Let's talk about the Democrats' plan for Biden in the debates and how it's doomed, as of course @realDonaldTrump knows.

Body language analysis is only partially effective, but I'll use this video as a jumping-off point.

She's correct that Biden has an earpiece, but it's MUCH MORE than that.

The proof is his slack, confused, frightened face before he begins getting the answers through his earpiece. Image
Has anyone else noticed this?

Biden always REACHES INTO HIS POCKET before he answers certain questions.

See how confused and frightened he looks? Image
And here's how he looks AFTER he reaches into his pocket. Image
The reason he usually wears a mask is to hide his confused, frightened face.

Watch his free hand.

Into the pocket. Image
What's he doing?

He's activating a fully implanted, invisible receiver that uses BONE CONDUCTION to get messages.

My guess is the switch also reduces ambient noise so that he can concentrate on the spoken instruction.
Remember when Biden totally disappeared?

He was having something like THIS implanted.…
"The remarkable Esteem® Hearing Implant is designed to provide qualified candidates with a unique combination of real-world benefits. The Esteem is:"
"An INVISIBLE Solution — You don’t just hear better. You look and feel better. There are no external components. And nothing is in your ear canal."
Bone conduction works extremely well.

Sound is just vibrations.

This invisible implant has been converted to a receiver that transmits vibrations into Biden's addled head.

He switches it on and off at will. His wristwatch vibrates when they want him to activate the system.
I'm absolutely shocked that they're doing this.

If I was able to figure it out, Trump's people knew about long ago.

Without getting specific, Trump is protected by jammers that disrupt radio signals.
The Biden system would use frequency hopping to try and avoid being jammed, but that won't work.

Frequency hopping is when you go from frequency to frequency to dodge jamming.

Why won't it work here?
The Biden system must have more power than Trump's protective jamming.

"It is shown that [anti-jamming protection] capacity is positive, and then equals the common randomness assisted (CR) capacity, if and only if the sender power strictly exceeds the jammer power."
Biden's system will fail at best.

At worst, Trump's people will give him bogus answers.


They got the Russians to bomb Iranians and Hezbollah.

They got the Yemeni Houthis to fire on each other.
They fooled the Kurds into running out of Kirkuk so that the Iraqi government could reclaim the city without firing a shot.

The Iraqis didn't want to hurt the Kurds, but the Kurds had taken land that didn't belong to them.

So they were CONFUSED out of Kirkuk.
Have you heard of "deepfakes"?

I've haven't seen a single one that was convincing.


There's technology out there that you wouldn't believe.

Real-time interpretation into an absolutely native-sounding foreign language based on an actual person's voice.

THAT is how you spoof the enemy into imploding.

Now I'm DEFINITELY not going to watch the Trump-Biden debates.

It has the potential of being the most horrific spectacle in the history of televised broadcasting.

Biden will say that Trump called his dead son a loser.
It makes no sense, of course.

Beau Biden served in Iraq from 2008 to 2009 as a major in the Judge Advocate General Corps assigned to the 261st Signal Brigade.

He was a NONCOMBATANT, and he suffered from brain cancer for five years.

Bide4n says his son had glioblastoma.
It's very rare for glioblastoma patients to live that long.

But Biden is combining TWO lies:

The original lie is that Trump said those killed in combat are losers are suckers.

The second lie is Biden including his son in that category.
There's almost no doubt that Biden will say this at the debate.

Biden absolutely DESERVES what will happen to him at that point, especially since his communication system will be down or filled with psyops.

I said earlier that I myself don't get revenge, but I enjoy comeuppance.

Wrongdoers getting what they deserve.

This is my own issue. I have to concentrate on peaceful things in order to make it over the finish line.

I've experienced too much.


I approve of revenge.

Show no mercy whatsoever.
"Who must do the hard things? Those who can. Who must do the impossible things? Those who care."

--Carolyn Robertson Payton
I care, Mr. President, but I'm disabled. All my time is spent keeping the darkness at bay.

I depend on YOU to do the hard things for me.

You're doing God's work.


• • •

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22 Oct

For @realDonaldTrump

How do you know that the Democrats--including the Democratic Socialists--and the press have given up?

@AOC plays an online video game for three hours, gets half a million followers, and the press goes nuts.

Now, I got interested in the gaming world because it's something in which I have absolutely no interest.

Does that make sense?

There are very few things in which I have zero interest.

Superhero movies are one.

The gaming world is another.
The gaming world is an entire ecosystem of superstars, worshipers, critics, drama...

All based on something that I can't fathom.

I tried to play a few video games, and they left me cold.

See, my ideal video game would be an enormous empty city that I got to explore.
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Obama went out to berate @realDonaldTrump because Joe is at home getting a tuneup.

Guess what Obama talked about?


Democrats say nobody goes to Biden rallies because Democrats are "too smart" to risk COVID-19.

Can you get infected through social media, though? Image
USA Today got 1503 viewers.

Now, here's how many people DROVE to Miami to see Trump.

In the last thread I wrote, I got WAY too many sure-hope-you're-righters.


I'm going to block you.



You're ignoring empirical evidence that I'm right, so stop telling me that I'm wrong.
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21 Oct

Let's watch a video of Joe Biden blaming the public for HIS corruption.

Biden's rationalization is that of a garden-variety sociopathic con artist.

@realDonaldTrump doesn't share Biden's belief.

Every con artist who ever lived blames the victim.

Now, that video is Biden's own words.

I don't want to risk posting OTHER material that accuses Biden of continuing his con artistry, but this should pass muster.

The expense of a candidate's run for office is that person's first test.

If your PLATFORM is appealing to the voters and to industry and to various other institutions, you'll be able to raise money without compromising yourself.
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21 Oct

Look what @realDonaldTrump did: Image
Now, before you give me any flapdoodle about how I did it, that ain't true.

Plenty of excellent writers on Twitter.

My MUSE is Trump.

Therefore he gets the credit.

You read me because I write about angles other's aren't covering.

The goal is to be a fact-based cheerleader.

I wouldn't be writing about Trump if he were a flat tire.


Writing about him in away that stands out has made me a better all-around writer.

Twitter forces me to be less wordy.
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20 Oct

I wrote earlier about the preference cascade that will lead to the @realDonaldTrump landslide.

We should also talk about the Democrats' "failure cascade."

It's best expressed by this ancient proverb about a courier. Image
I'll give you a tragic real-life example.

A Greek airliner crashed, killing all onboard.

Here's what happened:
1. The disembarking crew mistakenly thought there was a leaking door seal, so they told maintenance.

2. A mechanic switched the pressurization button in the cockpit from "auto" to "manual," pressurized the airliner on the ground, and checked the seal. No leak.
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20 Oct

Every day, in every way, Democrats say or do something that drives voters into the camp of @realDonaldTrump.

I present the thoughts of Robert Reich, a Clintoneer from the beginning. Image
Leftists say this is what South Africa did after Nelson Mandela because president in 1994.

What Reich means is that we're living under APARTHEID.

The minds boggles.

This argument appeals only to raving lunatics.
Remember how I keep telling you that Democrats and the press are completely out of touch with reality?


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