The War is Ideologically based but the ideology is NOT Left/Right as Americans who are BOTH Left & Right are suffering at the hands of one side.
This is the WOKE vs UNWOKE.
Regular Americans vs a NU AMERICA Image
This NU America came into being over 7 DECADES of slow & stealthy change of American Hearts & Minds via Academia, The Courts & the MSM including News & Entertainment.
Americans being divided to INEVITABLY collapse the Nation under the weight of our own hubris. ImageImage
This NU Movement, using race as it's credo is being used in a mad gambit to BATTER & BASH all UNWOKE Americans, Left OR Right, into submission
It has all the trappings & fervency of a Cultist Religion
It's Adherents are fanatical & cannot be reasoned with
I have watched the MINDLESS RAGE at work in Cities like Seattle & Portland for over 100 Nights. Anyone they thrash or even KILL now is PRESTO! CHANGE-O! turned into a Nazi after the fact
The Chop shootings, Danielson's murder. Gardener's suicide, ALL JUSTIFIED by this warped Cult ImageImageImageImage
This "Model" of behavior has many precedents in history but I can give a recent example=2014 & the RISE OF ISIS.
ISIS were ISLAMISTS (Islamic Supremacists) who murdered 19 Muslims for every non Muslim.
Why did they murder Muslims since THEY themselves were Muslim?
EASY= Image
The Muslims they killed were either the wrong SECT (You had to belong to Sunni Islam) or weren't MUSLIM ENOUGH (WOKE!) to suit ISIS.
Now, WHERE are the vast majority of the Radical Left's outrages happening?
WHO is being harmed/impacted the most?
"Blue American" in Blue States! ImageImageImageImage
When you listen to these Adherents of this NU WOKE Religion that appears to have sprung up overnight it's clear you simply can't reach or reason with these people.
They are not living in the same World we are & their DIRECT ACTION ELEMENTS (Antifa & BLM) are hyper-violent. ImageImage
The people they are harming & whose lives are the most seriously impacted are ON THE LEFT.
As the Marxist WOKE Mob's Enablers provide them cover & support from positions of authority.
This is all done in the hopes they can remove President Trump from Office in November... ImageImageImage
...but it goes far deeper than that. Every aspect of the NU WOKE appears fascistic. Students of History can see all the signs of this THING the Radical Left has created attempting to legitimize & crystallize itself into permanence onto the American Landscape. ImageImageImage
As Americans were occupied with living their lives, work & raising families the insidious #StealthMarxists have OCCUPIED key positions in our Local, State & Federal Governments.
Just look at these "Rogue" District Attorneys who are enabling the Mob putting all our lives at risk. ImageImageImageImage
When President Trump & McConnell push through 100's of Federal Judgeships to recover #RuleOfLaw the WOKE DA's offset that by refusing to prosecute or simply releasing the repeat violent offenders the Police have become VERY ADEPT at catching.
A hidden, #SilentWAR is underway. Image
I know it doesn't FEEL like it because the Deep Blue States & Cities have set themselves ON FIRE in protest over it.
The Demonic Souls running those States lit the fires themselves & then caterwaul about #TrumpsAmerica! ImageImage
Well, as @ScottAdamsSays we have TWO MOVIES playing on ONE Screen. One Screen looks stable, sane, prosperous & peaceful & the other looks like a Struggle Session from Mao's Red China before you get it in the neck.
GEE, which one would YOU prefer?
We HAVE two Americas right now. ImageImage
If you don't believe me, read this Thread by @COsweda=

It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about what TIME it is in America.
You can have Fascist WOKE Lunatics stomping your Face forever or #AmericanaRISING.
President Trump knows EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING.
He KNOWS all of this. He also knows the BEST WAY to fix it.
Without an ocean of blood.
These LUNATICS are trying to turn US into (take your pick) The Soviet Revolution of 1917, Korea in 50's or Vietnam in the 60's
The WOKE are fanatics, I cannot stress this enough.
Watch this video=Look at their BODY LANGUAGE.
To stop them you'd have to KILL them.
The Sheriffs Deputies wisely pop Tear Gas & move on.
& as Carlos just pointed out ANY resistance TO the #Resistance Mob will get YOU prosecuted & PERSECUTED by the WOKE DA's.
The Radical Left thinks turning their States into fascistic HELLZONES will FORCE Americans living in those States to submit & accept their NU Faith ImageImage
It's become so obvious people (like me!) are making Memes about it.
Well, things sound pretty HOPELESS, huh?
Guess all those Folks trapped in Deep Blue States are outta luck!
Better just bend the knee & raise their Fist to be left alone, right?
WRONG!! Image
Because not everyone living in these Deep Blue Sh*tholes is a Lunatic who's abandoned their HUMANITY for a RAGE Filled Revolution that despises everything American.
There is an approaching WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY=
November 3rd when they can exercise POLITICAL POWER by Voting. ImageImage
President Trump doesn't want to KILL these fanatics.
He doesn't even want to JAIL them if he can avoid it.
He doesn't blame 98% of them for what was DONE TO THEM.
**Serious**Crimes have to be paid for but Trump wants to RESHAPE America to WIN these Lost Soul's back to the Light. ImageImageImageImage
HORRIFYING "Doors" have been opened by the WOKE that are destroying lives.
President Trump intends to SHUT those Doors & open up NEW (not NU!) & AMAZING Doors for Americans.
The MIND Poison being steadily dripped into the Brains of Captive Audiences in School & at Work will END. Image
He will"gentle"those indoctrinated to hate & attack the UNWOKE back from the brink as their "Thought Leaders" are rounded up & made to pay for what they've done.
FULL EXPOSURE which is what they're so determined to prevent.
By 2022 most of the woke will be on the road to sanity Image
Think of America as a Football Field.
AS FOUNDED we were well balanced with reason, faith & common sense.
As time passed our Enemies both Foreign & Domestic began *PUSHING* as many Americans as possible to the LEFT/RIGHT End Zones.
To THEM! Extremism=TOUCHDOWN! Image
America was it's MOST EFFECTIVE at changing America (& the World) for the better when we WORKED TOGETHER in the sane, stable & prosperous Middle Ground (50 Yard Line)
Our enemies do everything they can to STOP THIS.
When we stand on common ground & work thru our differences... Image
...we can literally do the IMPOSSIBLE.
Americans went to the Moon in one of humanity's most incredible achievements & a DEPRESSINGLY large # of kids today think it's all a lie
Here is a FREE 4 part Documentary on HOW we did it=…
@BillWhittle in his element!
People claim to reach that Common Ground you have to surrender your values & beliefs.
Told by those determined to divide us.
Americans defeated the then most powerful military in the World, the British, by joining together DESPITE their differences. ImageImage
We do our greatest DAMAGE to one another & the World when the majority is divided, hacking at one another over (PICK SOMETHING!)
Standing in the EXTREME End Zones hurling Fireballs of RAGE at one another as our Enemies laugh & take advantage. Image
Trump watched the POLARIZING occur his whole life & is determined to END it.
Without rancor he is standing on that 50 yard line to **pull** (NOT push!) via FREEWILL, as many Americans as he can to that sane, stable Middle.
The WOKE! have alienated ALL sane Americans. ImageImage
November 3rd will be 2016 x TEN because the vile & abusive Structure our Enemies have built over decades (this NU CULT just being it's most recent element) will be completely & irrefutably REJECTED by the American people.
You will then witness not just the POLARIZING BREAK... Image
...complete itself, you will witness it's COLLAPSE as millions of Americans wake from this mad Fever Dream as President Trump heralds the Second GREAT AWAKENING by uplifting Hearts & Minds not just here but Worldwide.
CONVERTING the Lost from WOKE! to AWAKENED. Image
He won't do this via the DOJ, US Military, Police or any force at all.
He will use his reelection to CEMENT his policies & then gravitate rational Americans back TO Americana as all the Forces just mentioned protect us from those too far gone, demonic or incorrigible to be saved. Image
That # is TINY. Truly a rabid Mouse that roared. Magnified by Media & empowered by malevolent souls determined to USE this chaos to enrich themselves.
President Trump is rendering them all IRRELEVANT as he sails to a November TRUMPSLIDE.
All their machinations come to NOTHING. ImageImage
The Greatest Battle against Darkness in our lifetime is about to be decided is THIS SPAN OF TIME=(See Picture)
The Enemy will be clawing at your courage & sanity in psychotic FRENZY EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until WE send them into political OBLIVION. Image
President Trump is putting FIRES out all over the World.
The one at HOME was never going to be a problem.
He's going to SAVE the Mob.
They're Americans too, you know. We're going to have live live together after 2020.
& we will.
Having passed thru the #SoulWAR. ImageImage
TRUTH, LOGIC & REASON are my Holy Trinity & I defend them without apology. Program Yourself & SOAR
#DigitalSoldier. Support my Works at

Read all my threads here=

My YouTube… Image

• • •

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28 Oct
#HunterGate = CRACK!
#SpyGate = CRACK!
#HillarysEmails = CRACK!
#Benghazi = CRACK!
ALL tie together in a nice horrific little Bow.
Shaped like a CROWN.
To MOCK God & the Faithful. ImageImage
The Minions of CHAOS have filled their bellies, vaults & other, VILE appetites at our expense for far too long.
The Pendulum has swung back into THE LIGHT as their innumerable crimes , now laid bare, elicit a ROAR of outrage from the People.
The Edifice GROANS & SHUDDERS in fear. ImageImage
What I've called the POLARIZING BREAK is here & they realize TOO LATE the WORLD they built is about to fail leaving them NAKED before the very Mobs THEY stirred up over years of Witch Hunts & False Persecutions only to now be PROVEN to be THEY were The Wicked Ones all along. ImageImage
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26 Oct
In 8 days we get to OWN the Self-Owned.
One BIG freaking flaw that is about to be addressed=
Those who wielded power in OUR name were USING the youth, not nurturing them, a direct challenge to NATURAL LAW.
Failed attempts at Peace Treaties for DECADES...

New understandings are forged by getting Enemies

to AGREE on economic ties. PEACE will now happen as

a matter of course. Accept RESULTS only, then work

past all preconceived LIMITATIONS to find the desired

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25 Oct
What am I talking about?
@ScottAdamsSays talks about how the MSM, which has now been exposed BY TRUMP as an Tool of the Democrats "assigns you your opinion."
This IS the POWAH! of the Media. No matter WHAT your opinion is regarding a particular topic or event you will have heard of it from your preferred MEDIA source.
Left, Right or Center a person's perception of the World they live in is now provided to you by Media.
Everything you know about what's happened in the World, is happening or is predicted to happen comes to you via a Media Source.
& those that OWN those Media Sources can CONTROL YOU.
Orson Welles NAILED it with Citizen Kane.
"What I TELL them to Think!
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24 Oct
The Giuliani #OctoberSurprise of Hunter's Laptop that reveals MASSIVE CORRUPTION that has now been corroborated by 2 Biden Associates has been viciously suppressed & censored by Big Tech desperate to elect Biden
Big Tech has EXPOSED themselves more fully than a certain CCN Analyst by locking down, censoring & removing any mention of the Hunter Biden LapTop Scandal now called #HunterGate is a desperate & doomed bid to kill the Story.
Instead they got the STREISAND EFFECT.
I was locked out TWICE the day the Story broke trying to post images from the Laptop of incriminating e-mails that PROVED Joe Biden lied about involvement in Hunter's business deals & pix of Hunter passed out with a drug pipe in his mouth
Well, the Story took off despite Big Tech
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23 Oct
OR=Leftard Blue Checkmarks on Twitter are proving the US education system is THE BEST in the World for churning out entitled & arrogant know nothings.
These 2 Watt Brainchildren were puzzled & then laughed at the ridiculous notion of Trump claiming children are brought over the Border by COYOTES.
They immediately assumed he meant the ANIMAL Canis latrans & decided, AS USUAL Trump was spouting his usual nonsense.
"Does he mean Wile E. Coyote?" They posted & chortled!
& there was much merriment & laughter until they began to peruse their comments.
Sadly,(for them!) the internet is FOREVER!
Also, as someone who lives in South Texas, I DO know what President Trump was referring to.
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22 Oct
2 business partners involved in the mire of the Biden Family's corruption are now corroborating the evidence found on Hunter's abandoned Laptop.
Bevan Cooney & Tony Bobulinski.
Cooney was in FEDERAL PRISON.
He was sentenced to 30 months in Prison for a bond fraud investment scheme where Hunter's name was used to bilk a Native American Tribe of tens of millions of dollars.
His partner was Devon Archer, who is also a Biden Associate & is also in Prison for fraud.
Cooney has flipped.
The emails he's turned over PROVE Biden lied & with the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE arranged numerous meetings between Hunter & his pals & Foreign Clients.
This is HOW those billions dollar Deals & kickbacks were arranged.
See the comments?
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