Feeling mischievous so here's another thread.

One like = one question you really wish I hadn't asked you because of what your answer reveals about your shadow.
1. Who in your personal life do you most hate and in what ways are you afraid that you are secretly like them?
2. What do you really dislike and what interpersonal conflicts does it give you a really convenient excuse for avoiding?
3. When do you become extremely nice and polite in response to attacks and what authority figure in your childhood did you learn that with?
4. That thing you find hot, why is it hot? Explain in detail.
5. You know the way that things that were previously interesting suddenly become boring? What is the common thread there?
6. Why on *earth* did you click like on that tweet?
7. Who do you most want to like you more than they do and why?
8. What is the most life improving thing you could be doing right now and why aren't yo doing it?
9. What do you avoid learning how to do well so that you won't be asked to do it?
10. Which story (book, film, whatever) have you most cried at and what about your life does it remind you of?
11. Who in your personal life would you be most relieved about if they quietly, peacefully, and with minimal harm to others dropped dead, and why?
12. Imagine your ideal fantasy life. Why is it actually awful?
13. Which emotions are you not allowed to feel and where did you learn it was unsafe to feel them?
14. Why haven't you already asked yourself many of these questions?
15. Are you actually going to answer these questions or would you prefer to not understand yourself?
16. Which parts of your identity do you loudly proclaim that you're actually secretly very unsure about?
17. What is the biggest thing in your life that you just kinda casually fell into and would you have made a conscious decision to do it if you'd known in advance everything you know now?
18. What trait that people strongly associate with you is almost pure performance on your part and totally fails to reflect your inner life?
19. You could definitely be more attractive than you currently are if you put in the effort. Why aren't you doing that?
20. What things do you do for others because you really wish you had someone to do them for you?
21. Look around your environment. Now look again, but this time notice the thing you tried not to see the first time because it was making you anxious and avoidant. What is that thing and why is it scary?
22. Who are you friends with in large part because you enjoy secretly looking down on them?
23. Who are you friends with in large part because they give you permission to be a version of yourself you can't access without them?
24. You know all those times you fucked up and everybody got mad at you? Which of them have actually turned out really well for you in the long run and how sure are you that that wasn't deliberate on your part?
25. Think of your younger self (pick an age which makes this question most interesting). In what ways do you hold them in contempt?
26. Which of these questions have triggered the strongest emotional reaction for you and what advice that you're tired of constantly hearing do they remind you of?
27. Which problems in your life would cause you to lose valued communities if you solved them?
28. What are you avoiding changing because it would prove someone who really pissed you off was right?
29. What are you putting off in order to give yourself an excuse to do a bad job of it?
30. In what ways are you like your parents?
31. Why the hell haven't you done this already?
32. What do you know to be true but pretend isn't because everyone will hate you for saying it?
33. What are your positive qualities that you pretend you are unaware of because it would be arrogant to admit to them?
34. What are your negative qualities that you pretend to be unaware of because it lets you get away with them?
35. You can swap lives with anyone you know. Who do you pick and why?
36. What behaviour do you do because you really want someone to call you on it?
37. Congrats, you get a super power! You may now experience one particular emotion, as strongly as you want, whenever you want to. Which emotion do you pick and when do you use this power?
38. When was the last time you experienced major personal growth?
39. What decisions are you putting off making despite knowing exactly what you're inevitably going to decide?
40. You probably have sexual fantasies that you really wouldn't want to have happen in reality. What is the underlying need they are pointing to?
41. What are you not currently getting that you would ask for if you could do so without fear of judgement or rejection?
42. When do you say "I can't" or "it's too hard" but really mean "it's too scary and I don't want to try"?
43. What question are you dreading I'm going to ask and why aren't you able to ask it yourself?
Bonus question just for me: Why am I force-feeding alt twitter their shadow instead of doing work right now? 😬

I'm going to stop this thread here and go do some work but I will resume tomorrow.
Bonus bonus question just for me after peeking back to see the like counter: Holy hell, why do I do this to myself?

It's possibly I might stop the thread at 100, we'll see.
44. What are your worst traits, and what bad things would happen to you if you could suddenly change them for the better?
45. What is the *easiest* thing you could do to improve your life, and why aren't you doing it?
46. Who are you afraid of hurting?
47. Super power time again! You have the ability to permanently excise one emotion. Which do you pick, why, and what bad things will happen to you as a result of that choice?
48. Whose approval are you desperate for and why?
49. What do you have that you feel you don't deserve?
50. What do you feel you deserve but don't get?
51. You make a new friend and (within the bounds of plausibility) they are exactly a type of friend you need and don't currently have. What are they like?
52. Which responsibilities always seem to end up falling to you and why is that?
I'm not really in the right headspace to continue this thread right now (and yikes all the likes 😬). I could probably force out another dozen or so questions but I'd rather take a break. May or may not resume in a week or so.
53. What things are you unusually good at and what negative experiences does being good at them let you avoid?
54. What are your most positive behaviours and what is the most cynical interpretation of why you do them?
55. What do you do primarily because you want people to like you?
56. What do you most fear that everyone secretly thinks about you?
57. What do you know to be false and yet cannot shake a feeling of utter certainty that it is true?
58. What are you currently refusing to admit because if you did you would have to change your life?
59. Who have you failed?
60. Which problems in your life are entirely your fault?
61. Who in your life (other than yourself) are you refusing to blame for things you secretly know are their fault?
62. What objects do you own that you cannot throw out solely because admitting you will never need them again is too painful?
63. Which friendships are obviously no longer worth it for you to maintain?
64. What are you currently on Twitter in an attempt to avoid thinking about?
65. What questions will you never answer truthfully, no matter how much you trust the person who asks?
66. What truths would you refuse to say out loud in an empty room?
67. Who in your life makes you a worse person?
68. Who do you want to trust more than you do and what is stopping you?
69. What are you afraid that those who love you will notice?
70. What questions are you afraid to ask in case you can't handle the answer?
71. Are you a good person?
72. Are you lonely?
73. Think of all the people important to you. How would they react to your crying in front of them? Do they feel right to react that way?
74. What ways are you refusing to improve your life because they go against your politics?
75. In what ways are you secretly like the outgroup?
76. Who would you like to be friends with but you're afraid of how it would look to your other friends?
77. What do you feel like people care far too much about?
78. What are you avoiding saying to yourself?
79. What do you secretly believe everyone thinks about you that you really wish they would just come out and say?
80. Who are you hoping will call you on your bullshit?
81. What are you unusually good at and in what ways would your life be better if you weren't good at that?
82. What are you sinking energy into that, if challenged, you would have to admit is obviously not worth it?
83. What do you kinda resent the people around you for not knowing about you, despite the fact that you've never told them?
84. What sorts of emotional connection do you look for in romantic relationships in fiction? Do you get that in your own?
85. What sorts of emotional connection do you look for in friendships in fiction? Do you get that in your own?
86. What sort of mentors are you lacking?
87. Purely for your own sake, without reference to how it affects others, do you feel like it is a good and positive thing that you exist?
88. Do you feel like it is a good and positive thing for the world that you exist?
89. Suppose you fixed all your major problems and the world was great. What would you do with your time then?
90. What will your legacy be?

• • •

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1 Nov
This was an interesting exchange. Thoughts to follow in thread.

In the context I saw this, it was being painted as a gendered difference. I think it is, but not for the reasons people are treating it as.

The actual reason is that we've put the boundaries of "thinking" in the wrong place.
We tend to only consider it "thinking" if you're doing it on your own off in your own head, but almost everything you do involves thinking, and many other modes of thinking succeed even by the standards you'd want to judge "real thinking" by, they just seem less legitimate.
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18 Oct
Idle thought: We were talking about how Less Wrong had a lot (though a minority) of people from less savoury parts of the internet, but that's... actually very good? Less Wrong is actually a great community of last resort because it does genuinely make its members better.
The core LW worldview is not one I would particularly endorse, but honestly most people don't end up staying there. A lot of people seem to have become much healthier and more complete human beings as a result of joining LW, taking on board its worldview, and building on it.
And actually that is exactly the sort of site we want more of on the internet.
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17 Oct
Thread of low key infohazards, to be updated occasionally.

(I thought about doing 1 like = 1 infohazard but I've learned my lesson about how much you all like me being mean to you for your own good)
An annoying social thing you won't be able to unsee.

Literally all of these questions.
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25 Sep
A big problem I had not previously appreciated with acquiring more chill is that what this does is make you chill enough to do the things you previously couldn't, which necessarily causes you to discover that you are not yet chill enough for the consequences.
As I had to point out to a friend after this tweet, I am a being of increased yet still sadly finite chill.
This ties in with the advice I gave here.

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23 Sep
Leading my example (though I don't think I'm a downer account), here is my one like = one positive thing thread.
1. I am not actually stuck yet but years later this is still my favourite meme and it makes me go "Awwwww 😻" every time I see it so I'll start here. Image
2. This week has been intense in very productive ways. I've seen *such* positive movement on some of the most important relationships in my life and huge ❤️ to everyone involved.
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23 Sep
I do know who needs to hear this, but: Talking articulately about your problems on Twitter is not being a burden to others. It is the opposite of that. It is throwing a lifeline to people who have similar problems but are not yet able or willing to articulate them.
Yes if everyone else had happy and perfect lives and you were just going into those happy and perfect lives unwelcomed and shouting about how miserable you are, that would be a downer. THIS IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING.
People follow you on Twitter because they're interested in what you have to say. That means what you are talking is resonating with them. They share some of your problems.

When you are being "whiny" and "complaining nonconstructively" or whatever, you are helping.
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