Make no mistake, what is about to happen in the ultra-Orthodox communities in Brooklyn will be catastrophic. School closures, business closures, synagogue closures and fines to everyone will rock the community and pain them - WITHOUT FIXING THE PROBLEM.
I am all for punitive responses and mandates and fines, but only after an effective, community-centered approach towards education and participation. This has not happened. This hasn’t even pretended to happen.
Instead, clueless methods to improve mask wearing and social distancing were implemented - 2 days ago - and now there are threads to attack the community from all sides by early next week. 3/
If the mayors office wants to find the Orthodox providers who care deeply about their communities, they know where to find us. This isn’t our first rodeo; many of us dealt with skepticism + ignorance during the measles outbreak in 2019.
Instead of practical steps, City Hall is talking big and doing nothing - and all but ensuring that this community will feel hated on, picked on, and will never trust guidance from them again.

Nice work 👌🏽

• • •

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Aug 5
Today’s post for day 6 of National Immunization Awareness Month will be brief, since it is erev Shabbos.

Candy Land was invented in 1948 by 30-year old schoolteacher Eleanor Abbott who contracted polio. She recovered in the polio ward of a hospital - with dozens of children.
Many were in iron lungs, many were paralyzed, all were confined and isolated together.

And Eleanor, a teacher, created Candy Land for them, where children who could no longer move freely could dance their pawn along a colored, meandering, candy-strewn path.
It was an instant hit and Milton Berle purchased it in 1949. Abbott, of course, gave most of the royalties back to the children she spent her career with.

But look closer at the original board:
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Aug 4
For day 4 of National Immunization Awareness month, I’m going to address the rumor that physicians get pharma/govt kickbacks for every vaccine they administer.


But guess who DOES try to incentivize physicians to keep vaccine rates up?


Because vaccines work!

And they’d rather cover $20 per vaccine than the medical bills you’ll run up when you get sick from a preventable disease!

Insurance companies know that vaccines work, and that they’re safe, and they’re PUTTING THEIR MONEY ON IT.
So, along with blood pressure control & smoking cessation, vaccination saves money - by keeping you healthy.

Imagine: unvaccinated patients are in the same category as people who smoke, are obese, or don’t manage chronic health conditions.

They cost our health system money.
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Aug 3
Day 3 of National Immunization Awareness Month and I’m talking about MEASLES PERCEPTION.

“routine” childhood disease
“rite of passage”
“Measles strengthens” children
“got us out of school”

These are common distortions of a disease that historically was viewed very differently.
It’s easy to pretend measles is a benign childhood rite of passage when you haven’t ACTUALLY experienced an outbreak.

But endemic measles hasn’t existed in 60 years! So, how DID people perceive measles when large outbreaks hit towns and cities?

Look at historical literature.
In “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” Twain writes:

“During two long weeks Tom lay a prisoner, dead to the world and its happenings. He was very ill, he was interested in nothing.”

This passage describes an illness that is anything but cheerful and routine.
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Aug 2
Day 2 of National Immunization Awareness Month and today’s tidbit is on childhood immunizations and childhood cancer.

Data shows that inflammation (caused by disease) plays a role in cancer development, and studies on vaccinated children support this.

1. Children born in counties with ⬆️ Hep B vaccine coverage had ⬇️ odds of all cancers combined.

2. A ⬇️ odds for leukemia was associated at the county level with ⬆️ rates of the poliovirus vaccine.
3. Children born in regions with ⬆️ coverage levels of the Hib vaccine had ⬇️ odds of leukemia.

4. Children who received the MMR had a ⬇️ risk of leukemia.

5. There was a protective association between any vaccination in the first year of life and risk of childhood leukemia.
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Aug 1
A primer on sources and how to know what to trust:

A. Peer reviewed studies. This means it’s been double checked by others to ensure you’re not making up lies.

B. Repeated studies. A single finding is worthless if it can’t be found again.

C. Timely studies. Data moves fast.
D. Sample size. A study on 8 folks isn’t exciting, unless, again, it’s replicated and enlarged.

E. If using websites, filter out nonsense by using .edu or .org

F. Read the “About Us” on websites to detect slants or biases.
G. The hierarchy of evidence. Enough said. Image
Read 6 tweets
Jul 21
Here is what needs to happen:

Rockland County Health Department is hosting vaccination clinics tomorrow and Monday.

1. @AgudahNews needs to make a statement encouraging all unvaccinated residents to vaccinate their children immediately and they need to hold a vaccine drive.
2. @themishpacha, @HamodiaUS, and other widely distributed publications need to endorse vaccinating to end this NOW. They need to use their resources in favor of ending a dangerous outbreak and even more dangerous chillul hashem ASAP.

Responsible journalism matters.
3. All frum Jews need to speak up.

You need to start holding your friends, family, and neighbors accountable for their poor decisions. Their health decisions affect you, and all of klal yisrael, make no mistake.
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