alive. Billy I am sure you heard about the Nephilim that Hillary Clinton was inquiring about in one of her leaked emails. That was Nimrod, right? And he was in stasis when he was found. Maybe he is still alive. Imagine that.
2) Gilgamesh was who she discussed fam. And he and MANY others are still here. They were in stasis technologies awaiting NOW TIME! That's who John Kerry and all them others went to Antarctica for!
3) There are also 30 feet tall Atlanteans flash frozen in tsunami waves in Antarctica!!! [They] didn't tell us about that huh?
These photos are REAL and you can even pull up videos people have taken of the stasis Giants!!!
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