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25 Sep, 5 tweets, 1 min read
Euro-baked Democratic Socialism has as much to do with socialism as Moon Pies has to do with the moon or pies It was coined during the 19th century and was appropriated in the 20th by a handful of people who grasped the distinctions. They've sucked at explaining both ever since.
What we need is a well-funded group of people who can properly explain that what most "Democratic Socialists" want is just a better regulated form of capitalism, which we were learning to enjoy before before Ronald Reagan kicked America in the balls with Milton Freidman's foot.
The 19th century edition of Dem Socialism was fixated on the state owning (as opposed to regulating) production. That distinction was lost in early 1900s when Debs & others refused to sell it as a political movement more than an economic one. Sanders made mostly the same mistake
I've explained the modern concept of Dem socialism again and again to kids & adults. It's not hard. But you have to spend the first half of the lecture undoing their preconceptions about an f-ing word. The DSA crowd simply refused to let go of the 1850s.
The irony for me is that have been a Democratic Socialist (in the modern Euro-sense) since I was in college. But people the revered Debs & his Sanders lineages have made such a mess of the rhetoric, I have to sound like I'm opposed to it. I'm anything but.

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18 Oct
I have never met anyone that voted for Trump that I have any respect for, and never will. Anyone that watched that freak show in 2015, and still voted for that monster has no excuse and deserves no grace. I don't even want to hear their contrived attempts to justify it. Ever.
And "thank them" for it? I'd rather poke my own eye out with a fork.
But lot's of skin-deep liberals think it's virtuous to gush over their "courage" to change their mind. It really just gives them an opportunity to tweet some platitudinous drivel about "finding your path," or whatever. Not to sound like @gus802, but fuck that noise.
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17 Oct
.@Moonalice on @Alivelshi talking about @Facebook fuckery and the QAnon problem it's created.
@Moonalice @AliVelshi @Facebook "Internet platform are incapable of policing themselves." - @moonalice.
@Moonalice @AliVelshi @Facebook Ugh, @Moonalice says that @Facebook is only removing the holocaust denial posts in ENGLISH; the ones our journalists see. They persist in other languages. Zuckerberg is a public menace.
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16 Oct
The old-school conservative movement always prided itself on wanting to preserve the status quo and the values of the past. How ironic that those seizing our country in the name of conservatism have turned most liberals into conservatives, in that one respect.
What so infuriates me is that nowhere in the media do these so-called conservatives ever have defend their warped and craven views. They just regurgitate talking points from whatever political agenda they were sent to the TV to propagate.

We don't talk about this either
Conservatives have resisted every single social & governmental initiative that made America the envy for the world. WITHOUT exception, while contributing almost nothing. Yet still, they are given outsized hegemony by the media, which lets them manipulate everything around us.
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16 Oct
Because everything about these disgusting shitbags wasn't bad enough? I cannot believe we can't rid ourselves of this filth. Have we no pride left as a culture? All gone?
When I was growing up, we still had some sense of collective outrage that could still shame people this disgusting and keep them from infecting the entire culture. But our media MUST monetize them because their greed matters more than our pride. We are so not worthy.
If you think our problem is Donald Trump, or even Republicans, there's a whole forest around those few trees that you're not seeing. America is infected with a virus; the counter-evolutionary virus. It's taking us backwards. And faster every day.
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27 Sep
I said a year ago, I will say it now. Congress should make it a federal crime to use manipulated video in campaign videos. Full stop.
The tech gets better every week, If you don't see how bad this could get, and how much damage it can and will do to the whole world, you're just not thinking about it very clearly.
But how can congress do important work when scoundrels like @Jim_jordan and @mattgaetz are distracting everyone with their ridiculous daily clown shows? We are just so fucked.
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26 Sep
Mom just made her 500th phone bank call. Her leader says he's going to ask @JoeBiden to invite her to the inauguration. Wouldn't that be amazing? A true highpoint for anyone, let along a 93 yo. I'd let her go, despite the dangers.
@JoeBiden When I asked her leader if she was keeping up with the kids, he just chuckled and said, "She's driving the pace car, and running so far ahead of everyone else, I'm almost thinking of telling her to stop before she exhausts herself, and makes them feel inadequate."
@JoeBiden The 4 times I have phone banked, I was worn out at about 50 calls. And even then, I wanted to kill about a 3rd of the people I reached.
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